News Is No Longer Off The Rack, It IsTailor-Made

Someone needs to call someone and try to put and end to this  very public form of legalised prostitution that the media of post 9/11, has been engaging in.  They really began to shake their thing for money right after the 9/11 attacks, allowing George Bush and his administration’s successful strategy to control what news was told about the war to the world by  embedding news reporters, editing all news and  to black out satellite feeds. 

 The Bush administration spoon fed the news agencies what they could report and made sure that nothing would be allowed to be reported to the world without the express approval of his government or agents of his government and the news agencies buckled and gave in, under the guise of national security.  The press could do nothing about the blackouts, but they could have refused to spoon feed, highly prejudicial and down right lies to their people, but they did not. For the chance of exclusivity I think they sold out.  When they chose to write those stories instead of writing the real story they themselves began silencing the press. The press became little more than fiction writers and really became News Whores and it worked so well that every country that was supposed to be democratic jumped right in with both feet and began the task of muffling its press.  The news agencies that could be bought for the price of a story exclusive were snapped up and began to be used as tools for political parties and the press began to instigate and make the news for government and not report it. Those news agencies that could not be bought were simply left out of the loop and left to try and gather the news from other sources as independents struggled to get the true story out.

The press has become the maker of its own news.  The truth in the story no longer matters.  The news has just become spin, personal and political rhetoric. The press has decided they will be responsible for getting their choice of politician elected, instead of waiting to see who won and then writing about it and it all has to do with money.  This is one problem and where it took off from, but it wasn’t and still is not only the fault of George W. Bush.  It is yours mine and the news industry‘s for allowing greed, a guilty conscience  and the inability to admit when we are wrong from keeping us from wanting to hear the truth, or wanting it told.

It never ceases to amaze me that you can not tell someone something they do not want to hear without paying the price for it in some way, whether it is the truth or not.  If you are a radio station, or a television network or a blogger, if you say something that people do not like, or touch on a behaviour that people do not like that they are guilty of, but wish not to be reminded of  even though they know it to be true they will tune you out.  Instead of changing the behaviour and having nothing to hide they simply switch to the channel that either blesses them for their behaviour and believes as they do, or justifies the behaviour while not saying it is untrue or good, but some how it is acceptable, because of the times we live in, or the threats that we face.  It is this tuning out that concerns me today, because it has the media as we know it behaving like whores on a street trying to sell us what we want to hear as long as we are willing to pay for the price of the ride.

Market share, advertising dollars, profits are key words in the way the news media operates and getting to the truth of a matter and an honest, fair, open reporting the news is out.  To gain market share, advertising dollars which need your patronage (the users), every part of the news is being tailored made to the group of readers, or watchers, the radio, or newspaper wants to attract. In short news is now being tailor-made for a particular group or side, like right or left and not reported off the rack like it once was for both and without the news agency or reporter taking a side.  This concerns me because everyone takes what these news people say as the gospel, as factual and they are now just writing and voicing their opinion, or the opinions of their stations and this more often than not leads to the news never being factual and often just sensationalism. It is said that a story now is only news if it sells papers, or increase listenership, and brings in the money.

This is why the story of Tiger Woods, stepping out on his wife Elin, went on so long and was carried world-wide taking the front page on every news paper, lead story on television news and the darling of talk radio, because it fascinated you the user.  We the user were and are not interested in the truth, we prefer gossip innuendo and we want to be told that we are right and the media has thrown up their hands in an act of survival and greed and said give them what they want and the hell with the truth or you will be out of a job.  Imagine the top story for months with the world in the condition that it was in and still is was Tiger Woods cheating on his wife. Take away his name and would you have bought a newspaper whose headline was front page headline read, “Man Steps Out On Wife”?

There used to be news agencies and gossip column, but the line has all but disappeared and it is very difficult to distinguish one from the other.  They may have shared the same building, but they rarely shared the same headlines.  Today they share everything in fact the reporters just seem to change hats. When a newspaper admits to taking a side politically, or news anchors start to say that they are backing a certain party, is this not crossing the line, just a little? Should I not start to wonder if what they are saying is opinion not fact?  If you try to advertise for say one candidate does this not make you part of their campaign, rather than reporting the news?

Since big business has bought up all of the newspapers, radio and television stations we have heard and seen what the corporations want us to hear and that is usually the thoughts and beliefs of the owners or shareholders and not necessarily what the true picture is.  We are being led and spoon fed only parts of the news or spun versions of the news.  At one time I could say to somebody prove your point and they could direct me to a news paper article or tell me what news commentator said it and I would have said okay, because the reputation of the industry was that they put out the story as it unfolded, without how they as a person felt about it, just the facts, but this unfortunately is not the case, but the majority of people still try to use a differently motivated news process to prove their point.

Look I write posts all the time saying how I feel about certain things that are going on, but I am careful to say that these are my views, my take on what is happening.  The good people of the press however are bound by certain ethics and users expectations to give it to us straight and personal opinion free, so that at the end of the day we may make an informed opinion based truly on unbiased reporting of the facts and that I can say and quote the news source.  As it stands now you would have to go to Iraq personally to get a true and unbiased sense of what is going on over there, because you know that what you are hearing is spin paid for by big business and the government and you are hearing what the majority of the population wants to be told instead of the truth, because the truth will not get you the news agency ratings that brings advertising that means profits.

The scandal going on in the UK right now is indicative of where the news business is now. It shows to what lengths the people of the press are willing to go to generate a story and get the jump on dirt.  No longer is the press willing to wait for a story to emerge and hope that they are the first to break it, because there is not enough money in that and so we see once again the press the news trying to create a story rather than just report one. The pressure on getting an exclusive or to break a story must be tremendous, but they have sacrificed their integrity and the honor and trust of its users and this is unforgivable and fool hardy.  They have become mere extensions of the share holders and owners and puppets of the government, which ever tune they chose to dance to and in doing so become and important part of campaign rhetoric, big business strategy, but irrelevant as proof of what is gong on in your community, country and the world.  Instead of being the informative, fact-finding ears and eyes of its countrymen, it has turned into a tool that is used to subdue, mislead and keep the population moving in the direction of the powers that be, (previously mentioned in this post) want.  When the first newspaper rolled of the little one man press this was not what the news was supposed to do.  How times have changed for this once honorable profession.  I think that this profession fits right in with legal profession, politics and politicians for the top of the most untrustworthy, dirty ways to make a living.  Quite the fall from grace and quite a disgrace for the people who once stood up for us all and were the conscience for all who would seek to hurt, lie or cheat the people of their community, their country, or others in the world.

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  1. Archemdis You nailed it squarely with a single swing of your mighty hammer. Humans look for a famous name that has a lot of money, and is well known, and when they think they an find a vulnerability even if it is imagined give an accusation making it seem real causing humans to act like a cannibal looking for flesh to eat in their mind drooling has no idea they are acting cannibalistic, but they are. Then lawyers lick their chops seeing a human with big bucks that will seek to defend himself, and act like leaches to suck them dry. That is what humans did to Michal Jackson , with accusations flying,and whoever else with devils in them trying to make themselves seem to be better than another human when they are the same in every aspect being born, and dying like every one being the same even as beast of the field.


    • archemdis says:

      Good morning Jonathan, thank you. There was a time when parents took the time to teach their children values in fact they even thought that it was their job to do. I think it is too bad that they gave the job to the movie stars, kids progamming and sports heroes.


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