The Canadian Government Supports Anti Government Protests Everywhere, But In Canada

Is this what governments are afraid of?
Our government backed this protest

Tell me oh learned people, you political experts, why it is okay for us to call down China and North Korea, Russia for example for meeting protesters to government action with violence and aggressive behaviour, but it is not okay to put Canada in the same boat?  For years now Canada has used every available method to it to put down any and all public protests, no matter who is holding them or for what.  All levels of government have and are doing it and it does not matter who is in power, public demonstrations about government policies will not be tolerated.

Our government backed this protest as well

Liberals under John Chretien pepper sprayed student protesters and arrested them in huge numbers.  In fact they tried to convince protesters to tell them what they were going to do ahead of time and tried to get them to stay away from high-profile sites and were one of the first parties to put up barriers to keep visiting heads of state from seeing the political unrest in the country.  They used the riot squads of both civic and provincial police on its own people for simply protesting. Now some would say that the protesters had turned violent and had to be put down and that the police were simply doing their job, but it has been proved that the police in many instances were really the aggressor and even taunted the protesters.  In my opinion when a government, or worse all of a country’s governments decide that shutting down protests is better than solving the problem the country is in trouble.

That is right we are okay with this too

As in Tehran and Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and any other country that seeks to stifle the cries of its people, seeks to keep its people from being educated by putting up road blocks and by means of laws or bureaucratic regulations and ever-increasing tuition fees that makes it impossible for the middle and lower class to get a higher education and therefore not be able to have or take advantage of jobs that the upper class will be getting a shot at.  If education is a doorway to success then this government is slamming it closed in the faces of all but the most wealthy.

Our government put down this protest in our own country

I will not pretend that this is something new per say, that this is something unheard of, but I will say that this government has set a new sense of just do not care what the after math will be at an all time high.  Now some would argue that we can fight the climate change later after we get the economy in order and therefore when the worst offenders of nature, the big industrial countries are right here in our country we should let them do their thing in peace and we should not protest their polluting of the air, water and land.  There are some who would say that the government is right to go after protesters with sound cannons, taser guns and riot gear, but we all know just with the weather of the last few years that we are in deep trouble, but yet we justify the need to make money over the need to breathe, drink fresh water and be able to grow food and so we continue to lie as a country and take our meeting with foreign dignitaries up into the mountains and surround them with fences and police and stomp protesters into the ground and take them off to jail.    What good is a strong economy if we are all dead?

Our government put down this protest as well

Then we have the infiltration of the known protesters groups in an effort to find out what they are planning ahead of time; the visiting at home of known leaders of protesting blocks and their being harassed if not out right threatened by police.  Nothing official, just meant to intimidate.  I remember when they started that same type of thing back in the Jaggi Singh days, police pretending to be protestors and then snatching Mr. Singh out of the crowd behind police lines and detain him.  This is when they started using the bail process to stop people from protesting by making the condition of the bail not to attend any rallies or public forms of protest.  Tell me again what makes us in Canada any better than the countries we are now bombing the hell out of?

Jaggi Singh live on New Media & Politics Jan 21st – CJLO

actions like this make us just a little hypocritical

Does it matter that a government uses tanks, torture, imprisonment silence its people.  In a democracy I have always thought that it was a citizens right to peacefully protest governments actions, but I now know that in Canada this is not the case and has not been for some time. Do not let the government of Canada fool you into thinking that the method in which a government chooses to suppress the people of a country, a province, or a city makes a big difference,as they would have you belive, because there is no difference as the end result is the same.  In the so-called autocratic and dictatorship led countries at least the people can be said to be breaking the law whether or not we in the west see it as acceptable or not, but what is our excuse for behaving like them?

No protesting allowed in Canada

No more occupations of government ministers offices, no more rallies no matter how peaceful as witnessed in Toronto when the surrounded sitting women and children sitting down in protest.  The beating of an innocent bystander whom police had taken his leg than ordered him to stand up; when he said he could not because they had his artificial leg they beat him something awful.


Mans Prosthetic Leg Labeled Weapon -john Pruyn G20 Toronto

I would end by saying this, ” Everything that we find an abomination throughout history has happened because of an apathetic population that allowed its rulers, it dictators it elected government to become all-powerful.  If we will allow government to take away our right to show them our displeasure and silence our voices, we are lost.  If we as a country are guilty of the same crimes against our people as all of the non democratic countries, then we are hypocrites and truly lost. 

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