Politics Asside All Levels Of Canadian Government Are Failing Canadians

Municipally, provincially and federally this great country of ours and our people are being over taxed and ill-served.  The fact is that the level of mismanagement of tax payer money is now bordering on criminal.  One only has to look at  the situation in Montreal to see that all governments are doing it shamelessly. In Montreal you will see all of the levels of government taking the money of tax payers and giving very little if anything in return and it has been going on and getting worse for a long time.

Corner of St. Joseph and St. Urbain

Let us begin with the mayor of Montreal, who thinks that you can shut down a city  with construction projects, block of every major street, rerouting customers away from small businesses and not impact the city’s businesses and its citizens livelihood negatively.  Everything that should have been done to keep Montreal’s streets, water mains and sewage systems up to date, has not been done for over 10 years and that is an ultra conservative estimate, but the budget is always spent.  One Mayor spent our money on the Botanical Gardens, while the city crumbled to dust. Our current Mayor is spending our money keeping the Bixi Bike business a float financially, while other small businesses get no compensation, or relief due to all of the street closures, that the city has going on, resulting in the direct loss of business and cash sales,  due ,to people unable access their stores.

Bixi Bike stand takes up hospital parking spaces

The city auditor has determined there has been a gross negligence in the way that the city government has used tax payer money and states that this city is in really bad shape financially, he also concluded that the Bixi Bike deal did not have a business plan and to that our Mayor said that he would think about coming up with a decent business plan, but he has no regrets, or 2nd thoughts about giving the Bixi people a hand out.  I guess not there was no time to develop a business plan while stealing the idea from a man from Ontario.  The guy who had a contract with Montreal to provide the Segway.

Is this to be the end for Montreal's city workers?

Just one day after the Mayor defended his pouring monies into Bixi Bikes he held a press conference to say that the city of Montreal can not afford the pension plan for its workers.  This is the kind of nonsensical governing that is being seen across the country by all political  stripes in power, at all levels of government.   No money for inspectors, no money for public works, no money for the retiring city workers, but 108 million dollars to bail out Bixi Bikes?

I have  told you and showed you the people on the highways begging  and the homeless living in  communities without even the basic amenities right next door to the Mayor’s office and city hall.  Our taxes continue to rise for property, water and garbage pick up, but our services continue to drop in quality and yet the mayor maintains that he is doing a bang up job.

all major bridges are in a dangerous state of ill repair In Montreal

Montreal is falling down around it citizens heads, every major bridge leading off or on the Island of Montreal is too dangerous to use and the word is use at your own risk, but not to worry says Jean Charest, the sikh’s will not be wearing their ceremonial daggers in the National Assembly anymore.  Hydro Quebec is gouging its customers, our students can not afford to go to university because of the rising cost of tuitions and have taken to protesting in the street and nothing from the Quebec provincial government except to tell us what we already know times are tough.

With the flooding over in the Eastern Townships Jean Charest held a news conference to say that the people of the Eastern Townships will get up to one hundred and fifty thousand dollars per household to help with the flooding and hopes that the people responsible for predicting these catastrophic events do a better job so that they in the area can start sand bagging faster. A lot of people will not get to rebuild with his change to the rules, but it sounded good and was a great photo opt opportunity.

Mr. Charest what happens to the worst hit in your new two-year zone no rebuild theory?

 As I said before no matter what the government stripe the provincially government has chosen to put off what is important to Canadians and put off all of the things that may not bring immediate glory to the government, promoting instead the humongous projects that get instant attention and tangible voter and press appreciation, right now during their governance.   This type of grand standing governing is what has gotten this city, this province and many others across this country in such a state of ruination.  I really do not know how these politicians sleep at night, except that their pensions never seem to be at risk and their families and loved ones never seem to be in jeopardy of losing all that they have worked for all of their lives by the bad decisions they make for the rest of us.

Champlain Bridge will collapse say engineers

Finally the federal government no matter who has been in  power has never given 2 craps about Canadians real needs.  The federal government seems to be more interested in telling its citizens that it really has little power over the things that affect their everyday life, like medical, education and infrastructure.  They can not help with power companies gouging because it is not their problem.  Harper waited for the rain to stop and the water to recede before coming to Quebec and only did it because he was dulling his image and he wanted to end the pressure from the press.  Federally there is only one job and that is whatever the orders are that are sent via Washington. I guess that is why the government is forcing the postal workers into arbitration.  No mail, no orders from the White House, mass confusion in the House of Commons. Just look at Montreal and the bridges; engineers say that the Champlain Bridge could collapse and needs to be replaced, so Harper says we will do our own study and we will only be repairing it and in the mean time use it at your own risk.

Bridge still in use while Harper conducts his own study of damage

With government like this at all levels, in every city and province,  it is astonishing to me that Canadians are not suffering more than they are. Is this type of governing why we can not get ahead and why we think politicians are scum bag losers?  I think yes and I think it about all of them.

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