City of Montreal Stops Action After Condemning A Building

Our house stuck in the middle

My aunt lived a 767 Versailles for most of her 85 years and owns the home.  The next door neighbor sold his house for $300,00.00 after it was deemed unsafe by the inspectors that work for the city of Montreal.  So bad was the damage that they were forced to leave the premises within a few hours of the inspection and were only allowed back in to move out for good.  A doctor bought the property and is supposed to be fixing up the place and bringing it up to code.  The good doctors house is attached to my Aunt’s and is leaning on my Aunt’s house if and when it falls down it will most likely fall on my Aunts and my Aunts could very well be made to fall on the next house which is partially attached to it.

 Now all of this falling and danger could be avoided if the inspectors and the city who have both found 769 in such bad shape that they condemned it and force and emergency evacuation did their job and either forced the repairs, or forced its demolition.  When you go to the site that is supposed to direct you to where you can register a complaint, or report a dangerous building it takes you to a page for only England and I see why in Quebec nothing gets done.   It leads me to believe that the city does not want to know about broken down personal home it is way too busy to be bothered.

 My cousin is ready to do his total demolishing of the house and rebuild it from the ground up but can not because the city will not move on 769 and if he takes down 767 without the consent of  the owners of 769 he can be held responsible should it fall down without 767 to lean on. It gets better of course it always does.  Who would you think is going to be held responsible if 767 falls and hurts somebody while we are waiting for owner of 769 to do something or the city?   That is correct my cousin and this game of tag goes on.

What is the point of condemning a house and forcing people out of their homes if it is dropped and a real danger or some getting killed walking by or parking their car still exist.  The north wall of the house has fallen off with the underlying bricks and corner stones showing horribly twisted and the city of Montreal’s solution was to put a barrier of no parking signs in the street, but there is nothing to stop a pedestrian from walking right past it on the side-walk.

 The city has no idea that my Aunt no longer lives there and so I wonder why her life means so little that they would not force and immediate beginning of bringing that house to a state of safety that did not depend on my Aunts house to hold it up. My cousin is not interested in a long court battle in fact he has tried to contact the owner and anyone else who could get things done, but everyone seems to think that this issue can wait.

 I guess I am writing this because it is the same thing with everything  that has to do with construction, permits and the city of Montreal inspectors doing their job.  Everyone always seems to be busy until something terrible happens and then everyone who could have done something comes out from hiding to blame the little guy. If a person can not or will not maintain their property and it is in a state that causes or appears that its remaining that way could kill someone or damage some one elses property why can the city not knock it down and charge the owner?  I do not understand this at all.  We flood an area not affected by flooding to save others past it, but we will not demolish a derelict building to safe the people passing by it or the people living next door that could be crushed by it falling on them.

 As you will see in the video the street is quite steep and both houses need immediate attention and yet the city does nothing and plays Russian roulette with the other people who live on this street.  I think the Mayor of Montreal should get his head out of his arse and look to the safety of his citizens.  He is in a situation where a person wants to do the right thing and is being held back by another citizens failure to act and the city knows of the danger, we know this because the city has condemned the building, evacuated it and lastly put up signs to prevent anyone parking in front of it, but none of this will stop someone from be crushed by it when it gives way, or from being injured by falling debris.

 I know that this is not an on  ramp to a highway, and is not a building on a commercial street down town, but by the time I am finished with the city and the Mayor it will be a headline and a noose to hang around his neck when he as always tries to pretend he did not know.  I will be writing the Mayor of Montreal today as we have met before on issues which he refused to do anything about  like no toilettes in Angrignion Park forcing men Women and children to go to the toilette in the bushes, not a very sanitary situation and not a safe one either. I will not stop until he or somebody does something about the negligence that could cause serious injury or death to his constituents if he does not act or have cause to have the appropriate person take action.

 We should not have to chase and threaten Mayor Gerald Tremblay, or the city to try and get them to do their job. I googled the address and there is the house with the damage and I am hoping the king of the photo opt does the same thing after getting my letter.  Being mayor is more than going to dinners, playing golf and getting rich off of the taxes you impose on your citizens, Mr. Tremblay.  It is more than bankrupting your little restaurants with your detours and your mass construction all over the city all at the same time, like a horses ass, with no brains for even the simplest of planning that takes into consideration of others affected by what you do.  In closing I post this as a reminder to the city and to the people on the street that the owners of,  767 Versailles Street, H3C 1Z5, Montreal, Quebec, Canada, are trying to demolish that address and rebuild it, but are being hampered in this effort by the owner of 769 Versailles Street, H3C 1Z5, Quebec, Canada,  who choses not to stop his building from leaning on ours and a city that seems not to give a damn and is taking minor steps to warn of danger, so it can not be sued rather than force the elimination of the danger in a speedy fashion. I will of course let you know how everything works out.

 Take a good look at the steepness of the street.  The slope is just crazy and is part of the problem.  It will probably cost our family a lot of extra money and a few feet of land to brace the other peoples property by putting a wall in place, or a supporting structure and then knock down ours and rebuild if we get no help from the city or the guy responsible for next door, but this is better than some one getting hurt. I moved the orignal occupant to his new place and although he was not an owner I did get to see the damage to his house and if you think that the damage seen in the pictures of our house is bad his is at least ten times worse and he was concerned for my Aunt who hew loved and has been a neighbor to for over 30 years. He apologized for him and his life partner having let the building get o such a state of ill repair, but explained that they just did not have the money to do anything about it.  I know that to be true, because my Aunt found herself in that exact situation; unable to move into an apartment, because of sky rocketing rent and unable to fix and maintain her house because of the cost to do so.

    Below are the videos I put on YouTube just to show that the damage and the danger are real and a slide show I put on slide  .  The camera work is not great, nor is my audio, but you will get a true sense of the need to do something and how the city does nothing to help those who want to do what is right and enables those who do not.

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