Separatist React To William And Kate’s Visit Like Angry Toddlers Instead Of A People Wishing To Be A Nation

How is this protest going to keep French alive as a spoken language?

Would some one, anyone please explain to me why it is necessary for some Quebecers to act like idiots every time the world’s eyes are on us.  It is a character flaw, a gene missing, or perhaps one too many that causes some of us to want to be seen as silly, childish and just plain ignorant?  What was the protest about first in Montreal then in Quebec city?  Is this the way to treat visiting dignitaries and heads of state, by a province that wants to be seen as ready to be a country? Do the separatist think that they can survive only doing business with countries with French roots?

Is this what the separatist struggle has become?

Sixty plus adults behaving like fools stood outside the Sainte-Justine Hospital waving placards that said go home parasites and shouting all manner of rude things to William and Kate and I do not understand why they were there.  This group of morons claim that they are dedicated to keeping French alive as a spoken language throughout the world, but not one of their placards even mentioned their cause; not one chant spoke of their cause, so what was their point?

Everyone knows the royals of today have done nothing to Quebec or Quebecers

To be a parasite is to feed off of something and give nothing back in return, so could one of the bright protesters in Montreal tell me exactly what any member of the royal family, or even better what William and Kate have fed off of in Canada, or even in Quebec.  Did any of the clowns from last night realize that the Royal family, or most of them are multi lingual, as the Prince proved today in Quebec, giving his speech and praise of the Québécois totally in French.

To the foolish protesters in Montreal, like always in your rush to do your leaders dirty work you missed a chance to gain a high profiled ally and public champion for your cause.  You wanted to insult them so bad that you forgot what your group is dedicated to.  What you got for you ill-mannered ways was 15 minutes of fame,  your placards in the newspapers without your real message on them and a loss of opportunity to get your cause on a world stage.  Thank the good lord that most of the world sees you people for what you are, which is little people who follow their masters bidding blindly often not knowing what you are saying, or doing.

Still little people who are looking for any kind of attention

If I were the British government, looking in on the treatment of their royals on their visit to this province which at some point wants to be taken seriously as a nation, would I say, let’s do business with a country that hates the English so much that they can not even remember to be civil, or remember the rules of diplomacy and the answer is, I think not.

With every protest such as this one, Quebec separatists lose more and more credibility.  They prove themselves unable to grow up politically and too closed-minded to play in the big time.  All countries and all peoples have lost at the hands of others, like say the 1st nations people of Quebec. To blame William and Kate for them losing on the Plains of Abraham and everything that followed is so ridiculous and to make them suffer for it is ludicrous.  I know of no way that the visiting royals, or any of their family have thwarted the separatists goals for Quebec in any way, be it language or otherwise.

The guy holding the heart says he is a separatist, but has no beef with the royals

I have never waited in line to see the queen, or the Pope and I did not hop on a bus to see President Obama, because I never saw the need to see any of them in my life time, but I did respect the rights of others to do so as they wished.  I never heckled a speaker either, because I thought it was a wrong thing to do a cowardly act, like the guy on the internet that only reads the title and leaves nasty unsigned comments.

If it was just the Royals this was happening to and it is a British thing it would still be wrong, but is an everything and everyone does not agree with you thing.  The President of France, commented on how great a country Canada was and that he thought that we should stay together as a nation and you separatists sent him off a series of nasty letters, that was very mature and must have put the letter writers and what they are standing for in a good light? I think not.

You will never achieve your goals this way!

What can I say about the treatment that the William and Kate received in Quebec city after the Prince praised the Qebecoise cause and did it all in French and you still could not find it in yourself to be civil, to act mature and to show just a little class.  Instead you gave them the finger and took out your pent-up hostility on them showing yourselves for the ill-mannered little children that you are.

 It will take a lot more that a couple of french speaking waitress refusing to serve an English customer to achieve your goal of becoming a nation. It will take more than a separatist bus driver trying to get a rider arrested for asking the time of day in English to achieve your goal of becoming a nation. It will take even more than turning Canada Day into moving day to achieve your goal of becoming a nation.

It will take the majority of non French-speaking people in Quebec feeling like it will not be the biggest mistake in their lives, to allow Quebec to become a nation. It will take the majority of English non-French speaking people in Quebec to feel that they will be treated equally in a Quebec nation for you separatists to achieve your goal.  After the years of stripping English Quebecers of almost every basic right they once enjoyed it will be  hard to convince us that you are sincere, but you must try if you are to be a nation, because you can not do it without us. you must become more diplomatically savey and politcally aware of peoples reaction to your antics. how can english Quebecer’s entrust you with our lives when you openly show your out right loathing and hatred for us.  Does a bird trust a cat, or a mongose a snake?  Think about it separatists of Quebec? 

The next time a visitor from abroad pays our province a visit, you should probably act like the country you want to be seen as and not the little politically stunted province you have turned Quebec into.  There will be a lot of work for you to still do but it will be a 1st step on a long journey that could change the way you are received by those you need to accomplish your goals.

 When will the Separatists of Quebec realize tha they can not shame the rest of Canada into giving them their nation?  Every shameful despicable action like the reaction to the Royals visit, gets the reaction from the rest of Canadians that the Separatists in Quebec are nowhere near mature enough to be out on their own. 

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