Mail Being Delivered In Canada But Postal Dispute Far From Settled!

I sat back and tried to stay out of this one for several reasons, but the postal problems will not go away. I like everyone else wants their mail on time was one reason and this made me bias and my thoughts regarding this issue a lot one-sided.  I also feel like they get paid enough and the union like all unions goes too far and are not interested in a fair deal, but just more, more power for the union and winning gets you more members and more members translates into more power.  I believe that the workers will never be satisfied and will always be looking for more and that is just hard to get behind if you are the tax payer.  To know that every time one of these unions pull this crap we the tax payer pay through the nose, higher costs for mailing a letter, higher cost for taking the city bus, or metro. Maybe the rich can take it in stride, but the rest of us who have been in pay freezes for over ten years now can barely afford to take the bus and rarely mail a letter anymore.

Laugh if you like, but tell me where does it all end.  The government of Canada pretends like it has done for over 5 years now that it is for the people and in this issue it tried to say that it was forcing the postal workers back to work with legislation for the good of businesses and the Canadian people, but it acted in bad faith in my humble opinion.  In reducing an agreement already offered to the postal workers I think the Harper government acted in bad faith.

The Harper government could have made the postal service an essential service once and for all, but opted instead to create the illusion that it was already an essential service by law and backdoor legislation using is dictatorial powers as a majority government to force the postal workers back to work by law. If the Harper government would have deemed that the post office was an essential service by law the arbitration process would have been very different and they could not allow that to happen, so they did it through the back door, a way this government is getting too used to.

I listened as they quoted from e-mails from constituents angered at not getting their mail and I listened to them read off  e-mails  from mail persons saying they were threatened and were not allowed to vote by their unions whether or not they wanted to continue the strike and then I said , “So what?”  Who cares this is not the point and Canadians better come to grips with the facts.

What I think about how much the postal workers get paid and the price of mailing a letter is not the issue in this dispute, but that the government took a side in this dispute is. What will the government decide is too much of an inconvenience for Canadians to endure and on our behalf, end the bargaining process and force the employees back to work next time and for less money? What is in question here is what the government’s motive really is? I think that the government wants total control of Canada Post and its true agenda is to do away with all arm’s length government-owned companies.  I think that this is just the first test an easy one, because everyone wants their mail.

Another issue is that this is not the Canadian way and it is non democratic and simply not fair.  Collective bargaining was brought about as a way to help business and government get a break from individuals arguing constantly and hurting owners from long protracted individual fights, labour unrest and to bring stability to said business for at least a specified amount of years allowing said business to be able to guarantee they could meet contract requirements and deadlines, but if all bets are now off and the companies only have to wait for the government to step in where does that leave us? It leaves us with a working population that feels that collective bargaining process no longer works for them and then we start to see the violence of the old days, the destruction by vandalism of the old days and the slowdowns of the old days.

An employee who feels that they have been wronged and unfairly treated does not a good employee make as we are now seeing at Canada Post.  In other instances where the dispute has been settled fairly there was no talk of back log and we got our mail on time, but not this time. I talked to a few mail persons and I did not hear how happy they were to be returning to work as the Harper Government said they were in fact insisted they were by the thousands of emails they said they received by e-mail from postal workers all over the country.

Instead we hear how the Canada Post is not allowing its’ workers to work overtime to get the mail sorted, so that it can be delivered to us.  This is the very same mail that the Harper government just weeks ago said was so important that we get, that it had to pass back to work legislation  immediately to save our country, our businesses and all of our jobs. Mothers needed to get their mail, seniors needed to get their mail  and now it seems that no one needs to get that mail badly enough anymore, because it will cost too much money for Canada Post if it needs to pay overtime. What of these charities that the Harper government was hell-bent on getting the mail up and running for? Guess they can just wait now?  So as the mail trickles out and the log jam of mail gets worse, what have we the tax payer gained from all of this nonsense?

We have gained an angry postal service, a postal service that does not trust themselves at all now. Employees feel they have been betrayed and the management think that they no longer have to respect their employees.  We have taken another step backwards in time and in doing so will go back to an era of labor unrest and the problems this era had. We will see the government making more back to work legislation because employers need only say the words bad for the economy and the Harper government will spring to attention and use its power as a majority government to help them out.

What is an inconvenience when it comes to law should never be misconstrued with what is essential, or the very framework on which our system is built will be weakened.  Without collective bargaining under a fair process, with as little government intervention as possible all parties involved will lose faith in it and this country will find itself in the worst labor unrest situation that it has ever seen. In the end we will have to redo everything that this Harper led government has done at what will be a staggering cost to all Canadians.

Is this what is meant by a strong, stable majority Conservative government for the next 4 years and is this what we can expect Is strengthening the economy this way worth it, if the cost is labour unrest in the near future the likes of which we have not seen in years in this country, is the direct result? The Harper governments step back in time to where these types of draconian measures wer acceptable I fear will cost Canadians a pretty penny for the return trip to the 21st century. I think this is just the tip of the iceberg and we are on the Titanic. If you know the song you know where on that ship the poor people were and who were the first to go? If you don’t hear it now, ” So they stowed them down below where they were the first to go. It was sad when that great ship went down.”

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4 Responses to Mail Being Delivered In Canada But Postal Dispute Far From Settled!

  1. Knowing you are even in a mess is more than devils know or will even acknowledge. That is why devils are lost to be ashes. Knowing this saves the soul, but to not have a problem with money ultimately is to not have it at all, But we would have to have no one be greedy, and all be honest, and not want to grab it all hyperventilating with bulging saying it is all mine, mine, MINE. That is the problem with not having money, asking for whatever. That means it may very well be this way until God separates the goats from the sheep. If humans could prove to not be the one who wants it all we could have that now. The one who would want it all would be the one seeking a vain thing.


    • archemdis says:

      Ok I think I’ve got it. God has already shown us the way and it is up to us to either take it or leave it. Have a great night!


  2. Money warps the humans mind about what power is, and wouldn’t you know it money was not made by God. The devil through men made money, and Satan is the one with the warped sense not knowing what power is nether does he want to know what real power is. Therefore it should not surprise us that the postal service is being caught up in that false sense of power, and that is what idols give too, and that makes money is an idol humans bow down to when they seek it above anything else. That is what the postal service is doing.


    • archemdis says:

      Good point Jonathan, but how would you solve this problem, in a way that God would be pleased with? Sometimes we need to know not only how we got here in this mess, but how to get ourselves out as well.


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