What Does A Strong, Majority Conservative Government Mean For Canadians And Canada?

Taking pictures with politically correct back drops will not help any of these people

Give me a majority government and I will solve all of Canada‘s problems is what Canadians were told and promised by Mr. Steven Harper and his Conservative Party of Canada, but I have not seen them solve one thing to date.  They have started something with their back to work legislation that could have catastrophic results on labor negotiations and collective bargaining for some time to come. So if putting all of our progress and hard work gaining the trust of employees and employers that collective bargaining can work and tossing all that in the trash is part of their plan to make Canada a better place to live and keep our economy on the rise, then the Conservative Party Of Canada, have indeed accomplished something and I stand corrected.

If  boycotting yet another United Nation‘s committee is what the Harper government had in mind when it said it was working on our image internationally, or the signing of agreements in foreign countries to be allowing Canada to open up airbases from which to launch attacks on sovereign nations is what they had in mind when they said they were going to do their part to maintain peace throughout the world; then I am wrong and they have indeed been able to accomplish something.

What I really am seeing though is that they know how to throw a great barbecue and serve our Prime Minister’s favorite food at the tax payers expense.  What I do see is that they are still the little people who take every opportunity to widen the gap instead of closing it with the opposition parties.  Gloating has become the biggest part of what this government does.  Taking cheap shots at the NDP and the Liberals will not make dealing with them any easier, but with that stable Conservative majority they really do not have to deal with them do they, or respect them either, it would seem.

I found the comments made about Jack Layton‘s  and the NDP’s popularity in Quebec a little disrespectful and a little much.  It would seem that there is no limit or bottom to this government’s arrogance.  I am surprised that his swollen head can fit into that cowboy hat.  All that this government has accomplished thus far is to make Canadians very nervous about their futures. They have managed to make getting an education and medical treatment something for the privileged class and adopting of an old ideology that the poor do not need an education it just confuses them and makes them unhappy with their lot in life. Is this the kind of Canada that we will  see emerge out of this  stable majority Conservative government.

How soon we forget that bell bottoms and all fashions of the past come back always.  The fashions of yesterday always return maybe as elephant pants, movies get remade and renamed and sometimes do better than the orignal, his party has had first hand knowledge of that, but why the need to gloat, to rub salt into the wound.  One would almost see this as a personal fight that has nothing to do with the good of the country, but rather one man’s life long goal to destroy the Liberal Party of Canada by any means necessary whether it is legal or not; whether the means used are truthful, or not and whether it is done democratically or not and I think that this is wrong. Is this what we should expect to see more of from a  stable majority Conservative government?

I have not heard the Harper plan to help East Africa, or is the daily bombing of Africa going to be the extent of Canada’s aid to this continent and its people.  Not even a plan to do equal donations for the East Africans.  In some things this government is very consistent and transparent and this type of selective foreign aid is one of them and East Africa will not get anything substantial, if it gets anything at all from this government.  If there is nothing to be gained militarily then the answer is no to aid.  No oil, no aid is the new way of the world and what religion are you is its sister.  Is this the type of selective foreign aid that the world and Canadians can expect to see more of from this, stable majority Conservative government?

What progress has this government had after coming to power five years ago and starting over everything that had to do with our progress with the First Nations people of Canada? The answer according to Ms. Fraser is none according to her last audit report. Still no guarantee for First Nations people that their children will be educated; nothing real being done about clean drinking water, or adequate housing either, so is this what was meant by Mr. Harper when he said that these issues were a priority to him and that he would work hard to change things for these people if he had a stable majority Conservative government?  I know for a fact that the First Nations people do not have a guarantee of a paid education like every other Canadian in this country.   The First Nations People in this country for all of the dancing at native Pow wows by dignitaries of the Harper government and for all of the boat trips up to Northern Canada and dawning Inuit clothing by Prime minister Harper are in the worst shape ever and under this economically solely driven, stable majority, Conservative government, they can expect more of the same.

 I think that The Conservative Party Of Canada is a fraud, a cheat and a liar and a traitor to this country and all that it used to stand for. This government has followed a strategy that is the USA’s; a strategy that has the USA unable to do anything except keep its military strong.  There is no money in the USA for anything but war and the USA does not even try to hide the fact that it is an every person for themselves, country and to blazes with your neighbour.   What the USA asked of us, was to join them in their bankruptcy and we said sure what are friends and good neighbours for.  They say that the world and especially Canada must follow the USA, because we are interlinked with it and depend on it for everything from jobs to protection, but I say follow it where?  Into poverty, war, shame in its quest to take from others what it has squandered of its own?   Canadian sovereignty has only become meaningless words in this, stable, majority, Conservative government.

The Conservatives as a government is truly a government that has mastered the art of conning Canadians; magicians if you will masters of the sleight of hand.  So good are they at this sort of thing,  that the scandals and the corruption that have made other governments fall, appear to make them stronger.  They have convinced Canadians that this is just the way a government does business. This stable, majority, Conservative government has convinced Canadians that its  cheating, lying, stealing and even bigotry and unjust warring on other nations is okay.  

Power not people

What else, but magic and illusion could convince decent Canadians that all is well in Canada and that money and power means more than people, love and respect for each other and all those around us? What else but the power of illusion and magic could blind us as Canadians so totally that we could follow another into debt and give up all that we are and could be?  What else but magic and the powers of illusion could make a handicap MP turn his back on medicare and support the cuts funding too much-needed research and say it is the provinces problem, or make the female MP’s ignore the plight of women in this country and child abuse? What else but magic and sleight of hand could make the gays in the Conservative party abandon other gays when it comes to equal rights, or what could make the visible minorities in the Harper party stand up for project, “Blue Blindfold”? I think that this is the type of behaviour and attitude that the Canadian people can come to expect out of this stable, majority, Conservative government, for the next four years and we have no one to blame but ourselves.

I think that there has been no progress on any issues important to Canada, because Mr. Harper and his crew are looking at the big picture, the global picture where individual countries needs do not count for much. I think that Mr. Harper is saying that if you do not work, be happy with the scraps that we leave you and be grateful you get any medical attention at all. I feel that Mr. Harper and his crew feel that an education is wasted on poor people and that maybe they need not go past say grade 7.   I think that Mr. Harper thinks that the First Nations People are backward savages that are incapable of grasping politics and political games and so can be stalled and played with forever.  I think that Mr. Harper is an ill-informed coward, who was never a Canadian in his heart and feels that Canada could never stand on its own.

 I think that he is an egomaniac who will not take advice and goes about running this government and conducting foreign policy like a bull in a china shop. (The handling of the air base incident, China, African aid  cuts) I would wager anything that Mr. Harper with his stable, majority, Conservative government intends to sell out Canada and bury Canadian values so deep and so thoroughly that it will almost be impossible to see where Canada begins and the USA ends.  Our Prime Minister’s intention was only partially to ruin the Liberal Party as he has said openly and freely, but he also intended to ruin Canada make sure that the USA understood that we were no longer a peace keeper now dirty words in Canadian Politics and foreign policy, but were warriors like them and could be counted on to give of our last dollar, our last young person, to aid them in their quest for world domination.

This is what I think and what the Harper regime has proved it intends to do by its actions over the past 5 years and of late since reaching its first goal of winning a  stable, majority, Conservative government.

I know that I say I think a lot, but for that I do not apologise in fact I would invite all Canadians to take up the practice for themselves so that we may all be guilty of coming to a decision not thought by someone else, approved by someone else and spoon fed to us by some one else.

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  1. Ever since Israel abandoned God they have wanted a physical being to be like a king over them, like David or Saul, and, and look at the mess humans have gotten themselves into ever since.


    • archemdis says:

      I think this is true of all of man and all races. The majority of us seem happier led, but was this not God’s greater design? How do you follow if you can not be led?


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