Harper Government Becoming A Lawless Regime Using Vigilante Justice

With any luck, they will be the next to see justice visited on them

Let me see all of these people did not qualify to enter Canada because they are all suspected of committing war crimes or crimes against humanity, but as yet have not undergone any legal process, other than face our Canadian immigration tribunal. Vic Toews and Jason Kenney and the border agency admit that none of these people have outstanding warrants anywhere, but in Canada, so I am at a loss as to exactly what was the reasoning and justification given by the tribunal when these people were denied entry into Canada in the first place, besides that they were undesirable candidates; I want to know why they were and what was the basis of that decision either based in facts, or in law.  Was in an eeny meeny minee moe type of choice, or selection process?  Are these tribunal members making choices based on criteria given to them by the sitting government and the minister of the day?  Are the criteria used to deny immigrants entrance into Canada based solely on the judgement and discretion of the members of  these tribunals and their prejudices? Is this why the government led by Steven Harper wanted the ministers to have the powers that the opposition parties wisely said no to when the Conservatives were a minority government?

Is it a new policy in the new Canada governed by the Harper government, to now have governmental ministers and agencies posting wanted posters, arresting and deporting people without them having their day in court, based on nothing more than accusations?  Where are these people being deported to and what are they facing when they get there?  I smell a rat, but this is true anytime this government does anything to me, so I will ask you,  am I the only one that finds this a little odd?

Then we have the on again off again privacy of the accused thing going on.  Vic Toews puts all of these persons private information on the world-wide web and anywhere else that would publicize it and literally asked the whole of Canada to hunt down these alleged war crimes perpetrators and then when asked what they specifically are guilty of says,”Sorry I can’t tell you that is a matter of the persons confidentiality under the law.” So we can hunt them down, publicly accuse them of the worst crimes in the world without proof , but we can’t say exactly what the charges are? Guess what, I am not buying it.

This is getting close if we as Canadians and a country are not already there, to Canada and Canadians by extension violating international law and being found guilty of committing some of the same crimes against humanity that these people are only being accused of doing.  When are Vic Toews Jason Kenney and Steven Harper and company going to okay bounty hunters, or the Nazi Hunters in to find people?  Since when did Canada start deporting people who were not wanted anywhere in the world and have no warrants against them, out of Canada, for unsubstantiated war crimes? This new Canada, being governed by the strong, stable Conservative government, led by Prime Minister Harper,  does not sound all that different a government, or country than the countries and governments that we are now bombing the hell out of.

We accuse other countries of not complying with international law, but we are not  much better at it than they?

  • We accuse others of not following the law when it comes to arresting and detaining suspected criminals, but we really do the same thing.  ( Sri Lankins now this rounding up and deporting people without due process)
  • We put  the personal information of suspected war crimes people out to the public risking their lives and putting their innocent family members in danger, not caring it would seem as long as we get the person.
  • We say that some people in Canada have no rights under our laws, by order of the government
  • Having broken no laws any where and having no warrants any where Canadian tribunals say no entry into Canada based solely on conjecture
  • government ministers perverting and twisting Canadian and international laws to get the results they need without having to go through the legal system

I could go on but I think you’re seeing what I am seeing, that this government is going to, or is totally committed to breaking the law when it does not bend to its will.  It has been doing it since they took power 6 years ago and it is going full steam ahead right now. The problem is that this Harper driven train, is a run away train speeding down a track that leads over a steep cliff and to ultimate disaster.  What is next and what laws will this government ignore and just where is the official opposition on all of this?  I know that their leader Mr. Layton is battling a personal health crisis right now, and I wish him the best, but peoples lives are in danger under the Gestapo, Nazi like regime and not a peep. Families are being ripped apart and unrepairable damage is being done to peoples lives for what I see as unsubstantiated facts and without due process of law.  When is any opposition member, or party going to stand up and say this is not right, this is not the way Canada does things?

When will the press and the international community move to condemn Canada for these heavy-handed, internationally illegal activities? When will Steven Harper, Vic Toews  and Jason Kenney be called what they are by the international community, “perpetrators of crimes against humanity?”  What is next, trains of people being deported to concentration camps?  Mock trials by government-run courts aimed a proving the accused guilty rather than seeking truth and justice?  We have already imprisoned over 400 innocent men, women and children for over a year on the assumption that because they arrived here by boat from Sri Lanka that they must be terrorists and refused them thus far their day in court, as is our law and our custom and their right under the law of Canada and international law.

What about the ordinary Canadians, where are our heads at?  We have in the past sent our children to die to preserve freedom and justice under the law and are still doing so today, so how is it that we can sit by and let these things happen by this government in our own country?  Could it truly be that we  just do not care?  Is it a case that we think that there is nothing we can do anyway? Do we believe that Jason Kenney, Vic Toews and Stephen Harper and company are right? Do we feel as Canadians that we are some how better than others and that we do not have to let their kind into our country? Maybe as a people we are so used to being  good citizens that we have lost our will to fight back and stand up for what is right?

  I do not know what the answer to the riddle is, but I think the last time this sort of attitude was in a country and the world ignored it over 6 million people of a particular race and religion died and the world said never again. I guess my mother was right when she said, ” Never say never”, because that never again, at the end of the 2nd World War, is here, right now. 

Canadians it is time to say no more of this type of cavalier misusing of the law. We must send a strong message to all politicians that we expect them to do what must be done to protect Canada’s laws and the safety of our borders, but  that we demand that they do it within the law.

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4 Responses to Harper Government Becoming A Lawless Regime Using Vigilante Justice

  1. Anonymous says:

    When it comes to denying immigrants I think the focus should be on who should enter Canada: Those with University degrees in sciences, those who already have a job in Canada, those who do not have a criminal record, and finally, those who do not come from any of the rogue nations in the world: i.e. islamic dictatorships, third world despot regimes, and so forth. Obviously priority should be given to Commonwealth nations and Europe. And one final point: any candidate who offers to invest enormous sums of money in Canada should be immediately suspect and investigated for where and how and when they got that money. Normal people, i.e. non criminals, do not possess enormous sums of money.


    • archemdis says:

      So are you saying that all people coming from Islamic regimes are bad and should not be allowed in Canada? Are you saying that uneducated poor people need not apply? Are you saying by rogue nations that Israel, all countries in the Western Alliance as well as the extremist Islamic countries should not be allowed to immigrate here? Why priority to Commonwealth countries they bomb indiscriminately killing women and children, but I guess those kinds of people do not count in your world do they Anonymous, just a couple more Muslims? Are you aware that there are Muslims in Europe or are you saying that only White, Christians need apply? I am at a loss of what you consider normal people. Having money was never considered to be a crime before and I doubt that it will anytime soon so I guess they have nothing to worry about. I believe that all people regardless of money, education, religion or race should have an equal opportunity to enter Canada. I for one think anything else is selective and racist. Nuts and crazy people can be found everywhere in every corner of the world in every society religion and race. I think that you should reevaluate your position; we are not innocent or without blame! Have a great night and thank you for your comment even if I do not agree.


  2. Fear is motivating the Canadian government to assume the humans going into Canada are the worst possible humans. The worst possible human is one that has an unsaved soul not safe for the next life facing Gods judging light. Humans only see in their physical world that is as finite as the things they make.
    If God were to post a sign it would be ,wanted :Souls wanted to live with me in Joy forever having the risen Lord God in them to give joy to others.
    Humans accusing humans is what humans did to Jesus a perfect man ending up putting spikes in him. Why can’t human figure out that giving accusations is not a good thing to do? The ones accusing others are literally bombing their own soul.
    The ones accusing are judging another judging themselves.
    Luke 6:37:King James Bible
    Judge not, and ye shall not be judged: condemn not, and ye shall not be condemned: forgive, and ye shall be forgiven: When a human obeys this the soul in this deteriorating corruptible body that dies will be saved. The soul that does not condemn now will be safe to live forever with others, and will get a flesh, and bone body like Jesus has after his resurrection showing himself to the disciples in a locked room.

    This arresting someone based on conjecture wanting to accost someone in their home is a Sodom, and Gomorrah thing to do. That is what the S&G humans tried to do to lot in his home.

    Human law is inherently flawed. Human law is foolish because according to eternity will back fire on the soul that relies on it, and not the forgiving, giving law of God on the inward parts. Canada had bettor repent of arresting those 400 humans, NOW!

    Sending humans to die to preserve what we call freedom is human sacrifice like that which was was done to cow god Moloch, and should stop now.

    What needs protecting is the soul Jesus came to save, and the devil is dead set to not let that happen, and the government is following the devils lead, and if they want to save their soul they should cease, and desist in their present course.


    • archemdis says:

      Hey there,
      We are who we are I gyess, but I just wish we could be like you said. We seem to make all of the same mistakes over and over.


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