Jack Layton Says Thank You To Quebec By Endorsing 50%+ 1

Jack Layton explains his promise of his acceptance of a 50%+1 vote to reporters

As I suspected Jack Layton will do anything and say anything to get some attention and this makes him surpass Harper when it comes to dangerous for Canada. In a time when no one was asking what would it take to separate Quebec from  Canada up pops Jack Layton from his box and say 50%+1 does it for him.  Way to go Jack we the English  and the non separatists of Quebec thank you so much for opening up this can of worms again and may I say at the same time that we are glad that your hands are tied and you are in no position to make trouble from your lame duck status as the Official Opposition Leader.

I knew Jack Layton was a loose cannon, but this last statement was proof that he is no federalist and for some reason he feels that his popularity in Quebec and their voting for him should be rewarded by selling the rest of Quebecers out.  He proved himself a liar in my books passing himself off as a federalist who was willing to work to make the worries of the separatists losing their culture and language a thing of the past, but was not willing to contemplate Quebec’s leaving Canada.  At one time I thought that it might be interesting to see what Jack Layton would do if given the chance to lead this country, but after this statement I see that he is far too dangerous and irresponsible to lead anything with real power, be it Canada, a province in Canada, or a city in Canada .  I am not nearly as afraid of Steven Harper now as I am of Jack Layton. As arrogant as Harper is he will not entertain the thought of the 50%+ 1 without a clear question.  I can not for the life of me understand why Jack Layton, at this time in Canada’s and Quebec’s history would try to play politics with this issue.

Mr. Layton needs to wake up and understand that with the exception of a few hard-core separatists most Quebecers did not want him to open this bucket of worms.  Just because he won in Quebec did not mean that he had to go there, unless your real dream is to be the Prime Minister of Quebec. Loosing Quebec would certainly not strengthen his party.  I am starting to think that Mr. Harper had a point when he said  that  Jack Layton would do and say anything to advance his quest for power.  I feel that with this statement Mr. Harper was not far off about Jack Layton’s role in the coalition government.  Jack Layton the latest voice for the Separatists in Quebec and maybe the separatist voice in Canada’s west as well. Jack Layton the man who would break up Canada for a photo opportunity.

When is Jack Layton going to move to Quebec and share the way in which the English are being treated by Quebec, or is he all talk and good intentions and no walk.  Easy to give away the rights of others when they do not affect you personally ain’t it Jack?  Jack Layton has proved with his actions that he changes his agenda and ideology by how many votes he gets where and if Harper is not flexible enough Layton is a wet noodle.  He in my opinion is no better than Stephen Harper, or maybe he is worse, because he would sell a group of peoples rights and perhaps very existence out to keep a power base.   A lot of people who voted for Jack Layton in the non separatist community now see him for who and what he is and neither he, or his political party will  have a Quebec sweep next time around.  I wonder why Jack thought that it was that Duceppe lost his power and seats?  The people did not want some one talking about only  the language issues, they wanted better representation on important things like education and health care and problems to soaring costs of rents not another separatist like he said he would do; not another  boob talking for only the separatists and playing a violin while Quebec burnt to the ground.

In my opinion Jack Layton has made himself the most dangerous  threat to Canadian unity bar none and declared  himself the new voice of the separatists in Quebec and in fact Canada.   I think he has misread his mandate from Quebec. Quebec already had a leader who ignored the English and the immigrants and all the important things that mattered in Quebec to Quebecers in Gilles Duceppe and they voted him out of office. They did not do that to get a barely able to speak french, imitation of the same thing.  They voted for him to see a change in their representation and I think Jack Layton is betraying them.  Is jack fighting for the people of Quebec decimated by the flooding and needing help from an unwilling federal government, no not Jack he is to busy reopening issues in Quebec he really in my opinion does not understand and he should have left alone.   Of all the things the people of Quebec did not need right now Mr. Layton feels he needs to fight for.  Quebec English are facing genocide in Quebec and Jack Layton has just given Quebec his seal of approval to finish us off. Our schools have been cut down to barely a minimum, we have language police, we can not get governmental services in English, we can not get served in a bloody Tim Horton coffee in English without protest, we must request English documents from our courts and Jack thinks that we have not given enough for the Separatist cause in Quebec which is a minority of the people of Quebec? We get arrested on busses for asking the driver for the time in English; we are denied our rights under the Canadian Charter Of Rights And Freedoms and Jack thinks that we have not given enough for the Separatist cause in Quebec?  I say Jack has played politics with an issue that could literally rip this country apart and he should be ashamed of himself.

Newfoundland, some western provinces and the Territories have all at one time or another voiced a desire to leave Canada and by the very fact that he as a leader of a supposedly federalist party  is willing to reopen talks of a kind of semi separation theory from Canada instead of the clear question has said he is willing to revisit their calls for separation as well.  So if all the provinces are willing to have a vote Jack Layton has said he will break up Canada province by province based on 50%+1. If this does not make him the most dangerous person to Canadian unity and to Canada, I do not know what will.

The wonder of it all though is that he has done this without any provocation from his constituents, or any one else.  Jack Layton has totally changed from his winning platform to that of a separatist and frankly I do not get it.  He was elected on a mandate to bring change from the Duceppe style of politics to Ottawa for Quebec and has done a complete about-face.  I am glad that this little known side of Jack Layton has raised its ugly head while he is powerless and bound effectively by a majority government that if nothing else will not allow any of his separation foolishness to get anywhere.

I knew Jack Layton loved center stage and wanted his party to have more power, but in my wildest dreams I did not think that he would sell out the non Francophones and non separatists in Quebec to get it and try to build on it.  I never would have guessed that he would sell out the very idea of  Canada as a nation to look big in the eyes of some of his constituents.  Jack Layton showed that he is willing to rip the very fabric of what holds Canada together to do something memorable in a quickly dying career as a want to be power broker.  I think that Jack has chosen a bad way to make headlines and that like usual he knows that he will never have to follow through with his promise.  Every separatist in Canada has to be watching and listening and licking their lips with anticipation, now that Jack has opened the argument about 50%+1 all over again playing politics with a political nuclear bomb.  If one province can do it all province’s can separate and that was the danger in this type of ideology. Is he looking to be the Prime minister that got voted into office so that Canada could be broken up? My mother once told me something Jack Layton should heed and it was, ” son think about what you are going to say and all of the consequences to you and others around you, before you open your mouth and put your foot in it.  Once the words are out you can not easily take them back.” You can bet the separatists of Quebec will now feel confident enough again to drag Quebec and Canada through the debate we had put to rest all over again thanks to Jack and nobody even had to ask him to do it.

New Democrats I think it is time for a new leader unless you think that Canada will be Canada without Quebec, or maybe Alberta and Newfoundland.  We were all just colonies before confederation. It was only the joining into confederation that made us a country and gave us the power to seek and receive our independence and sovereignty as a nation.  Apart we will be just provinces, not stronger but weaker for the effort and this is what your leader Jack Layton is missing all of a sudden. Mr. Layton has made your party seem opportunistic in your approach to politics and not very transparent.  Why does he continue to call Mr. Harper self-serving and  non democratic and only speaking for some Canadians, when he clearly is no different. The NDP got itself elected on a federalist platform and it would appear from Jack’s speech that the NDP are really a pro separation party if certain conditions are right, like they give you their votes.  Now maybe the whole party is agreeable with this type of now you see me now you don’t politics, but we will be watching to see who you are, because we the voter feel we have for the most part been taken advantage of in Quebec and lied to by Mr. Layton.  I feel that you have done what that fellow did out west with the HST and got kicked out of office for it.  You got elected with one promise and changed your platform and goals once you got in.  Why Mr. Layton has taken the side of breaking up Canada I can not even hazard a guess, but how many of you are willing to risk Canada’s very existence just to stay admired in Quebec by a few separatists is what will be interesting to see?  Jack I hate to tell you that if breaking up Canada is your vision of what Canada needs right now I will be changing how I look at you and your party for sure.  Jack Layton up to this point you had a wonderful legacy going on as a politician of the people.      Jack was one of the most respected politicians out there. Jack was regarded as the only Canadian political leader who appeared to be working for all of the people of Canada and he threw this legacy in the garbage for a chance to grab the political golden ring, a moment of glory.  Now Jack Layton’s legacy will be of the moth who flew too close to the flame, knowing it was suicide but unable to stop himself, the light of stardom to alluring to ignore, until zap his political life was no more.

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2 Responses to Jack Layton Says Thank You To Quebec By Endorsing 50%+ 1

  1. david says:

    Nothing sickened me like the “hero” worship Layton got on his death–he was an arrogant twerp who would do anything to get what he wanted–namely power to feed his insatiable ego. He killed the 1996 Summer Olympic bid for Toronto and then said he had nothing to do with it when memos proved he and his socialist pal Micheal Shapcott formed a group called “bread not circuses” to do it. He threatened the NDP MPP from Churchill if she didn’t agree to support that disgusting “gay marriage” and then tried to “sell out” Canada by essentially supporting separtism. He wasn’t a true Canadian–he was an egomaniac and deserves nothing more than contempt–he never accomplished anything meaningful.

    • archemdis says:

      Jack Layton is dead and whatever you and I thought of him matters no more. He had his supporters and he had those who disagreed with him as well, but he was just a man and nothing more. I did not like what Jack Layton stood for with his back room deals, but that is my opinion and I am able to respect the opinion of others who might not see it my way. Whatever Jack Layton did or did not do is moot, he is dead and I shall choose to let him rest in peace. Thanks for taking the time to comment. Have a great day!

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