Hydro Quebec Forcing People To Pay Bill Of Previous Tenant Or Face Power Cancelation

Please be very careful and take note of this new Hydro Quebec form of extortion during this moving season, especially if you are moving into an apartment.  If you do not want to pay for someone else’s  overdue hydro bill, you must make sure that the last tenant does not owe any money before you move in,  or shortly after you move in this could happen to you! 

 Hydro Quebec is up to their old tricks again and this time they are forcing people who moved into an apartment to pay the bill of previous tenants by cutting off the new tenants power even though the bill is clearly in another clients name and refusing to turn the power back on until the new tenant pays the bill.  Here is how it worked for a friend of mine who moved into an apartment building on Lasalle Blvd., in Montreal, Quebec

This is the same person who had trouble with Hydro Quebec when her bill got overdue and they cut her off just before they are not allowed to do by law and refused to turn it back on when she paid it in full saying that  they” could not say when the power would be turned back on because all of their technicians were busy turning off electricity before the deadline. 

This friend of mine decided to move into an apartment where everything was paid except for a monthly $30.00 electric bill per month.  One day while she was out along came a hydro Quebec technician with orders to turn off the power to her apartment because of lack of bill payment.  the janitor explained to the technician that the name on the bill was that of an old tenant no longer living there but the technician said too bad and cut the power. 

When my friend got home she called hydro and after a little argument was told that hydro had experience a glitch in the system and that even though it was not her bill to pay she would have to pay it anyway before they could turn on the power, because that was the only solution the system had to rectify the situation and that the power would be turned back on and she would be given a $500.00 credit the price of the bill, if she refused than the power would remain off.  It took her 4 days to get the money together and had to do without power for that time and even after it was paid it took another 2 days before her power was restored. You would think that this would be the end of this and that Hydro would now start to pay back the money immediately, but this is not to be the case.

Now that Hydro Quebec has the money, they have decided to reconsider their options; in other words Hydro Quebec has decided not to give back the money, as they put it, right away as they promised in the form of a credit and have started to send my friend hydro bills again.  Their explanation is that since she has had her hydro cut off before, they have decided to review her file in full and will not be giving her any money back untill they are satisfied that she does not owe them any money from somewhere else at any other time, a process they say that could take a very  long time. I think you can imagine the frustration of this person trying to do the right thing and being screwed over by Hydro Quebec.  Now the problem compounds itself because Hydro Quebec made this mistake with 12, other people in her building on the same day and knew that they were cutting off all 12 people wrongly, but proceeded with the cancellation of all 12, anyway. My friend will only be eating this month because of the friends and family support that she has, but what of those that can not rely on that.

This is only happening to her and people like her because Hydro Quebec knows that she is incapable of going to court because of the financial burden and hardship it would cause her and other people who are in her fragile financial state  who do not have the finances to support such actions. There is no government assistance to help lodge these sorts of complaints, or even to do an investigation and so these people just suffer. Why after so much suffering is Mr. Layton not pushing for a mechanism that would see the government of Canada monitoring this type of gouging, torturing, illegally billing and out right extortion of its client by Hydro Quebec and helping to finance and if necessary bring a class action  suit against this and all other provinciality run government monopolies who abuse their clients, who are Canadian citizens?  There is always a federal government solution to a provincial problem, but there is not always the political will to get involved with a war with the provinces and so we will continue to suffer trapped between on governments greed and another’s unwillingness to get involved.

 I think it is time for someone in the federal government to start a class action suit against Hydro Quebec on the behalf of abused Canadians living in Quebec. Hydro Quebec is, way out there now with their incompetence and their nasty vicious way of doing business.  I think that they have demonstrated that they are not only a monopoly, but they are capable and are using extortion and a gangster like mentality and tactics, when trying to recover monies from its clients and they no longer have any respect for the law, or doing things in a legal manner.  When you are wrong and you know it and you still insist on payment because your client has no other way to get the necessity of life that they are providing and you top that off by the fact that they are the government and they make the laws, we have a non winnable situation for the people and Hydro Quebec’s actions become criminal and the federal government not only has a right to step in and stop it, the federal government in my opinion, has a legal and moral obligation to put and end to it; bigger and more urgent than the need to bomb other nations to secure their rights and freedoms.

At one time you could go to the offices of Hydro and pay a delinquent bill, or go over your account with a representative of hydro, or lodge a complaint, but all of those options are no more and now it is pay whether, or not you owe or get cut off.

Hydro has not just started taking advantage of its customers, it has been doing this for over 20 years as this personal story of mine will show you. I remember paying a hydro bill at the Royal Trust, before it went under, my receipt was stamped paid in full by the teller and for some reason hydro said they never received the money form the bank. When I  enquired of the bank what was going on they said that the new teller who had just been fired could not find some money and it was the same amount as my bill so the determined that she did not get the money for my bill and the girl had stamped my bill in error and that the stamp and the tellers signature meant nothing.  Hydro said too bad shell out another $600.00 or lose power because they were not interested in fighting with the bank who was officially collecting monies from their clients on their behalf.  we fought for a long time and I was in the end forced to pay them under threat of cancellation of services.  No one in the government then, no lawyer, and Goldhawk, himself refused to air the case, because it was not the kind of challenge he was willing to fight for back then on behalf of people like he claims to want to do now on CPAC

Hydro Quebec needs to be taken to court and their monopoly needs to be broken.  They are causing unnecessary hardships to their clients and if they have not already they will find themselves  being held responsible for killing people and all of the problems that come with wrongful death and murder. people are having to choose literally between paying Hydro and eating or paying their rent.  There is no mechanism with in hydro to lodge a complaint or get them to do the right thing.  Why would hydro keep this individuals money? Over zealous collection department? Whatever the reason this is a government company and monopoly and we should and need to bring it under control one way or another.

 This is how bold, senseless and irrational this company has become.  I wrote to every federal leader in government last year and got generic answers back saying they are not responsible for electrical power and that I should contact the provincial authorities.  Well the provincial authorities are  out of reach via the internet unless you want to give them some money and suggest that you fill out form after form stating your problem and if they feel that it requires an answer they will let you know if not know by their silence that they figure your problem to be irrelevant and that is where I have got to . I and your problems with Hydro are irrelevant to them and anyone else that can make a difference.  

 Instead of reopening the 50%+1 issue, maybe Jack Layton could have started putting pressure on the Provincial government, to relieve this pressure from his constituents in  Quebec.  People are suffering terribly and it is no longer okay for the federal government to simply say that gouging the people of Quebec, who are still Canadian citizens is not acceptable, but out of their hands and jurisdiction.  In truth if they have no power over the provinces and the Charter Of Rights And Freedoms Of Canada means nothing and the laws of Canada do nothing to protect its people from regional, or provincial government gone mad, why in hell do we need the federal government at all? 

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17 Responses to Hydro Quebec Forcing People To Pay Bill Of Previous Tenant Or Face Power Cancelation

  1. Real Web says:

    funny because we are in the opposite situation! you wont want to believe this…

    so the landlord of the building (triplex) officially lives downstairs with her mother and 2 kids. i am the sole tenant of the 2 apartments upstairs…

    the landlord’s mother recently suffered 2 brain operations and is in hospital, invalid, but without a mandator to manager her affairs, and no income or insurance.

    once the mother when into hospital, the landlord’s father, who was a guest in her apartment, began sexually molesting her kids, and has been asked to leave. police reports have been filed against him, and an 810 has been applied for (all very slow to act)… he refuses to leave and assumes than because he is the estranged father, he owns her house.

    every authority assures us its not the case. however, the police cannot remove him from the home and he doesnt have any requirement to pay her bills… due to squatter rights. :/

    DPJ and police told her to protect the kids she should temporarily displace herself and them to a “safe haven” so ive allowed them to live upstairs in the extra apartment beside, for which i have a lease and have not really been using as of yet.

    the mother has officially changed her address to my auxiliary apartment, so she decided to cut her moms hydro bill in the downstairs apartment, since it had risen to 600$ since she has been in the hospital for a few months. they agreed to cut hydro and remove the counter box until the mother is ready to pay the bill. the landlord also refused the responsibility to pay the bill.

    this would mean that the next tenant would be stuck paying the bill when new services were enabled, and that the landlord would have to pay 300$ to have the box put back. they agreed.

    when the man came to disconnect, the father exclaimed, made claims, and asked for pity…. and he gave him the weekend of power! he called us and said, we will go monday to cut it.

    monday the hydro guy returned and the father declared he would NOT accept responsibility for the bill, and wanted one in his own name, instead of having the hydro cut. this is all in THE LANDLORDS PERSONAL APARTMENT!

    they allowed him to sign up without a lease. the mother’s account IS disconnected as of july 3rd, but she still owes $600…

    and hydro wont do a thing about it. so they have a $600 bill for landlords mom, and a new fresh bill for the father in an apartment he doesnt have any claim to.

    they refuse to help and wont look at the deed of the house, the leases, or any kind of paperwork (the landlord has it all). they never asked to look at his lease either.

    this is the exact opposite of the things you said, what comments or suggestions do you guys have for us to get either;

    1. his new hydro cut
    2. get them to hold him responsible for the bill, payable immediately or have it cut

    any suggestions?


  2. Darrell41 says:

    Archemdis did Hydro actually provide your friend with some proof on paper that the previous tenant in her building did not pay their utility bill ? I wouldn’t put it past those rascals at Hydro to fudge a story like that, given their track record so far. They claim I used up $50 in electricity last July ( no meter check, instead their estimate ) and the real meter reading for August was only $25 ! They gave an unconvincing explanation for the difference there.

    Now Vandal ( appropriate name eh?) and his minions are trying to raise extra cash with each extra customer they disconnect :

    great way to make a living !


    • archemdis says:

      Hello Darrell41,Yes they tried to say she owed it then, they said that they made a mistake, but if she wanted it turned on right away she would have to pay the full amount of the bill, or wait until the computer recognized it’s error. Then nthey decided just to keep the money until they made sure that she did not owe any money in the system. They are corrupt beyond mere words. This was not her first run in with them. They never gave her back her money out right, so she suffered loss of food and other things, while they took it off of her bill as credits. this took a verylong time and is so unfair. the worst part is that there is no one to complain to the government and therefore the courts own them. Have a great day!


  3. Alby says:

    I would be glad to be a witness in any class action suit against Hydro Quebec. Quality of service is intolerable and people are abnoxious. Bottom line we need the government to open up fair competition to hydro.


    • archemdis says:

      Thanks Alby great thought. I could not agree with you more, but I fear the government will not open up competition against itself. Thanks for commenting and thanks for being willing to stand up. Have a great night!


  4. What Canada is doing is putting a heavier, and heavier burden on humans. Canada needs to forgive their debtors. Then they will be Christ like saving their soul.


    • archemdis says:

      Could not agree with you more although I think the problem goes deeper than that. The practices of Hydro Quebec and other government corporations are criminal and fraudulent making them not a debt but a robbery, a con job and crime against Canadians. The perpetrators of these crimes should be losing their jobs and going to jail, not forgiving a debt that is not owed. Have a great night and thanks for the comment. Going to bed soon looks like they are going to operate tomorrow after all.


  5. darrell41 says:

    Archemdis I more or less have the same problem as your friend, though in my case its another scam Hydro Quebec has cooked up.
    I can’t say for certain whether the previous tenant here skipped out without paying their utility bill. Regardless, Hydro sent me an “adjusted bill” notice last summer, claiming their original ( but fair ) estimate of my energy consumption was an underestimate, and that I now owed them nearly $500 extra. I was in the hospital for an extended period in the fall of 2010 and therefore I could not admit the Hydro meter reader, nor could I send in the meter readings to them. Now the company is sending automated collection calls and cancellation threats. My attempts to reason with them have simply been met with scripted “customer service” responses which ignore the big discrepencies in the adjusted bills and instead insist I make a prompt payment schedule. I sent an email to the Hydro complaints department, now 4 months later an employee there tells me the complaint was never read.

    I am nevertheless optimistic about this, as I believe people like your friend do not need the courts ( which often side with big companies like Hydro Quebec anyway ) to help them. For, as I cannot pay the extra $500 ( being on a limited budget ) I have no choice but to demonstrate against them, holding a sign right outside their office. I am confident from previous experience that THAT will get their attention compared to some Better Business Bureau or biased court decision.

    Companies like Hydro need the public purse to pay for their luxuries, and fear bad publicity in the extreme.
    Anybody is welcome to join…


    • archemdis says:

      It is a shame and disgusting that we as Canadians should have to tolerate this garbage. I applaud you in your efforts, but be careful you do not get yourself in deeper hot water. This country and this province are anti government protest as the eviction and the forced closures of the peaceful Occupy Montreal Protest and the same protests in every other Canadian city that had one demonstrated this year. The Air Canada strike and the Post Office strike being forced back to work also demonstrated the fedral governments position on anti protest against the government. We are not living in democratic times in Canada right now that we have King Harper and his provencial counter parts running the country and therefore all of the supposedly arms length institutions and government owned businesses like Hydro Quebec. Remember To Protest Against Hydro Quebec Is To Protest Against The Government. I wish you luck and would you mind telling me when and where your protest will be? they are still holding my friends money.


      • darrell41 says:

        I just sent a fax to Hydro…any protest against them will depend on Hydro Quebec’s response and their willingness to continue with threats of disconnection…but a little demonstration outside their building is possible in the next two months…I don’t plan on backing down now…
        The company is prevented from disconnecting in the cold winter months, much as they would like to…that is why I believe this province still has those ridiculous one year lease terms starting on July 1…I suspect Hydro Quebec is behind that, as the July 1 lease term gives the company six months to BLACKMAIL newly relocated renters into paying previous tenants bills. I received my notice to pay the extra $500 in early August…It all makes sense there…had your friend moved in the winter months Hydro would not have dared to threaten to deny her heat if she did not pay the extra $500. Not to blame her of course; most of us are obliged to move on the first of July, unlike anywhere else in the country possibly…

        I’m not too worried about the protest against the government thing…this is unbridled corruption we are seeing here…I have already seen that with bill padding enthusiasts Bell, Primus, and Rogers, supposedly privately run utilities that appoint some of Harper’s henchmen to their board of directors ( Jim Prentice, now with Bell, previously was one of
        the fuhrer’s right hand men ).
        And I do think she will get her money back…hers is a stronger case than mine…


      • archemdis says:

        Ok Darrell, thanks for sharing and please keep me posted as things progress. I do hope you win your case, so good luck to you and keep up the good fight.


    • The government needs to know this. Galatians 6;7Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.
      The Government is not reaping the things of Christ,and hence will reap the things of the devil. The devil will end up committing suicide in Gods light when he tries out of greed to take a city that he thinks is there for the taking with a multitude of fallen humans raised up at the second resurrection to take the city. Revaluation 20. They are consumed when they try to do that described in verse 9. . The Government in the way they are if they do not change will end up with the devil outside that city,and be consumed just like the humans of the doomed cities of Sodom,and Gomorrah,and the cities of the plain. That was a mini judgment day. If the Government does not want to meet that ultimate end of all ends would be wise to be like Jesus is, and not how the devil is.

      Galatians 6:. 9And let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not.

      The government is not doing well to anyone .The yoke of Jesus is light, But the government wants to make the Yoke heaver putting the debt of one human on the head of another human.

      All should know the Lords Prayer, but few keep what is written therein. Matthew 6:12And forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors.
      When humans forgive the debts of others God will forgive our s debt of death to give eternal life. The ability to forgive a debt comes from God alone, and that means a human with God forgives having life in them. Have the government not forgive, and eternal death is in their soul. The Canadian government would be wise to emulate Jesus forgiving the debts lightning the Yoke of the Canadians..


  6. I am going through a similar situation right now, it is unbelievable. I was sure I couldn’t be the only one since hydro’s logic and customer service is so bad. I will posting my story soon! I have 3 children, including an infant. but I guess electricity is a luxury. I did ask what the bill was, but she told me that I couldn’t be told since it wasn’t my account, but the account needs to be paid in full! haha
    At least my janitor let me plug an extension in the hall so my food didn’t go bad. The worse part is hydro never sent us a notice before they cut our power.


    • archemdis says:

      My friend paid and can you believe that she has not yet recieved her money back. Now they say they will keep her money until they have the time to check out all of her Hydro Quebec history to make certain that she does not have an old bill not paid out there. Hydro also informed her that they did not know when they would do this, but do not look for her money anytime in the near future as they are very busy and very behind. I asked the government what to do about it and they said wait! No one thinks that it is in their jurisdiction to tell Hydro Quebec what it can, or can not do. Good luck to you, but do not give the many money because it will be lost to you for not days, months, but possibly for years and even forever. Have a great day and thanks for sharing


  7. To have to pay the debt of another is idiotic. Humans are taught the Lords prayer, but do not practice the Lords prayer regarding forgiveness. Don’t have the spirit of forgives in you wanting to hold a debt over whoever that they cannot pay ,and have no life in the soul. I can’t see Jesus asking someone to pay the debt of another, neither should anyone else.


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