Canadians, Harper Government Looks Good On You!

I listened to the speech from the throne twice just to make sure that I was hearing right and there was nothing in it that surprised me and there was not.  The direction for Canada is clear and is as harper promised it would be.  For the next four years the rich will get richer and the poor will continue to suffer and there is no stopping the Prime Minister and his government and it looks good on us, because we as Canadians allowed it to happen. 

As Canadians we will begin to understand what Mr. Harper means when he says I intend to reintroduce into parliament things like, the Gun Registry Program, improvements to Medic Care.  Unfortunately we as Canadians are about to find out what the Prime Minister and his party mean when they say they are about to reintroduce tougher laws against people smuggling, like Campaign Blue Blindfold and all of the other things that the majority of Canadians were happy did not make it into law when he was stopped by the government  opposition when he did not have a majority government and this is only the tip of the iceberg.

We as Canadians have been told that our children will continue to die overseas, so that other countries can become Christian and democratic and have a chance to enjoy all of the privileges of democracy, and government provided services, that we are denied in Canada. I feel sorry for the refugees, who did not vote, but as for the rest of Canadians who decided to punish one party and a leader who had no responsibility in what a former government and leader did, I hope that your revenge was worth it, because you are about to find out what happens when you vote to punish instead of voting for what you want and need to survive.

The murmurings and the whining are starting to be heard about the mean evil spirited political regime that is running this country and I smile to myself and wonder, what if Canadians had stopped punishing the Liberals  for the Sponsorship Scandal like it happened yesterday, what  kind of government we would have today?   The Gomery Commission Enquiry,  proved that there was not one illegal act proven against any elected Liberal member of parliament, in relation to the  Sponsorship Scandal, so at the end of the day was it really any worse than anything other politically motivated or generated scandal, or anything that the Harper led Conservatives have done? Canadians said in this election that all scandals related to the Harper government were okay and was just politicians being politicians, so I guess I just do not follow the logic that insists that  it was such a total betrayal by the Liberals to have done what they did? 

 People are also beginning to whine about the government’s role in Libya and the deaths of innocent civilians,  but where was the concern for these issues and these people  during the election?  No Canadian, no matter what your political party affiliation, have the right to say they did not know what Harper would do if given a majority government, because he spelt it out clearly and we  are getting exactly what we deserve from our government, after being given a clear choice.

As prices for everything goes up and your salaries stay frozen if you are fortunate to still have a job; I say it looks good on you. When you end up with a medical system that is better for the rich; I say you are getting what you voted for. For those of you who are now whining about the price of the jet fighters; I say please stop you are getting exactly what you asked for.  the price of the jets did not seem to bother you just a few weeks ago. When you voted the way you did and gave Mr. Harper his majority government you said yes to all of the things I mentioned above.  You are about to see that when you vote to punish it is you who will suffer the most.  The 60% of you that did not want Harper, or any of the things that he is going to pass into law now that he has his majority that represents only 40% of Canadians, have only yourselves to blame.

I hope he passes everything that he could not before, just because so many Canadians could not be bothered to even go vote at all.  You are the worst whiners of all. You are always complaining after the election and always abstaining at election time. Waiting in emergency rooms forever and a day should be endured by you in silence for the next four years. If you find that you can no longer afford to pay the high cost of escalating tuition fees for your children to go to university, just remember that you could not be bothered to vote and keep your whining to yourself.   When your bridge’s collapse and pot holes in your roads begin to damage your cars, just go pay to have it fixed and do not complain, because you who think  that not voting is the answer and a great way to protest are going to see why not voting is never the answer.

The loudest criers in the end though will be those who voted for Mr. Harper, because they thought that economics was more important than good government, the respecting of democracy, the government being transparent and the government obeying the laws of Canada and  International law. You thought that somehow electing a government that does not follow any of the afore-mentioned  things would not harm you,  hurt you, or touch you in any way.  You people are in for a rude awakening, because bad government affects all of its citizens; some right away, like the most vulnerable and most dependant on the government to survive and then the rest of the population. Small businesses will start to suffer and its employees who once thought they would  be self-sufficient forever, will become the poor, the jobless, those  needing of government assistance. Unfortunately for them, they will understand in short order that their vote for Harper will have assured that there is no longer any assistance to be had and that they will have to suffer and do without some very basic needs.  Harper does not care how, or what the reason it is that you end up on the bottom of the food chain, there will be no mercy. 

In short the throne speech offers exactly what we knew it would and there is not one Canadian who can say they did not know what they were getting into. The reasons why we voted the way we did are different, but the end result was the same, for the next four years we must suffer and lick our wounds and rethink our voting strategy, so that we never make such a costly mistake again. 

Of all the things that I heard I will be most interested to see how the senate issue plays out.  If we are going to minimize how long a person can be in the senate and have it elected why can’t we also limit how for how many terms a Prime Minister can hold the office and do something like what we see in the USA, since this is where we seem to be headed with all of this.  It will also be interesting to see if Prime Minister Harper seeks a court ruling on the matter or whether he will try to force it through, like he does everything else.

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3 Responses to Canadians, Harper Government Looks Good On You!

  1. Jonathan Hughes says:

    Talk about the Canadians or anyone with a military sending their children out to die, and in the next breath call themselves Christian is a contradiction of all Contradictions, an extreme oxymoronic statement. Voting to punish is what Satan does, and it is what persecutors do, and it is what idolaters do who worship idols, and they give sacrifices like the Canadians do in war trying to call it good, even calling it Christian. Then they wonder why they have the troubles that they have.

    Scandal can not be given by God who is love because there is no scandal in him. Therefore it has to be the other guy in humans shouting scandal about whoever.
    Eternally speaking it was not the liberals fault to let things be. There is one final judgment for whoever whatever they do under the sun, and humans need to know that, and the liberals subconsciously know it.
    Men like Harper will fail you but God will never fail you.
    Psalm 146:3 :King James Bible
    Put not your trust in princes, [nor] in the son of man, in whom [there is] no help.
    Yet in government humans do just that, and they wonder why they have humans suffering the way they are suffering? Humans are not trusting in God saving the soul loving ,and doing to whoever what they want done to them, and rely on physical might, and that is where our children die like they are sacrificed to Moloch the cow.

    When humans take a hard look at things economics is a contrived thing that is dead, and Satan gives dead things, and God gives living things. We are relying on dead things like money, and we wonder why humans are in the quandary they are in?

    A costly mistake occurs because we give money, and not the good things God gave us to give to whoever like it was in the beginning long before there was money.


  2. Vadim says:

    It’s funny you say this because Canadians clearly seem to like what they hear.


    • archemdis says:

      I do not think so Vadim and I am Canadian. Why is it that because our circle of friends say they like something that we feel that all Canadians feel that way? If you were for Harper you are one of the 40% of those who voted for him. I did not fudge the numbers he has not been above that percentage, or do you feel that the other 60% of the voters who split the vote between the other parties do not count? I think he won the majority government because Conservatives got out and voted as a well organized block, while others did not. I do not think that this was an increase in Haper’rs popularity and his not being able to rise aboive his customary vote percentage of 40% proved that.. Try going to where the people are suffering, or talking to the people who lost everything to the Harper soft wood lumber settlement, or to the people whose family members are sitting in jails, because they are refugees for example and you might just find that all Canadians, in fact the majority of Canadians are not happy with the Harper government and have not been for a long time. You could also talk to the families of people who are dying on stretchers in emergency waiting rooms, or while waiting for opperations that could save a life, or a limb and you might find some Canadians that do not like what they see, or hear with the Harper government. I have a nephew who is on his third term in Afghanistan, ask his mother and father if they like what they are hearing coming out of the mouth of Mr. Harper. You of course are entitled to your opinion, but I hope that it is based on more than the mere fact that he has lucked into a majority government with a less then 40% of the total vote. Have a great day and could you give me some insight on what you based your comment on?


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