Politicians Lying A Political Reality? Why Do WE Take It?

Politicians in every country in every province, or territory and in every city lie to their citizens and constituents every single time they open their mouths without fail, no matter what the issue and no matter its importance, because they feel that this is what their job is and to let us know the truth only stresses us needlessly and that we are incapable of understanding the finer points of diplomacy, international law and the big picture.  When the lowly citizen knows too much, we tend to interfere and get in the way with nasty little protests, trying to get involved with things we do not fully understand. Politicians lie about everything and tell the truth about nothing and we the electorate and citizens of the world except that this is just the way it is and that there is little we can do about it.

We saw it in Canada this year with our federal elections.  Shamefully 40% of Canadians said they just did not care about scandals and corruption, or whether the government lied, cheated, or abused their power, because that is just what politicians do. Interview after interview had otherwise intelligent people standing in front of a camera and saying that as long as the economy was getting better, they did not care why or how the government got there so long as they got the job done.  Cut services, let the elderly die in poverty, give tax breaks to companies that do not need it. all good.  The government of Canada was found in contempt of parliament and 40% of Canadians blamed the people who exposed them of calling an election for no reason, because they saw nothing wrong in being not transparent, being non democratic.  When 40% of a country’s people only care about their own personal gain and say screw the rest of the people who cares and they get a government in power that gives them the power to live it not dream it we see what we are seeing in the world today, because Canada is not alone more and more countries are buying into this way of thinking.  Governments of the world no longer are content to serve its people they want the people to serve the government and to at least 40% of people this is the way to go and represents good government and it is only taking this portion of the population of the world to keep this kind of government in power.

We go to war based on politicians lies and watch our children get killed and kill others, while they and their children stay safely as far away from the war as possible. We pay more and more taxes for less and fewer services based on politicians lying mathematics. My point is that we as people have come to except the fact that all politicians lie and have made it normal and all right for them to do. It has become as acceptable as noise that a hammer makes when hitting a nail. So is the terrorist threat really real, or just another politicians lie? Was the economic crisis really real, or just another politicians motivational lie to get us thinking and moving in a certain way?  If everything they say and do is a lie how do we the ill-informed know what to believe?  In the time of economic hardship bonuses to CEOs were not stopped, government officials still took raises while the rest of us were expected to take cuts, so who and what can we believe to be true?

We will not be targeting Kadaffi, because we do not have a mandate to do so. Our only targets will be military, like military bases, munition storage and the like. Gaddafi‘s son is killed, extensive bombing in civilian areas and targeting of places supposed to be frequented by Gaddafi and now reports of  civilian deaths are starting to slowly reach us.  Our politicians are again saying one thing and doing another like we are indeed stupid. so what are we to take as true then if everything is a lie and why are we as people accepting such behaviour from these our public servants?

I think the politician has no basis in truth anymore at any time and this is why we are in such a sorry state and why Wiki leaks was so dangerous. It showed the politician for what they truly are. it was like finding the picture of Dorion Grey. For once to be able to see the ugliness, and evil that in the souls of these people that they camouflage with a quick smile and a well placed promise and some smooth talking. We abandoned this exposer of the truth, to suffer alone at the hands of the Dorion Greys, so that we could once again slip into the comfort of what is and has always been the comfort of a lie, that has become easier to face than that of the truth.  We want heroes, we want the lies, they give us purpose.  it is like if we have no gas shortage, no economic crisis, no terrorist threat, we have noting to over come and almost no reason to get up in the morning.

This is in my opinion is why the people of the world keep electing the biggest , smoothest talking liars in the game of politics.  They the voters are not being duped, they are simply making a choice to elect the person who can make them feel better about who they are in good the bad times with a lie that makes them feel that all is good and that they are the best people in the world.  The politician that can make a senior think that it is okay to be eating cat food , because in doing so you are some how helping your country to be a better place and that you are some how being self-sufficient and not a burden to your country.  We love the politician who says that they did not steal and use up your pension illegally, but tried to invest it for you and the investment just went bad, but they are going to work hard to see that the world knows the sacrifices you have made so that they could live so well.  We no longer trust a politician who says he wants to do good and fear that we will lose what we have manage to hold on to if they are telling the truth about wanting to help our most fragile and so we do not vote for them.

There was a time when there was honor and what was said and agreed upon by heads of state meant something and for the most part what they said to us the citizens meant something , but that time is no more.  First Nations People have been for at least the last 10 years been promised a better way of life, so why has it not happened? I listened to Sheila Fraser the other night and she seemed to think that is because our politicians are lying when they say that it is a priority for them, because they make no law to put this dream into action, but instead use it as a tool to get votes and then put the issue back on the shelf when the election is over, effectively keeping the First nations People dependent on handouts for everything from running water to education and affordable housing and this Sheila Fraser said was the governments biggest failure and that it was intentional, so what is the truth and what is a lie? We have a Prime Minister who swore to rid us of the Senate and now that he has a majority government he stuffs more of his cronies into it and one that have lost a bid to represent us in an election race this year; so I ask you what is the political truth and what can we believe is true? 

People of the world are afraid because there is no truth to be found in it.  Allies talk badly behind the back of each other.  Nations use other nations and take what does not belong to them.   Where in all of this do we find a political truth?  The answer of course to all of this is we do not, but the question for all of us to answer is why do we as individuals all just go along with this behavior when we know it to be wrong?

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