How Can The USA Serve A Warrant Issued By A Court It Does Not Respect And Refuses To Abide By The Rulings Of?

Let me get this straight the aggressor and bombers have sought and got a warrant for the arrest of Maummar Gaddafi, the  legal leader of Libya for war crimes, by the World Court? Excuse me while I pick myself up off of the ground, this is just too ridiculous and too riddled with legal, moral and ethical faults to even contemplate. I believe that he is a bad man, but the Western Alliance, should not be executing this warrant, these countries are guilty of killing innocent civilians all over that region. The Alliance led by the USA, have murdered innocent men, women and children in their beds right in Lybia and I see no difference between Gaddafi and the USA and their allies, like Canada.  How long has the Western Alliance kept up the bombing now without let up? Does not meaning to kill hundreds maybe thousands of people every day with your bombs and saying sorry, but we must get our man make them less dead and your acts less of a crime? Does the fact that you feel that these deaths are justifiable considering the importance of your mission really justify the killing of innocent people as they sleep?   If as a nation you have answered yes to just one of the above questions, then your ideology and your respect for human life, is no better, than the terrorist you hunt down and kill with such righteous indignation.  If you continue to do it on an hourly, daily, weekly and monthly basis, knowing you are killing all of these innocent people, does it not make you a monster?

The United States has stated openly that it does not believe in the World Court and does not consider itself under the court’s jurisdiction.  The USA has not respected any of the decisions of this court and have always refused  to abide by the courts rulings when found guilty of anything like, (soft wood lumber dispute with Canada), (the resolution and opinion that what they were and still are doing with Omar Khadr was and is indeed child torture),   so now how does the USA justify this sudden willingness to recognize this court? When will the USA and its allies be asked to turn  themselves in to answer for their crimes against humanity that before this warrant was issued, the world court seemed to think that there could be a good case for crimes against humanity against the USA and their allies, based on several events , in numerous campaigns?

How do you put yourself outside of a court’s jurisdiction as a nation, but seek to execute its judgments and warrants on another leader, or country?  This is by far the best and most obvious case of Western hypocrisy to date and proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that our laws, our courts and our legal systems are incapable of non bias, non prejudicial decision-making, because the way our governments make laws and the expectations of said laws is corrupted.  The governments of the west step outside of their laws and change long-standing practices, not because they no longer work, or because they  no longer protect rights and freedoms, but because they work too well and are stopping them from doing something that the government knows is wrong, knows that it goes against the law of the land as well as the laws of the world, but insists on doing it anyway.  How many resolutions are just fights over semantics.  Western leaders on the same side of an argument meet and change the wording of laws, until they are happy with the way it sounds and reads, even though they know that what they are doing is still illegal, immoral and suits their needs, but is no more than giving themselves permission on paper to break the law?

This whole change the face of Africa thing that is going on right now is getting me just a little concerned.  Change, or be changed by force is a little too much for me to go along with when it happens in one country, but when it happens in multiple countries at the same time it is mass genocide on a level we have never before witnessed; a crime against humanity and an end to democracy on this planet. The west is no longer seeking a democratic peaceful way to bring the world into democracy it is using democracy like it was Ninja smoke and under the protection of it the Western Alliance led by the USA, is slaughtering its way to world domination.  These wars against terror that are not really wars per say that are being carried out all over the planet, in my opinion will be the cause of the next world war.  These type of campaigns allow the aggressor to make up the rules as they go along and are always outside the perimeters of established  rules of war, like the Geneva Convention.  This non war in Lybia,  has gone underground and this scares me. The fact that no one says they are at war and yet uses powerful military actions,  scares me even more.

If all that the west claims is true and they feel that for the good of the people of Lybia and to save their lives this leader must go then why not call this mission what it is a war? If it is the purpose of the Western Alliance to remove a legitimate leader from his position by force, than these countries violating the sovereignty of these nations must realize in doing so that there are no more terrorist acts. All another country or leaders of a country must decide, is that they do not like how another country is treating its’ people and claim that said people need their intervention, decide to do something about it and then act. This is the rule of the day, this is the new law of the world as established and acted on in practice by the USA and its allies.

We must admit that we are at war with Libya. We must then realize that we have legitimized terrorism, by becoming terrorists ourselves. That the whole western world is at war with Libya is not exactly what I would call a fair fight, but far worse than that all of the talk and all of the legal documents can never make it more than what it is and that is yet another USA led Western Alliance, political and legal, nightmare and farce.  This  action by the Western Alliance, has nothing to do with saving the people of Libya from a crazy man.  This action has nothing to do with getting the people of Libya better rights and a better way of life; those things may come as a side effect, but it is not the Western Alliance’s prime objective; dominance in the region is though and that is what we are seeing here.  The Western Alliance is flexing its political and military muscle, using a hammer to kill a fly.

Unless something like getting a warrant from the World Court to arrest Gaddafi, we in the west do not hear much from the press about what is going on in this gross miscarriage of justice. No more talking about the civilian deaths brought on by the Americans and their allies and now these fools have a mandate to go in on the ground and I fear that a lot more civilians will now be caught up in the cross fire than ever and the accounts of the events will be watered down and filtered by the Western Alliance propaganda machine.

Canada should be ashamed for its role in this action of war that is not really a war.  This is not a proud day for Canada it is a sad one. We are no longer Canadians of old, when we do this type of lawless, non democratic thing, we are terrorists.  We have metomorphasized into something ugly under the leadership of one American ass kissing Prime Minister, Stephen Harper.  We have become baby and women killers; seekers of power and not of peace.  We have become liars and not the seekers of truth and of justice, opposite to what we used to believe in and used to stand for.  I think that we have lost our way and because of it the world is a sadder, non democratic place.

We have become one of the high and mighty now; the God like people like the Americans. The leaders of the Western Alliance are throwing thunder and lightning bolts and making the weak tremble in fear at the thought of their coming. Canada now joins its allies in causing mass destruction and death to all those less able to defend against us; to all of what we consider the lesser nations that refuse to kneel before us and recognize our authority over them, by refusing to follow the path we have set out for them. In fact much like the God of our bible the Western Alliance destroys what will not comply and then justifies it all by saying that they know what is best for those nations, because they the Alliance are who they are.  God used floods, turned whole nations into salt, had angels come in the night and kill men and women and children alike in their beds while they slept,  trumpets were used to break down walls, defenses and fortifications; when all else failed, God used miracles to bring nations to their knees. The Western Alliance uses bombs, missiles, and unjust laws created by a need to get around a law prohibiting such actions to bring other nations to heel.  This makes us an abomination, a blight on the world, a cancer eating at the very moral and ethical core that made us great in the face of other nations immorality and littleness, but this can no longer be said of Canada and it is a shame.

How does this American led Alliance with a straight face dare to talk about what China does to its own citizens when they do the same thing to other nations?  How does the Alliance justify not going after China for doing the same things if not worse to its people, but going after Libya and all of the other small timers?  Do the people of Libya need saving more that the Chinese, or are we just cowards and bullies picking on the little kids in the school yard because it is easy?

People of the west wake up, this is not the way to go.  We seem to be what is wrong in the world; what is unholy, not clean and self-serving.  We have squandered what we had, built a society based on money and power.  A world where compassion is seen as  a weakness and a losers philosophy and moved into an if they will not sell it to us then we will take it type of strategy and it is unfair and ugly.  The world does not respect us, or love us, it fears us and we seem to relish this feeling that they have.  We feed on it, we allow that feeling to empower us to continue with our actions oblivious to the facts and the only outcome to this type of sustained world tyranny that we are guilty of is failure.

England, Rome, Greece, the USSR, and Nazi Germany, are all countries who sought  to rule the world and lost.  Great empires who found out that conquering and forcing changes on people is the easy part. Sustaining and controlling this type of action across a planet is the hard part, the financially draining part, the impossible part.  Like those empires this one no matter what we chose to call it is doomed to failure as well and for the very same reason.

All people have the desire to be free in spirit.  We all want to live the way we choose to without fear of someone else trying to impose their will and ways on us.  What good is it for the people of Libya to get rid of one dictator and get in return a puppet of the west whose very existence relies on the loss of its religion, culture and laws, (which is genocide by the way) and allow the people to be absorbed into the western way of doing things and life style?

I think the next case before the world court should be a warrant for our leaders and their allies for war crimes and crimes against humanity on the largest scale seen since Nazi Germany, if the court is to keep its reputation in tact.  Right now it appears to be just another tool to get around the law by the United States and its allies.  That court is supposed to be there to keep all the countries in line not just the ones the west wants to take actions against.

Gaddafi is a dead man walking as was Osama bin Laden  and Saddam Hussein in my opinion sanction, legalised murders and nothing more.  We know that we in the west do not like it when someone else hits us where we live and kills our people, in fact we call it terrorism, so why do we engage in it around the globe and think that we are not the very terrorist we call ourselves ridding the world of?  Why do we feel that we are above the law and why should anyone else see that as the way it should be?

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6 Responses to How Can The USA Serve A Warrant Issued By A Court It Does Not Respect And Refuses To Abide By The Rulings Of?

  1. All of us because we die are dead men walking . Condemn a man,and condemn the soul in the body already condemned to death.Moral high Ground is the Ground Jesus walks upon, and all know that Jesus is love above all other loves, and love does not render to another man what was done to him. That wins a friends, and the one refusing that love in the end is the loser with their body,and soul burnt up like humans burn the chaff from the wheat. Can one say the USA is not supporting tyranny by waring calling it good? Can we say the USA is not a Nut case for killing whoever endangering their unrepentant soul? If war is democracy we do not need it,and should embrace the love of the God we see as invisible who made the things that ware visible, and very good giving us good things. Would the despot be the one who kills even as the one America calls a despot? I agree for only a monster will fight to kill being a minister in the eyes of God who gives only life, and that life is abundantly evident everywhere. The one gazing into the abyss is Satan, and his fallen angels. That is why Satan through men look for the signs of Christs return anticipating when they will be cast into the abyss that they are staring into with fear, and that fear is also given to others, and war is one avenue for that fear to be given. To be saved it should not be given.


    • archemdis says:

      The USA is like a child stomping its feet and striking out blindly at all who nsay no to it.


  2. D.I.D. says:

    Gaddafi is a total nutcase, but I feel like you do that we really have no moral high ground to try and force him from power. If we are going to declare war on tyranny, then who do we strike at next? Syria? Zimbabwe? Saudi Arabia? Sudan? Iran? Burma?


    If our leaders really meant what they said about supporting democracy worldwide, the best way to accomplish that is refusing to do any business with the world’s despots, and striking at them only when one becomes too big for his boots and threatens his neighbours.

    “Fight not with monsters, lest ye become a monster, and remember that when you gaze into the abyss, the abyss gazes into you”

    – Friedrich Nietzsche


  3. Artie agrees with you all the way. The USA is giving evil for evil,and God plainly states in his Holy book not to do that, but the USA thinks physical, and military might is good, and it is not good at all.The life God made is very good, and war is very bad. Humans should save their soul,and stop waring,and be godly,and love whoever as yourself.
    King James Bible,Galatians 3:28
    Herein is our love made perfect, that we may have boldness in the day of judgment: because as he is, so are we in this world.
    1 John 4 ,12,
    If we love one another, God dwelleth in us, and his love is perfected in us
    War,and arresting humans is not love.
    Ephesians 4:32 :King James Bible
    And be ye kind one to another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, even as God for Christ’s sake hath forgiven you.
    To forgive ends battles keeping them from perpetuating year after year.
    Hebrews 12:15 ;King James Bible
    Looking diligently lest any man fail of the grace of God; lest any root of bitterness springing up trouble [you], and thereby many be defiled.
    Bitterness coddled in mens heats fires them up to want to kill, but a meek man will not kill, and be wise,and harmless.
    Then he will be like this:
    Proverbs 16:7When a man’s ways please the LORD, he maketh even his enemies to be at peace with him.
    The USA proudly says they are a nation under God? To them I say prove it!


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