John Baird, A Political Clown On The World Stage

What a joke Canada boycotting the UN  body dedicated to nuclear disarmament, because another country is guilty of violating UN regulations.  Canada and John Baird need to look at their allies and honestly admit that none of them are capable of chairing this group either.  Has the USA, Israel, or any other of Canada’s Nuclear Armed pals began to disarm? I think not, but they are responsible countries and regimes right? Israel for so long now has refused to say that they have nuclear weapons, so what’s up with that?

I heard John Baird trying to make himself sound like a big man instead of what he is a shallow little butt kisser like his boss Stephen Harper, but I did not quite get his message.  What sovereign nation would put down their guns when the enemy, an invader, a proven occupier and looters of nations, is standing in front of them with a loaded gun, cocked ready to fire, pointed at their head; would you? This is about what nuclear disarmament amounts to right now.  “I have used nuclear weapons before” says the USA, “but I am asking you to trust me today, that I will try not to do it again”.  If I was not an ally of the USA,  I would be building the biggest, farthest reaching nuclear missiles I could and asking the USA and it’s allies to trust me too, just like North Korea and all of those other countries not in the Western Alliance are doing as we speak.

Why do we have these groups anyway, nobody cares about peace unless the peace is on their terms and that goes for all of the world leaders whether they be democratic flag wavers or dictators,  kings, or religiously led.  Nuclear weaponry is just a means to an end.   Peace is in what we teach our children about tolerance. Peace is what we teach our children is important.  Peace is what we teach our children is meant by success. Peace is what we teach our children about war and violence.  Peace is what we teach our children about power and how it corrupts. Peace is what we teach our children about compassion and civil rights and freedoms. Peace is what we teach charity and helping others. Peace is what we teach our children about respecting themselves and respecting others.  There can be no peace if success is to be obtained by the, “Any means necessary approach”.

This way of thinking that everyone else is wrong and only the people that think like us and agree with us can be right is a way of thinking, that John Baird and his political party are trying to push. It is a dangerous game to play and has nothing to do with peace.  John Baird and his group are probably still smarting a little bit from not being given a seat on the security council which it blames on the so-called other nations who have taken over the United Nations.  I wish Canada would follow our own way of doing things and not do what we feel the USA expects us to do.  This is a clear case of if you live in a glass house you shouldn’t throw stones.

It would seem that Canada’s leaders have totally been absorbed and assimilated by the Western Alliance and thinks that the rest of the world leaders are going to just roll over the way that Canada has. I think that Mr. Harper and company honestly do not understand why North Korea will not comply.  Canada seems to feel that because they are content to rely on the USA for our protection, that the rest of the world should be as trusting, although the USA changes allies like people change their underwear and that makes the USA untrustworthy and more and more not a good ally to have watching your back.

The USA should have been the 1st nation to start to disarm but it was not, instead it pretended to be disarming so as to trick the Soviet Union into doing some of what was in the treaty and then good said,”To hell with that treaty, the USA will no longer honor anything that weakens the USA in the defense of our country.  Some treaties just need to be renegotiated”.   This is how the USA rolls, it gathers military might as it demands that its rivals diminish theirs.  The USA is but just one example of why it does not matter who chairs the committee, because there are no nations worthy.

It is high time that countries like Canada stop putting on these little fake shows of anger and stop the boycotting of things that they should be taking an active part in. This political gaming needs to stop, the tactic is not working. Everybody knows that the west is upset that they no longer can just muscle things through  the United Nations and that they can no longer hide their acts of violence in United Nation mandates and so seek to discredit the institution at the same time as use it.  I would be more trusting of John Baird if he were more honest about who he is and what he is all about, but I guess that  little gem will not be happening anytime soon. Some one once asked, how can you trust a person to make decisions for a country in an open and transparent way, when in his or her personal life they find it impossible to be transparent and acts like he or she has something to hide?

This is not a chess game we are  dealing with or one of the other games where conquering the most of the world is a winning strategy.  The build up of weapons of mass destruction are real, the threat of annihilation by nuclear weaponry is real, the people dying at our hands is real the pressure and the stress on nations to retaliate against the west is real.  If the world does not figure out a way to release some of the pressure the world top will blow and this is real.   Canada is engaging in leasing, or renting airfields where we can launch attacks on other nations in the name of peace and we have the nerve to boycott another nation for refusing to give up its only defense against armaments pointed at it?  What a joke we are becoming as a nation and the head clown is John Baird and his Conservative Party of Canada.

So what we have  got now  is a United Nations that is, more representative of the world, but that the west can not accept because the western nations are no longer the controlling players. Isn’t it ironic how when the west loses its control on an already slanted way of doing things,  that was in their favor, they scream not fair and boycott.  Think about this, the USA has elected a Black President something just before it happened thought to be impossible and still difficult for some Americans to fathom.  What if the people of the USA  elect a say Muslim American next?  The job is now up for grabs and there is enough American born ethnic diversity in the USA to pull it off.  Americans  have proved with the election of  President Obama, that they have the political will to pull it off and certainly enough money.  The job is no longer considered an exclusively white, heterosexual Christian job anymore.  I think it is time for the haters in the  world to realize that it is a new day and they must learn to adapt, or get phased out.

The world that begged for the west’s understanding and support for a long time, but now no longer needs it.  The smaller nations, or nations once considered backward and of little threat to the west, have caught up and surpassed the west economically and are rapidly catching up to the west in the only hold the west  still has over it, its military might.  These  countries have learned fast about the benefits of  having weapons of mass destruction and the west is running scared. The enemy of the Wests making is getting bolder, hitting the west on their home soil, taking over western  institutions like the summits on racism and hate, like the United Nations.  These same people the west fears by result of western  greed are controlling the western nations economies, buying up prime real estate and electing their countrymen into our governments and it terrifies the west  and  our government leaders are seeing terrorists around every corner.

In a last-ditch effort to hold on to power the west has begun to try to make the world over in its  image and the first nation has said no we will not do it. The west has decided that if they will not change they will simply wipe them out; it worked before when they took North America from its rightful owners, Africa, India, Palestine from their rightful owners. When  will we learn that this is no longer acceptable and the price for this continued behavior, is total annihilation of all things that live on this earth.  If the west can not rule the world, is total annihilation truly the only way left, is it really preferable than any loss of power?

John Baird, Jason Kenney, Peter MacKay, Vic Toews and Stephen Harper when you do not take part, decisions are made without you and you are left out of the loop.  To not participate shows your inability and unwillingness to even listen to the other side of the issue. You can not accuse the other side of being negative, prejudice, or unwilling to compromise, if you are unwilling to even go to a meeting, participate and see for yourself what is going on.  This kind of behavior says I am always right just because I am me and you are always wrong just because, you are you. It is my way or the highway.  The way of the West is fast becoming the way of the dinosaur and our way of doing business, our lack of respect for others and our greed are soon to become extinct.  The thing though that truly will not survive is our false sense of superiority and security, so John Baird I suggest you drag your butt to those meetings and find out what the hell the rest of the world is doing and what they expect from us as Canadians and see if they might just perhaps have a small point!

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