Can Canadians Remove A Majority Government By Petition?

Stephen Harper in bed with Jack Layton

I read this in “Pushed To The Left And Loving It” , On Friday March 25, 2011 the Canadian House of Commons found Prime Minister Stephen Harper guilty of contempt of Parliament. According to parliamentary law, contempt of parliament is a federal crime. Being that Harper has been found guilty of a crime Harper is barred from seeking re-election on May 2, 2011.  So why is this guy still leading the Conservative party and Canada?  Read this article and make up your own mind, by hitting the cached button.   stephen-harper-may-be-barred-from.html – Cached

 I just knew that the senate reform was going to be one hell of a fight, but I did not think that even the hardheaded, arrogant and power crazy Prime Minister Harper would pick a fight with all of the provinces in the 1st 100 days in office.  I just do not understand the  method to his madness.  It is clear that the senate is covered and in fact is entrenched in the Canadian Constitution and to change anything in the Canadian Constitution certain conditions must be met. How do you legally change the constitution without opening it and convincing the provinces which are partners to go along with the change. I think that Mr. Harper forgets that we are in a confederation not a republic and the provinces may opt to have referendums to opt out of the country all at once and then what would he be governing with his majority government.   As Mr. Layton, his bum buddy has stated when he  reopened the 50 +1 % is all he thinks is necessary to separate from Canada for any province.

One would think that if reforming the senate  was what you desired as a  leader of a  governing party,  that  you would as leader of that party  would have  checked out your plan and position legally before this, so that you as leader of a democratic country, could have simply shown that you had the legal authority to carry out your plans.  This might have averted  the need to have every provincial government challenge your reforms in court and possibly risk tearing the country apart, or costing the tax payers millions of dollars in legal fees.  This pissing contest between the government and the provinces must not be encouraged. At a time when finances are supposed to be shaky at best this is not the time of a responsible federal government to be antagonizing the provinces and instigating long, drawn out court battles   and the expensive  legal fees that are attached to said challenges.  I agree that Harper says what he intends to do, but he runs into trouble, because he is not willing to explain why he thinks that he has the right to do it under the law except for the fact that he won the election and we all know that is just not enough.

When all of these changes to the senate are put into place by laws forced through by a majority and challenged in the courts the country will not be any more stable for it. I believe that although the changes to the senate will be implemented, the government will be hard pressed to get anyone to acknowledge their validity of them and for another first time in Canadian history, you might see the fall of a majority government based on the fact that no one will follow its laws until the legality issues are cleared up, or does the Prime Minister intend to force the will of his government on Canadians by way of military, or police action.  I guess my question is why is the Prime Minister deliberately forcing the hand of the provinces and the people of Canada when there appears to be an easier solution.

 One only has to look at Mr. Harper’s response to the flooding in Quebec to see where his head is at.  Mr. Harper’s advisor and confident has become let’s make a deal Jack Layton, who by his own words advised the Prime minister that he should go down and take a look at the devastation that the never-ending rains caused and to access for himself what will be needed to help these people.  Jack went on to say that he was happy that the Prime Minister followed up on his suggestion and visited the area.  Jack Layton by his own words is now counseling the Prime Minister on how to make his constituents feel that Mr. Harper gives a damn about them.  My question is,  that if Jack is busy counseling the PM, then who is running the Official Opposition?   

Seems to me that we as Canadians overlooked the possibility of a Conservative, NDP coalition and it was right in front of our noses all of the time.  Of course this will not be an open and transparent coalition, it will probably be more closed-door, back room type deals that we as Canadians have become used to between Jack and  Stephen.  To hear jack sing the praises of Harper, one could and would almost think that Jack was ready to cross the floor in the House of Commons and sit with the Conservatives.

I feel that there is just a little too much game playing going on right now and we the people of Canada are getting the worst of it.  Quebec is now being rewarded for almost complying with the Harmonized Sales Tax requirements. The educational, sports and  music tax credit does not apply to anyone that is too poor to pay taxes. I guess Mr. Harper is saying that poor children should not benefit from any musical training, or organized sports and if poor people choose to put their children in these programs they are on their own.  The Conservative government to me is saying, that if you are poor you should not be in any of these programs, because the arts and sports have become things to be enjoyed by only the rich again? Is this the new direction that Mr. Harper and his party have us, Canadians, moving in?

Right out of the gate Mr. Harper slashed millions of dollars out housing for the people of the First Nations, breaking yet another promise to the First Nations people.  After standing up and saying that he would work to see that the people of the First Nations quality of life was brought up to par with the rest of Canadians.  Harper has also started to back out of foreign relief promises, in a direct contradiction of his campaign rhetoric.  If  it is possible for a province to remove the leader of a governing party for lying to get himself elected why is there no mechanism to remove a sitting Prime Minister majority or not if he indeed lied to get where he is, or is there and no one is talking, or acting on it?  When will this government begin to understand that it takes more than dressing up in the dress and religious costumes, or garb of ones place of ethnic origin when showing up at voting stations to change the quality of life for the better of these people and extend the rights and freedoms to these people that they deserve

I think that more important than any one thing, is that the pattern of arrogance that is still prevalent in this government, from the way they stand up in the House of Commons and facetiously, or out right mockingly, congratulate the Liberals for not being swept up in the NDP wave, before they answer any question put to them by the Liberals and by their absolute refusal to seek  democratic solutions to problems speaks volumes about their antagonizing childish ways.  From the bombing of civilians to the selling out of Canada’s water and natural resources, this government stands firm in its refusal to consult with the rest of the political parties, or Canadians.  From the millions of dollars diverted from the secure our border fund, to the lets flood Toni Clements riding with cash for votes fund, during the G8, to the sy rocketing price of the jets in a closed no tender bidding process, this government stands firm in its refusal to inform the rest of the political parties as well as Canadians anything about the reasons for their decisions, or the true results of what making those decisions will, or have had on the Canadian way of life.  Is civil disobedience the only way to get rid of this government now that it sits with a majority in the House of Commons?

This is the political reality we live in since the Conservative party took office over 5 years ago and can not anything about since giving them a majority government in 2011, or is that exactly true? Is it possible I wonder to remove a federal leader of a  governing party by referendum a show of signatures say on a petition?  If the population of this country was so dissatisfied with the performance of the government, or thought that the government had come into power by  a deliberate lie or series of lies could they be removed like Gordon Campbell?  Is there no law no protection that would allow this same lying, non democratic government to be removed from office by the people of the nation directly through petition and referendum? If there is no mechanism short of rebellion and civil war, maybe there should be so that Canadians can enjoy the same rights and freedoms that are supposed to be found in a democracy and that our children are fighting and dying  to get in foreign lands for other people?

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2 Responses to Can Canadians Remove A Majority Government By Petition?

  1. geanjk says:

    i’m no fan of this conservative majority government either, but honestly, i think we’ll be a happier nation if we can get proportional representation for future elections. the root cause of this situation we find ourselves in is we didn’t have proportional representation, so why don’t we campaign for an electoral reform.


    • archemdis says:

      I am with you, but we saw what happend with Senate reform right? The party who called for the end of the non elected senate has now become the biggest abuser of the non elected Senate. Often what a party says while in a minority government situation and what they do when they have the power of a majority government is quite different. I do not think that the government, no matter what political stripe will ever do what is right until the Canadian people take back the power and say no more. As long as the provinces only care about what is good for their own situation our politicians will continue to divide the people of Canada and use our inability to see the whole picture against us and do exactly what they are doing now and that is grand standing and getting very little of value to Canadians done.


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