Clean Up Not In Army Job Discription Says Toews To Flooded Quebecers

Helping these people of Quebec not in army job description Says Vic Toews, Peter Mackay and Stephen Harper

Harper, Toews and Mackay have all lost their minds, saying that the duty of the Canadian army is not to help clean up or assist these poor people of the Eastern townships in any way that they possibly could.  I am all for foreign aid, but it only in foreign countries that our army and military can help to clean up, help to build and restore communities, or is it that we can only help rebuild what we have flattened with bombs?.  Is it only foreign countries that have suffered a disaster that get to have a visit from Mr. Harper and his constituents of his own country do not?  I do not get it what could be more important the to reassure the people that you are responsible for that you understand their problems, because you have seen them for yourself?

Taken the day after Toews letter went to press, when he felt the crisis was over.

  Vic Toews and his letter rejecting Quebecer‘s request for help in their clean up after the floods total decimation, of farms, houses, businesses and infrastructure was to me callous, insensitive and just totally wrong.  the letter that Vic Toews sent to Premier Charest showed a lack of diplomacy, a lack of understanding of the gravity of the situation and a lack of what are the military’s role in civilian Canada is.  The man has no heart and to me no knowledge of what his office stands for and unless it is arresting boat people seems to have no function. 

I do not know where the Conservative Party Of Canada is getting it information about what the army or the armed forces is allowed or not allowed to do, but I do know that the letter and the actions of the Prime minister of Canada and Vic Toews and Peter Mackay have added unwanted and un needed stress to an already over stressed frightened community.  In a time when Canada and all of its governments should be offering this community all and anything it needs, the Conservative majority government is with drawing troop aid and denying aid to its own people.

Army may put down the bags, sand and gravel but after that Quebecers' are on their own

It would appear that the officials in question did not bother to listen to the weather forecast for the next week or they would have realized that there was more rain to start the day after the letter was sent and all of this nonsense could have been avoided.  These people were going to need all the help they could get and Harper, Toews and Mackay were taking out the armed forces. ideologically the disaster is over once the water levels go down for the Conservative government of Canada.  They do not see that a whole communities are lost roads bridges and the clean up is a disaster in itself.  All they can see is that no one should drown and water levels are going down and they need not waste the money keeping the army there after all they will be needed in Gaddafi country, when we go in on the ground, something we are not supposed to be doing.

Well the water levels are up again and stupid is what the three amigos look like.  We can not abandon the people of Iraq; we must not stop supporting the rebuilding of Afghanistan; we must back up the USA and our Western Alliance brothers and sisters in every war, but we can not stick it out to the end for our own people. I think that this is taking this think global thing too far do you not?

We are done here say the three amigos

In case you did not see it I will post a picture again of our good people of Venise En Quebec pumping the water out of the houses through their living room windows and the fields under water, my god the people still could not drink their water when  the three stooges were calling for the army to leave. Is this why Harper needed his majority government so that he could exact his revenge on any riding in Canada that did not vote for him?

I listened as Harper said after the G8 summit in France that he wanted to have support of parliament and the people of Canada to continue with the mission in Libya to keep bombing civilians night after night and help with the disposing of a legal legitimate government.  All  this is going on while his own people in Quebec can not have the armed forces help them to get back on their feet, because Vic Toews, Peter Mackay and Steven harper say that helping clean up a Canadian catastrophe is not in our armed forces job description.  do you think that this government ha its priorities in order.

That crane is swimming in a farmer's field not Lake Champlain Mr. Mackay. Shame on you !

Peter Mackay should be ashamed of himself, he was there, he saw the farmer fishing off his porch, for him there is no excuse.  Peter Mackay also knows all about what type  and the severity of hardships these people will be facing with their fields under water.  He comes from a farming family and community after all.  Has Vic Toews every been to Quebec, he certainly did not think it necessary for him to go to this troubled region and check out what was needed or not? I guess he is just staring out to sea looking for another ship load of refugees to put in jail.  Maybe Cherest should have told him that there were anonymous sightings of what appeared to be refugees rowing to shore on the rising water of the river and Lake Champlain. Maybe that would have motivated the old walrus to get off his butt and come take a look, or at least to leave the army where it was.

Please let the army finish what they started!

In most of the civilized world the armed forces of a nation when it is not at war has a responsibility to help out when disaster strike in its country. This has never been a problem in Canada before the Harper government won its majority government. to my knowledge Canada is not at war with anyone so why has the deployment of our troops abroad taken a priority over our domestic needs?   If we are at war should not some one have declared so?  By the way Mr. Harper most of the soldiers you wish to remove from the Eastern Townships have family and friends there and did not want to leave with the job half done. Leaving before finishing the job, or living up to its commitments  is  becoming the way with this government whether dealing with aide to a foreign nation or its own population and we are stuck with them for four more years, unless they force us into the street like we see across North Africa and the Middle east.

Their job is not yet finished here Mr. Harper!



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