Oh Sinner Man (Harper) Where Are You Going To Run To?

What to do now for Harper is my question of the day?  With Barack Obama’s taking the stance that he has in the Middle East and Harper’s obviously courting of the Jewish vote in the last election which I think was responsible for giving him Toronto and giving him his majority win, he must be saying why me Lord? Why now?  Will Prime Minister Harper hold the proIsraeli line, or will he dump it and side with Barack Obama and the United states of America

 It would not be the first time after all that he has reneged on promises he has made to a particular voting block that he used to gain power or hold on to it with.   When he started out he grabbed the gay vote and then moved quickly to distance himself from them when he did not need them. Then there was the french separatists that he needed in Quebec to win an election so he promised them the world and then in chameleon like fashion changed his colors and became a staunch federalist.  The only thing that has been true and non wavering is his love of the USA, his willingness to follow it blindly and unquestioningly into any situation and for whatever reason the USA sees fit, but that may cost him the Jewish vote in Toronto and without that his he will lose his precious majority government and possibly the right to govern after the next elections.  

This is quite the problem for Harper because he has risked so much on the friendship and the strengthening of ties to the United States of America. It was the USA’s ultra pro-Israeli  approach that he adopted that made him the choice of the more powerful Jewish people of Toronto.  All of those closed-door meetings with prominent Rabi, figuring out what it would take to get the Jewish vote and rabbinical support and now Barack Obama goes and does his version of the give peace a chance speech and ruins everything.  Harper told the United Nations to go stuff to gain USA favor and let the overall rating for Canada’s commitment to peace, fair play, foreign policy and foreign aid, drop so low that we lost our bid for a United Nations Security Seat. Harper took it all in stride, because we had gained a nod from the USA although the USA did not vote for us, they did pat us on the head, like a well-behaved child.  

Prime Minister Harper,  has a bigger problem though and that this time around, no matter what he does to get himself out of this pickle, he can not blame anyone else, he is after all the leader of a majority government. I think Mr. Harper / the chameleon is about to subtly change color and try to blend in with the direction the USA is taking.  The P.M. does not believe in what Barack Obama has said, but Harper is a leader with no vision, except that he wants Canada to be wealthier than it already is,  although it is won of the wealthiest countries in the world already. Harper is a leader who lacks the courage to act independently and needs to have another person, another political party, or even another nation at whose feet he can lay the blame for failures of policy, be they foreign, or domestic.   

With Jack Layton, not being able to fulfill any of those lofty promises he made to get himself elected in Quebec and just about everywhere else and  Stephen Harper, being forced to do a complete turn about on his position on the middle East conflict, it would appear that falling from grace and having no power for the next four years, may be a blessing in disguise for the Liberal Party of Canada.  The Liberal Party of Canada may be the only party after the next four years that is not wearing the label of liar or promise breaker; anti semitic or anti Québécois. With the Omar Khadr issue put to bed for the USA the last embarrassing vestige of Guantanamo Bay and the push by the USA to be seen as nonpartisan in its dealings with Arabs, Muslims and the whole Middle East conflict issue, where doe this leave Prime minister Harper? With the USA seeking to be viewed by the world as seeking peaceful solutions to crises around the world and only using military strength where nothing else will prevail or has failed, I believe that Harper has  entered into the warrior mode and building up of our armed forces a day late and a dollar short. I believe more pressure will be put to bear on Canada to take Omar back by the USA and the rest of the international community once his illegal prison term is finished with in the USA. and I predict that Harper will do what he is told by the USA in this instance too.

Which brings up one last dirty little thing that Canada needs to clean up sooner than later.  With time running out and no public trials having been conducted,  the law says that our boat refugee prisoners must be set free and given asylum, what will the P.M. do? Will he change the law again to accommodate the government’s agenda and needs?  What is Harper and his government going to do considering the new feelings of welcoming and one love happening all around him internationally.  Omar Khadr was the Harper government’s first real big mistake and proved that Canada would not stand against the USA even if it violated the rights of Canadian citizens.  Locking up men women and children without cause that were seeking asylum in Canada was the Harper government’s 2nd big mistake, proving that they were willing to violate both Canadian law and international law to remain friends with the USA. The third will be when they fail to honor the back door deals and promises they made to get the Jewish vote, without which I do not think they could have won the election.  I guess to some people getting their money back in the last big Ponzi scheme, was reason enough to vote for some one.  I do not believe if this had happened in another community other than the Jewish, that Harper would have changed a law just so people who tried to screw the government out of tax money could get most of it back!

 I ask the question again Mr. Harper, with your back against the wall in the bottom of the ninth, two out, two strikes against you and the bases are loaded, “Oh sinner man where you are you going to run to?

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2 Responses to Oh Sinner Man (Harper) Where Are You Going To Run To?

  1. With Harper, as well as many others power to the flesh, and blood human is not real power. A meek, loving lowly, merciful, slow to anger, gentle, patient, long suffering, giving spirit that is wise,and harmless is power making an enemy into a friend, and not physical humans marching in formation carrying cold steal with stern looks glaring from their eyes, and nether is it flying stealth of carbon fiber.

    Change the law: Law of man is nothing to God at all.Law is vanity,and foolishness to God.Humans read the bible ,and gloss right over the words that call mens wisdom essentially nothing.
    1 Corinthians 1:20, .Where [is] the wise? where [is] the scribe? where [is] the disputer of this world? hath not God made foolish the wisdom of this world?
    Because men have ignored those words we have this bloody mess in the middle east on our hands by giving evil for evil. This is happening because humans are not seeing themselves in other humans. Have humans see that, and rifles will no longer be pointed at anyone.


    • archemdis says:

      If only the world believed in your God only and his message only this would be possible, but unfortunately this is not the case and a lot of people are now suffering. Your answer to peaceful exsistence has come through the worshipping of your God and the following of his teaching, but man has had a hand in the writing of them as well and this we know has allowed man to twist and minipulate the word of God to make himself over that of other men. Maybe we are in need of anouther flood Arrtie? No that will not do, because out of the flood came the Curse of Ham. I hear you Artie, but nothing about people or God is ever that easy. Have a great day!


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