Islamophobia Responsible For Nowegian Deaths

Definition of Islamophobia: an irrational fear or prejudice towards Islam and Muslims.

Why are we so surprised when we order up pea soup that it has peas in it? For too long now our governments of the west have been openly and with all the venom that they could muster, blamed everything wrong with the world on  all Muslims.  They have made their populations turn on Muslims and view all Muslims as terroristsEurope openly targets Muslims and tries to either change their religion and social habits, or tries to deport them.  Canada does everything in its power to strip them of their culture and has made it extremely difficult for them to immigrate here.  New York partied because a man was murdered and his body was dumped at sea. Americans cheered as a minister threatened to burn hundreds of volumes of the Koran.  The whole no mosque in ground zero campaign showed how a people were made to turn against the Muslim race for the actions of a few.  So I ask you why the surprise when  someone acts like the government and murders what he has been told is the enemy of his country, or tries to hurt those he thinks responsible for allowing  it to happen?

Do not for one instance get me wrong and think that I am for this lunatic, but what I am suggesting is that our governments as well as others are guilty of setting the tone and the environment in which these nuts flourish in.  This guy is quoting  a Canadian General, but he could have been quoting Tony Blair, Prime Minister Harper, the Chancellor of Germany, or any one of the Harper cabinet.   Most of the Canadian Government, feels and agreed that tougher laws needed to be made and enforced to stop the Muslim problem and voted for them.  All of these leaders and more are guilty of raising the level of hatred for all Muslims throughout the world, to get back at a relatively small group of Islamic extremist.

In this country our current government is guilty of stereo typing,  prejudice and changing the laws of this country to make Canada a place that Muslims do not want to come to.  It has in my opinion made it clear that it is of the opinion that although all Muslims are not responsible directly for 9/11 that some how they are indirectly responsible for the attacks because, the so-called innocent Muslims did not volunteer any of their family members, or friends up when they were asked to tell all that they knew about family members or friends that could be terrorists or abetting terrorists. Then thinking that the Muslims were holding back information the governments of the west decided to subtly insist that some how all Muslims were aiding and abetting terrorism, by harboring and thwarting the attempts to bring the terrorists to justice.

It was even inferred that somehow it was okay to mistrust all of the Muslims because their religion called for them to hurt Christians and Jewish people. So is it any wonder that with the Islamophobia that is running rampant in the world fueled by the Western Alliance countries, that people are paranoid and taking the law into their own hands?  Has the west not set the tone for this type of behavior?

It will take more than flowers to turn this situation around and remove the fear that has people hating a whole race of people for what it appears to be political gain  and for the dominance of the world, by the west. Prime Minister Harper and his crew have decided that this proves that all of their fear mongering and immigration prejudices were a sad, unfair thing to do, but necessary if Canada is to remain terrorist free.  It does not matter that the terrorist this time was not Muslim and that the terrorist attack was aimed at Muslims, because the worst of the fear mongers are trying to blame this attack on Muslims? As a matter of fact this action and the other bombing this guy is accused of has yet to be called an act of terrorism committed by a terrorist by anyone.  Is it only terrorism and acts of  terrorists when it is a Muslim planting the bombs, or killing people?  This shows me that terrorism and terrorists are descriptions only used to describe violent acts committed by Muslims.

Definition of Islamic Extremist: Not surprisingly there is no real definition to be found.  It is said that sometime this year England will come out with a clear definition of what a Muslim extremist is, but for now the countries of the west  just use the word every chance they get, confusing the world’s population and spreading fear of all Muslims throughout the world.

At what point will the western governments see the errors of their ways? How many more innocent children need to die before we in the west takes responsibility for our fear mongering and turns this despicable, governmental sponsored and concocted anti anything Muslim sentiment around?  I keep hearing the words Muslim Problem and it is clear that people think that Muslims are the problem and we Christians and Jews need to protect ourselves from these unprovoked attacks.  These remarks suggest that we are totally blameless and that if the religion of Islam can not be wiped off the face of the earth, then somehow it has become necessary to subdue these people and quarantine them somehow. Why else have we Christians and Jews who represent the military strength in the world decided to force them to give up their religion, religious wear, their customs and sense of self and conform to our way of doing things so totally that they lose their heritage? France, Germany, the United States and Canada in my opinion are just a few of the major players guilty of genocide against the Muslim people.

Definition of genocide: the deliberate and systematic extermination of a national, racial, political, or cultural group.

I am contending that there is a tolerance in western governments throughout the world to target Muslims by the rest of the civilian population and to turn a blind eye to the injustices heaped upon these people by members of the country’s other nationalities and hate groups.  This was done in the past to the North American Indians, the Africans, the aboriginals of Australia, but always justified in the end by our need to survive and some how those we were taking advantage of were some how not really people with rights, deserving of consideration. Our need for what was theirs, more important than them keeping what belonged to them.

Muslims have become the new world that must be conquered at all costs.  Muslims have become the western worlds new whipping boy. The evil in the world causing God to turn his back on us and I say rubbish. Our greed, our holy books taken out of context, and our military might have blinded us to our own evil ways and so we continue to spend money on crushing Muslims where ever they live instead of making this world a better place.

The west has boxed itself into a corner and it is thrashing about like a caged and angry frightened cat. Hissing, spitting, swelling up and posturing menacingly every time somebody passes by the cage.  The bars on the cage are made of hatred, bigotry and an intolerance of anything that is different to us.  We have decided to blame one race, one religion and one people for all of our trials and tribulation, because to face up to the fact that we have done all of this to ourselves and continue to do so would have serious complications and make real problems for those who have lied to us and continue to do so for all of these years. Instead of changing, our leaders have decided to revisit the crusades of old and perpetuate the greatest ethnic cleansing the world has ever seen, ” The eradication of all Muslims who will not be assimilated into the western culture”.

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