I Think The Conservative Government Bought A Bloc Of Voters For A Few Conssessions

More and more I see what Harper and his cronies agreed to do to get the Jewish vote and it stinks to the high heavens.  Is there no limit to what this man and his party will do to stay in power?  Never before has a group of Canadians who were clearly trying to get around paying their taxes, by investing in get rich quick schemes been rewarded by any Government in Canada, or offered compensation for what to me seems like tax evasion, but I guess when it comes to getting votes, like everything that the Tories do, the end always justifies the means.

Imagine if it were you or I who lost our money trying to hide it in some Ponzi schemes do you honestly think that the government would give us one read penny back and has it ever done so in the past?  If not why now? What of all of the other people who lost money the same way is the government going to compensate them too, or is this only for a certain group of individuals?  Power to the Jewish people who pulled this off, but it is not fair to all of the others who have lost money and maybe one of you can make me understand why this get rich hide our taxable income scheme deserves special treatment and what makes this case so different then all others? Guess you can buy a favorable government consideration and the law after all.

I grew suspicious when the pictures started circulating with Harper in closed-door meetings with prominent Rabi.  Then there was the declaration that Canada was a Christian /Judeao country.  Then there was the threat that anyone saying anything not nice about Israel, would be prosecuted for anti semitic behaviour, but through all that I always knew that what they our government was really after had not been disclosed.  I was sure that the clincher to getting that block of votes went beyond the usual Israel is innocent, Israel must be protected at all cost rhetoric.

When Israel stormed the boat and killed 9 unarmed civilians in the dead of the night, our Harper led government said, great show keep up the good work.  When President Obama said that Israel had its part to do in the making of a lasting peace in the region and Harper said, no I think Israel is doing all that it can; I knew that something was up.

The constant references to Muslims by this government as being terrorists, taking over the United nations and the disarmament committee and the security council and that some how their representation cheapened, or made those institutions no longer acceptable for Canada, or a viable institution in the world, told me something about the deals that had to have been made to gain a block of votes.  The tough new immigration laws aimed at keeping the numbers of Muslims to a minimum while allowing for a greater flow of other religions and races speaks for itself.

When the Baptist Minister was going to burn the hundreds of copies of the Koran to show his displeasure of a mosque being built at ground zero, Harper said what amounted to I do not agree with the burning of any book.  It is like Harper himself is at war with Islam. We were now getting closer to the price of victory for the Harper Government.  The election banners that read I was there for you, targeting the Jewish people, should have told us something. Others that read, who else stood by you.  This is how I think that a whole race of people was in my opinion moved as a voting bloc, to turn from a LIberal bloc to a Conservative bloc of voters, but there was more that they needed to seal the deal and it has just reached the surface and burst open allowing its stench to permeate the air like a bubble bursting in a cess pool.

I told you in a post not long ago that the old walrus would be the next clown to do something stupid and here we go.  This government has decided to go after suspected war crimes criminals they say are living in this country. Not only are they going after these people and arresting them, but they have publicized their names and it would seem by the Vic Toews statement that he has already found them guilty.  Vic Toews claims that they have no right to privacy because he feels that the have broken the Canadian immigration law. I thought that you were innocent until the courts found you guilty, but I guess that is not the case in our new Canada under the stable majority Conservative government.

Now I wonder who they are suspected of committing war crimes against and who would like to get their hands on them? Like always with this government, they do not give up enough information for any of us to be sure and this leads to guessing by people like me. I wonder if we are getting the whole picture, or are these people being arrested just the beginning, just the test cases for what is really the intention of this back door dealing justice, Harper government?  Now the government will not disclose what crimes they are actually being held on, because like the Harper government tradition it only leaks ands never gives proof for anything it accuses another of.

I would wager that these are the same persons who the war crime hunters sought to have arrested before but other governments not buying votes with blood and vengeance told them that they did not have enough evidence to arrest, or detain and are the true target of this law.  If we as Canadians are seeking to revoke passports on illegal immigration why do we not just say it, instead of adding the war crimes bit?

Jewish Advocacy praises release of ‘most-wanted’ list (theprovince.com)

Who will be for sale, for how many votes next.  Maybe the Sri Lankins can vote their way our of jail, or maybe the Muslims can buy the right to wear their traditional facial  scarves like some wear their religious head wear, by selling their votes.

I see that Harper has turned his sites to getting more votes in Quebec and I wonder how many votes it would take to let Quebec wipe out everything English.  Our institutions, our language our culture, everything.  I mean why not?  Vic Toews, Jason Kenney and Mr. Harper are way out of line here and are playing politics with peoples lives.  They are now playing with the law as it stands in Canada.  There is no mention of not being entitled to privacy if  Vic Toews thinks that you broken the law, or did I miss something?  What is fair about the  deportation to Israel to stand trial for a suspected war crimes suspect, without due process in the Canadian legal system? How does sending a suspect somewhere to be tortured like this government has done before without even a hearing here comply with Canadian, or international law?

So the deal clincher was a license to hunt human beings that has been  sought for years without success by a certain group of people fixated on revenge and a lust for blood. A request I might add that has been denied by all other governments even the Conservative government of years gone by because arresting and detaining people without proof is not the Canadian way.  The publishing of unsubstantiated facts about somebody publicly has not been the Canadian way, until this government.  This is a sad day for Canada and Canadians.

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