25 Ton Piece Of Concrete Falls In Viger Tunnel Raising Questions For Me

Ramp for Mercier Bridge

Every bridge, every street, every overpass to the highway is unsafe, falling down. or in desperate need of repair and yet we still travel on them with our cars city busses full of people putting our lives in and the lives of their children in danger. I guess I could understand it when the government was lying to us telling us that there was no danger, but how many times does the roof have to fall in before you and I will stop traveling by these dangerous routes?

I am no better, I cringe every time a vehicle that I am driving in stops under a highway overpass, because of a street light.  Looking up at the metal mesh patches that are supposed to stop the pieces of the crumbling structure from falling down and crushing me is not relieving my anxiety.  In fact they only serve to remind me that I am in danger of being injured or killed.

I guess part of my anxiety is because the government has said that it has been holding back information on just how bad things have gotten while at the same time saying things like use the bridge at your own risk.  Another is that they rerouted all of the traffic busses and all for a while to the Champlain Bridge from the Mercier Bridge, knowing that engineers had deemed the Champlain the worst of the bridges that could collapse at any time.

Now it would seem that they the governments of Canada knew that all of the infrastructure in this city was destined to fall down for a least the last ten years says  SNC-Lavalin.  So I put it to you why was nothing done and why was our safety allowed to be jeopardized? Surely our safety is a matter for the federal government or is only dropping bombs on others, imprisoning refugees and deporting people without due process considered taking care of our safety?

Ramp leading to the Champlain Bridge

Why do we not just stay home? Do not drive that car on that unsafe bridge, or under that ready to collapse overpass.  Why do we continually put ourselves in this kind of danger to make money for this country if they take it and give us nothing in return?  Why do we keep endangering our children by sending them to school in busses that cross these bridges or go under these overpasses? Why do we keep playing Russian Roulette with the lives of our children and that of our own?

Would you want to be in this bus under this overpass? (Mercier Bridge)

Why do all of the governments of Canada continue  playing this dangerous game?  I say continue because this is not the first time this type of thing has happened in
Quebec or in Montreal for that matter.  I wrote a post about Quebec infrastructure  literally crumbling to dust at the same time that the government of Quebec was saying that our infrastructure was sound and safe to use and that Quebecers’ had nothing to fear, I think we know now what was true and what was a lie; but from the beginning on all levels of government this whole fiasco with the bridges, the roads, the overpasses has been one big gigantic cover up hasn’t it?

Why are we paying taxes when nothing gets done before some one gets hurt or dead and maybe not even then?

Each government and across all parties has at one time or another opted to lie about the severity of the state of our infrastructure, or with hold information from us its citizens and do nothing , or little to solve the problem and now we are in a crisis where it is unsafe to travel in this city.  We have been told that we are too stupid to understand the engineers reports and make sense of them so we do not need to know what is going on, but I think I can grasp the bridge is ready to collapse do not use.

I think what offends me the most is the lying and the inability of any of these politicians to care about anything beyond their personal agendas, or careers.  If some one was attacking our borders we would probably have to send our tanks by plane or boat because we could not afford to have them dropping into the rivers as they tried to cross one of our many bridges, or fell onto traffic as they went over the city’s highway overpasses.  What I am getting at is that all parties at all levels of government over the last 10 – 20 years have allowed our cities infrastructure to get to such a sorry state that our very national security is at risk, our economic stability is at risk, but they can not see the forest for the trees.

If people stop going to work because they fear for their lives using our bridges and highway infrastructure how is that good for our economy.  If slabs of concrete keep falling and we keep looking up and seeing the wired mesh in more places that we see concrete how is that good for our stress levels and how will that help us to be productive and how long before we see the impact in areas like health care costs, time off work, wasted time getting to work and a tourism drop.  That is right I said a tourism drop, because as nice as Montreal is how many people will want to visit a place where getting on a bridge can be the last thing you will ever do?

I will say it again, I think that we should all stay home where it is safe until someone in one of these levels of government begins to take this matter seriously. We know that the only thing these fools in government care about is the money so let us hit them where it hurts the most.  Do not send your kids to school, do not go to work and claim your unemployment benefits claiming unable to work do to safety reasons.  Tell them that you are scared to cross the bridges or ride on or under the overpasses.  This isn’t just about leaving your cars at home, because the cities busses travel the same routes as the cars.

If the government will not be responsible and tell us the truth then you and I had better do what is best for us. Do not wait for your children to be crushed by falling debris act now; tears will not bring your babies, or your loved ones back.  Every day the news uncovers another lie, but all you have to do is the next time you are under a highway overpass because the light has just turned red, look up at the overpass and write me, tell me how you feel.  Then go home, on the way pick up the kids from school and have a bar b q and stay there until something changes; safe from a city and province that is crumbling literally to dust and thinks that this is not a state of emergency.

Was the Concorde overpass collapse the fault of the workers too?

We were lucky with this last collapse that nobody was hurt, but we have not been so lucky in the past. What will it take for al of these governments to act?  Quebec is not the only place in the country the problem is everywhere in Canada.  Well Vic Toews, Mr. Public Safety Minister, your public is in danger in Quebec. My question to you Vic is what are you and your stable, majority Conservative government going to do about it?  Maybe we could have our army engineers help out here instead of over there?

Just when you think that the government of Quebec has had to have learned its lesson about lying to its citizens, Transport Minister, Daniel Bouchard and company come out with a whopper and blamed the workers for the whole mess. I guess SNC- Lavalin was lying.  When will governments stop blaming the workers that could have been victims and admit to their negligence and get the job done?

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