Jason Kenney Another Tori Star Ready To Super Nova


Go back where you came from!

Jason Kenney another star in the Tori sky, ready to super nova.  This is getting ridiculous.  Somehow a ship carrying Sri Lankan refugees is boarded somewhere thousands of miles away from Canada and Jason Kenney sees it as an assault on Canadian immigration law and is calling for an immediate strengthening of Canadian immigration laws.  The very same changes that was voted down and seen as racist and directed at only one type of people, but here we go again without much hope of keeping it from coming to pass as yet another Honorable Minister, in the cabinet of the Conservative Party of Canada flexes his muscles under the stable, Conservative party majority government  and spreads fear as well as mistrust trying to force these suffering people into what are called safe countries.  Once in these safe countries they will be imprisoned in refugee camps for up to 10 years minimum in conditions often worse than what they are fleeing from to have their chance to become Canadian citizens the right way.  The argument put forward by the Immigration Minister, is that these people are just jumping to the front of the line and that it is not fair to the rest of the thousands of people who go about immigrating to Canada the right way by waiting up to the ten years it can take to have your file looked at if you have nothing that the Canadian Government wants or needs. 

 What about the people who wish to immigrate to Canada that have a skill, or money to pay that Canada fast tracks, is this not equally unfair to all of the others waiting in line patently?  Are we really talking about unfair, or  are we talking about something else.  Again it would seem that if you have no skill, or cash then you are not welcome in Canada as an immigrant.  If you are in danger of losing your life will house you in one of the many zoos, in what we call a safe country, which we have along with our allies strategically placed throughout the world for refugees that would be considered a financial burden on our economies.

 It is in one of these camps that we sentence you to a slow,  death you who would dare to seek sanctuary in  Canada, by boat. We the Conservative Government of Canada sentence you to wait forever without hope for the rest of your lives and that of your children and grandchildren in this place until you are dead. This is the law of Canada as put forward by Prime Minister Stephen Harper, Jason Kenney, Vic Toews, Peter MacKay, with the full and unanimous consent of the Conservative Party Of Canada.   This is what you poor people, oppressed people and people without skills needed in Canada can expect to see more of with this stable, majority, Conservative government.  Does not say much for the hope of the hundreds and thousands of Sri Lankan families waiting to reunite with family members fleeing Sri Lanka, does it Canada?

Is there no end to the lies and the non democratic behaviour coming from this totally blind, totally deaf, totally devoid of human emotion, Conservative government.  It would seem that getting bad reviews from the World Court and the United Nations, means nothing to the government of the day. Losing the admiration and the respect of the world does not seem to bother Harper government anymore than losing the admiration and respect of his people.  I have not quite seen this kind of we do not care, what the people have to say or thinks, since the Conservative Government of Canada under the leadership of Brian Mulroney.

I guess it is the intention of this government to revisit every bill, law and piece of legislation that it could not convince the opposition parties to go along with in the last session before the majority government, even the things that the Canadian people were vocal and adamant about not wanting.  Now I am guessing if it is not a year it is damn close and the untried, innocent refugees detained in Canadian prisons are very close to being freed, because there is no proof that they are anything except what they are claiming to be and that is refugees.  Could the reason for all this hyped up need to do rewrite our immigration laws be another back door attempt to kick these people out of the country?  I think so.  I think that ship is a red herring.

Why not just say we do not want your type of persons immigrating to Canada and be done with it?  Become like Australia was and make it crystal clear that we do not want anything but white, Christians immigrating to Canada.  Canada under the Conservative Party, led by Stephen Harper, Jason Kenney, Peter MacKay and Vic Toews have systematically imprisoned refugees of only this one nation for no other reason than that they sought asylum and protection from oppression and death,” is this what is meant by a strong majority Conservative government led by Prime Minister Harper?

I guess the old walrus Vic Toews will blow some bad news through his whiskers next as he tries to convince Canadians that the ship that is not yet full and has not yet left Sri Lanka is heading our way soon with child prostitutes for sale in Canada?  This is one of the most openly racist governments that I have ever seen, bar none.  I can’t say it enough,” this government has chosen to single out Sri Lankans and has targeted them and only them in their legislation and Jason Kenney to me is no better than the Angel of Death of Nazi Germany Nightmares, or Dr. Death.  This is how it starts taking just a few little rights from some and placating the masses by giving extra things to others to buy complacency and before you know it, no one is safe.

What of us as Canadians who disagree with the methods of Jason Kenney and just stand by and do nothing, or worst, believe that every Sri Lankan is a Tamil Tiger?  What does that say about who we were and who we have become in such a short time.  Has it truly only taken 5 years to become a nation of haters and a nation full of cowards.  That we would allow 400 plus innocent men women and children to remain in jail for a year without coming to trial is a disgraceful and shameful act for us as a nation and as human beings.  We are no better than the Chinese, or the North Koreans, or the Country that these people are fleeing.

We colonized this country with refugees from other despotic countries that we now call allies and have never turned our back on a fleeing people in need of shelter, because of paper work.  We have never told  people that are in fear of losing their lives to wait in line for ten years and we will get to you. We have never told people that you might as well stay and take your grief where you are because if you land on a boat and number more than a certain number(50), you will be made to suffer far greater than you did at home and then we will ship you back to where you came from. We never said any of this before Stephen Harper, Jason Kenney, Vic Toews and John Baird and the stable, Conservative, majority government.

We as Canadians have given these mad men and women the right to do whatever they like for the next 5 years and as such are responsible for all of the wrong that they do to these innocent people. As this country sinks to new lows, we will find ourselves being reminded of how powerless we have allowed ourselves to become.  We should remember that when all is said and done it will not be enough to claim we did not know what was going on and that we believed in what our government told us.

Canadians it is not too late to do the right thing; it is never too late, but it does require that we stand up together, from all walks of life, from all religions and ethnicity,  in numbers too large to ignore and saying no more, we will allow this no more, we want this hate and fear mongering to stop and we want those refugees released now, or we will hold you this government accountable.

The road back to a respected, peaceful solution seeking country will be a long hard one, but if we are to make it we must start now.  I would urge every Canadian to write and call every MP and demand the end to this wrongful treatment of these refugees and that these innocent people be set free immediately to join and remain with their family and friends in Canada.

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  1. Finances are a burden giving burdens to many. A burden is not what the Lord gives, and have the Lord in you, and no burden will be given. Money obviously divides, and Satan divides, and God unites.Money was not made by God, and that is why money is dividing. We are not living like one organism world wide giving like roots give to the tree so the tree can give whoever the fruit of the tree. The world has to be seen as one body, and not just a lot of separate parts. For all parts are necessary for the whole organism to live. The least part of that organism should not be discounted.


    • archemdis says:

      I think sometimes that the power to reason and to make choices was the worst gift God gave humanity and the rest of the world. Just look what we have done with it.


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