Finally A President Has The Courage To Say Out Loud What Most Leaders Would Not Have Whispered

I tip my hat to the President Of The United States Of America, Barack Obama, for having the courage to say out loud, what most people and most leaders around the world would not have the courage to whisper.  The truth has never been a friend to the politician, because there is always a group that does not want to hear it, or will spin it to gain power.  For some time I have been warning that the policies regarding the State of Israel, the middle East and North Africa were about to change, in fact if the New World Order that was talked about by Ronald Regan, that was put into action by George W. Bush and now seen with the falling of all of the dictators of  North Africa, and the Middle East are to continue then there is no room for the Israeli / Palestinian conflict anymore. 

If it does not come to pass on Obama’s watch it does not matter the seed for change has been planted and the idea, that Israel needs to change its ways and attitude will germinate and will bear fruit.  If Israel decides to remain an occupier it has been warned that it will not be in the best interest of the region and unless they are hell-bent on blowing up themselves and everything around them with their Goliath Option, the choice and way to peace has been made clear. The choice of a settlement through honest negotiations and the accepting of the United States plan for two nations, the nation of Israel and the Palestinian nation based on the 1967 agreement and borders is their only way out. The moral of this story is that you can not keep another’s land,  just because you need the water; another’s land to create safety zones, that you need to feel secure, or for any other reason that you can come up with, because the world eventually will refuse to back you up.  

What is happening now should have happened a long time ago. Israel in the interest of world peace and peace in this region must be forced if necessary, by the world to give back all that it has taken by force that does not belong to it. If it does not comply than it must be treated like a rogue nation, face the same sanctions as other rogue nations have before it, get the same embargos, have their bank accounts seized, etc., until they realize that the laws of the world does apply to them now as well. I feel sorry for Israel, because Israel has never found it easy to separate its need for something and what it feels is rightfully theirs as given to them by their God, with what is right and what is based in reality. With the world-changing and as more and more people and countries become democratically friendly the reasons why this attitude was tolerated before no longer exists and Israel will begin to feel isolated. The New World Order, is demanding that the moral and the legal right be done and is no longer comfortable with the God told me so reason for stealing, torturing, occupying and warring.  The world craves peace and Barack Obama has declared war on all those that feel that they are above the law of the world and stand in the way of peace, be they an old ally, or an old foe and this is different.  This sends a definite message to all not just Israel, or just to the Palestinians, but to all.

I heard Obama say that Israel must understand that although the USA had a firm committment to Israel safety, that Israel would have to learn to defend itself, by itself and that is a major shift in policy.  I heard him talk of supporting a Palestinian homeland and the State of Israel’s right to exist as two things that both sides should have come to terms with already and I heard him call for the ending of hostilities of old and to give peace a try.  None of this is new, but what is new, is that a President of the strongest country in the world without whose military, monetary support Israel can not survive, has told Israel to clean up its act, or risk losing that support.   This is not anti Israeli, this is pro peace, pro doing the right thing. 

In a region where water is more important than diamonds what gives Israel the right to steal it, by occupying land it took under the guise of making a needed space for safety,  from another people? What gives Israel the right to drink it and bathe in it, while the person who really owns it can only watch and thirst?  In a region where land is scarce and nations are huddle close together what gave Israel the right to take land for a no mans safety zone and then start to build settlements in it? How much more land will it take next to protect the new settlements with a new safety zone / settlement area and so on? Finally what difference does it make Israel in whose land Jerusalem is in, if they are allowed to go there in peace as they always did? This is another example of Israel trying to impose their Gods will on others, in a manner that gets them more land at the expense of the people it belonged to and the New World Order can not alow this to go on, because doing everything on a global scale requires peace all over.

The truth is emerging about all of the land that was taken in six days by Israel and has since been occupied by force with USA and Coalition forces backing them up. None of the land  was taken to make Israel safer, it was taken to satisfy their need for water, and other selfish, self satisfying reasons. To insist on keeping it, to keep building Jewish settlements on it, only proves Israel’s original and only true intent when it was taken and that the reason had nothing to do with peace; it shows Israel’s lack of respect for the people whose land they are occupying; it shows Israel lacking of even a basic sense of right and wrong and if all this is true, then it shows that Israel has no desire for peace in the region. Removing the threat of war eliminates the reason to continue occupying the land.  If there is no further need to occupy it, then as they promised they would be honor bound to give it all back. 

I think you see that it was never their intent as they claimed originally, to give  anything land they had stolen back. When you listen to their statement on the Jerusalem issue it is clear, again they argue from a religious stand point as though only what their God says matters and I do not think the world is ready for this type of reasoning any more. We the educated people of the world realized long ago that man has twisted religion and the words of God to suit his own needs and greed since the beginning of time and so when trying to sort this type of problem out it is impossible to trust what one man says God said, over that of another.

 When anything stays fixed in a constantly changing world and refuses to change with it gets swept away. I fear if Israel does not take this opportunity to do what is right and change then it will get swept away in the change that is going on in that region and that would truly be sad, as I do believe that the State of Israel does have a right to exist. Dictators and strong men are a dying breed and countries that do not live in peace are finding their international support not there anymore in a matter of hours not even days.  I for one hope Israel does not think that it can out wait this, because this is a sentiment that most world leaders feel, but did not want to take the political risk of being the first to talk about openly. Now that the cat is out of the bag and everyone can blame President Obama for instigating the change, it will spread faster than a fire on a dry prairie with a steady breeze.

 A sitting President of the United States Of America has said out loud that Israel is at least 50% responsible for the trouble in the Middle East and therefore bears a responsibility for fixing what is broken and should start yesterday. On the surface this might sound like a run of the mill we must fix the Middle East speech, but here is why I think that it is not:

  • What is happening, in North Africa with the charge for democracy and its presidents for life dropping like dead flies, changes things. The potential for friends in the region that will not drain the economy of the USA in a never-ending war, is a huge incentive to take a shall we say, a closer look at Israel’s behavior of late.
  • What has happened in Egypt, the Middle East and North Africa, with  the people of this region demanding and fighting  to know and live in democracy can not be ignored and must be supported. This if handled properly could give the USA new democratic friends in the region and Obama’s statement is saying that the USA sees the Israeli and Palestinian problem as a destabilizing factor in the area that need not be tolerated any longer. 
  •  Palestinians will accept the offer they have accepted this deal before, it is Israel that changed their minds and their rejecting of the deal this time I feel will not be looked on favourably. I think the President made that clear.
  • I did not hear Barack Obama asking these two peoples to do anything, or urging them, I heard him tell them what was expected of them in the clearest language that a world leader can use and if that does not make these two pay attention then maybe they both need a regime change like we are seeing across that embattled land.
  • It was acknowledged and put out there by a sitting President of The United states Of America, due to fight an election very soon that the he and the people of the United States and the rest of the world and its people were tired of supporting this destructive behavior; were tired of sending their children to die for a war that both sides did not seem to want to end and were tired of the monetary cost involved with supporting this never-ending war.
  • I almost thought that I heard him say that the next change had to be the State Israel and the Palestinian leadership in the peaceful protesting manner that has been seen throughout the region and across North Africa of late. The people taking charge and ousting those old leaders with old ideas and getting themselves some new leaders with fresh ideas of hope, instead of old ideas of hatred. 

If I were Israel I would be listening, because it is their staunchest supporter and benefactor, the United States of America, making this declaration.  Without the USA and the coalition, Israel could not defend itself, more importantly it could not stay economically viable.  Faced with sanctions and embargos it would not survive.  If Palestinian people are granted this homeland without Israeli consent, much Israel got their homeland after the 2nd world war and the United States decides to protect Palestinian borders, then what would Israel do?  If I were Israel I would start to seriously weigh my options and let it be my choice to withdraw, let it be seen as my act of faith and my contribution to the peace process, rather than lose face and all say it what happens in the future concerning its borders. Everyone needs to remember that giving back what does not belong to you is no loss of honor. Giving back was does not belong to you makes you honorable and peaceful negotiation is always an act of faith between two honorable nations. 

There are many ways to keep the borders safe that does not require the occupation of other peoples land and the other options have now been put out there for all to see by Barack Obama.  Israel has lost its free pass to do whatever it likes in the Middle East and finally both sides are receiving the admonishment of the USA for their bad behavior publicly.  This is indeed different and warranting of a standing ovation. Barack Obama, to me, has with this action reaffirmed his commitment to world peace, his love for all people and his sense honesty and fair play.   More importantly then whether anything happens with all of this during his time in office, I think is that Obama has put his quest for world peace ahead of his personal, or political agenda and his ambitions, or aspirations. Win, or lose the next election, he will be remembered as the president who made it clear what was needed by both sides in the Middle East conflict, what the USA expects of both sides, in an open and clear manner. Barack Obama will be remembered as being instrumental in planting the seed of democracy and equality throughout that region and throughout the world. Win, or lose the next election, I think Barack Obama has elevated himself in stature to that of a Statesman and not just the President of  The United States Of America doing what is easy and doing what is expected of him, if wishes to get reelected. 

Like a snowball rolling down a mountainside, this new way of thinking about the Middle East Conflict has started to roll faster and is growing in size. There will be no stopping it until it reaches the end of its course and all that try will be flattened by its size and momentum.  I would urge all concerned to take heed of the President’s words and become a part of the solution, or get swept away as a part of the problem.  Remember Helen Thomas,  she was the first to dare speak up and out about how the world was changing and attitudes were shifting and that the world needed to hear the truth.  They tried to vilify her and shut her up, but the snow ball had started to roll and the seed had been planted.  I listened to the tape and I think she was taken way out of context and that this headline is an example of propaganda and slanted journalism.  I think sometime that the press actually hopes that we will not read the story but will react solely to the title. 

As awful as it sounds they are an occupying force and they are not at home in the areas they are building settlements on,”they are building on  other people’s  land” and should not be made to feel they are right to spare their feelings. As any unwanted person in my house when enough is enough I tell them to get out and go home and do not feel bad about it. I say it is time for Israel to get out and stay out and go home. Go home to the nation of Israel that was given to them after the 2nd world war the only nation of Israel that legally exists and the only nation of Israel that can be morally, or legally recognized by the world.

Helen Thomas tells Jews to go back to Germany

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  1. Israel,and the Palestinians are fighting over land God made in the first place therefore the land is Gods.
    The fighting between the two is what two idol worshiping countries would do killing each other, and all should know the commandment thou shalt not kill.
    Proverbs 24:29:King James Bible
    Say not, I will do so to him as he hath done to me: I will render to the man according to his work.
    Ignoring that old testament verse will result in war.
    ,Proverbs 12 20,Deceit is in the heart of them that imagine evil: but to the counsellers of peace is joy.
    War does not bring joy.
    Prov 16:7When a man’s ways please the LORD, he maketh even his enemies to be at peace with him.
    Both sides are claiming to have God on their side but nether side is making peace. Hamas is calling their war a holy war, but this verse plainly states peace is what pleases the Lord God.


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