Tiger Woods Drops To 20th In World / Americas Prayers Are Answered

Don't you think he has lost enough?

Yes Tiger Woods has had a lot of bad luck when it comes to his health and maybe he is bitter and angry with a world that turned their back on him and literally took him apart piece by piece for having cheated on his wife repeatedly, but his fans and the press and his sport really did a job on him, for what in most instances was a personal matter.  The extent to which  Tiger Woods was berated and the call for his total removal  from the game was unprecedented in the history of the game and in any profession.  The call for his total destruction as a person and ruin his ability to make a living, was insane.  What was normally a matter between husband and wife was made to be seen as a threat to golf, the nation and our children.  There were calls made to cancel his sponsorships and the sponsors dropped him.  If this is what you feel was right and that he got what he deserved so be it, but I do not agree.

Tiger woods was definitely guilty of cheating on his wife repeatedly, but as far as it has been proven only got caught once and this apparently was enough for his madly in love can’t live without him, totally devoted rags to riches wife to leave him.  All of a sudden America forgot the wedding vows that were taken.  Yes they say keeping only to themselves, but they also say until death do us part, for richer for poorer in sickness and in health.  Does commitment in marriage only mean until one of us makes a mistake? Or under the advice of our attorney we will never have a better chance to escape with all of his or her money? I thought it strange that all she seemed to be interested in was a settlement far greater than her prenuptial and all of you in the press, the sport and you once fans cheered her on.

Not one member of the press questioned, or commented on her inability to forgive, or readiness to fall out of love for the love of money, because all you were interested in was how to put Tiger  Woods, who refused to talk to you, who at times refused to smile at you, in his place by breaking him down to nothing.  I am not saying she had to forgive him, or this was really the case, but why did not one member of the press look into her, check her out, or even ask the questions? It would seem to me that it was one of the most we already have the answer, or we will just assume that she is perfect and innocent, or it just does not matter, because we have already made up our minds kind of journalism I have ever seen.  Appropriate for the fans I guess, but not for any respectable reporter, or reporters I would dare to say. I think that you were all wrong then and I still think it today. I believe the only apology Tiger Woods ever owed was to his wife and family and that the rest of you should have left them alone.

What I do not get is why all of the papers and you fickle fans are now surprised at the result of your handy work.  Golf is a mental game and a game of concentration and the fans, news media, players, golf courses and even one president of a tournament did their level best to distract Tiger from his game and break him mentally before, during and even after major tournaments.  Did you really think that you could do this to a person and there be no side effects?  I believe Tiger Woods ouster from the game was made to happen on purpose.  I believe that  Tiger Woods forgot that he was a black man married to a white woman in America, playing and beating white men in a traditionally white sport and totally dominating it, something I am sure that the good old boys did not like very much at all.

When he got too uppity for the good old boys and hurt his blond, blue-eyed wife, it was just the thing that those good old boys needed to convince the powers that be in his sport, those reporting the sport and those watching the sport, to put Tiger Woods back in his place. Tiger Woods would never recover from the intensity and senseless bigotry that ensued.  It was clear that the game, the press and his one time fans were hell-bent on his total destruction, so tell me why the surprise, this is your handiwork.

You would have thought that Tiger Woods was selling dope to children, or taking drugs himself the way everyone kept on about Tiger being a bad example and a bad role model for children.  The whole golfing industry can take a bow for the ruination of Tiger Woods, because this was done purposely and with malice intent.  Since the beginning of time husbands and wives have been stepping out on each other and that is what divorce court is about and alimony is about, but everyone that could see to it that he was tried in the press, kept the story going way after the divorce and way after his wife received over 100 million dollars to soothe her too broken heart.  If you think that this was justice and the way this should have been covered by the media, this too is  your right, but I think that you are wrong.

What about the feelings and consideration given to Tiger’s family, his children in particular by this press and fan base that was so concerned about him having negative impact on children?  They did not seem to care what those poor kids had to read, or overhead about their father in the news articles they wrote.  They certainly did not show good judgement shouting out all of those awful things within hearing distance of his children.  Neither group cared enough about his parents not to insult their son to their faces, so what was all of that remove him from the game, take all of his sponsorships away from him for the good of the children crap, really about.

White America , decided to make an example of why people should not inter marry and should never forget that no matter how important you become, nor how much money you generate white America is still in control and if need be what they have given, they will take away and there is absolutely nothing anyone can do about it.

Black America decided to put what they also considered an uppity Black man in his place.  These Black women and men in the spirit of  jealousy and who does Tiger Woods think he is, rushed to the side of their white counterparts and with equal hatred and determination sought to prove to the world that Tiger was no better in the eyes of the white man then they were. These jealous Black people entered into the mix and aided in the effort to totally destroy one of the greatest golfers of all time for daring to step outside of the boundaries set up for him by society and history.

Now maybe this all seems like a plan to you all out there, but it just makes me angry and shows me that bigotry and white supremacy is still doing fine in the world and that this is not a good thing for some people.  It shows me that as a race Black people are still house and field slaves and that the division still has us turning on ourselves to please the master.  We are still behaving like crabs in a bucket.

Color and religion seemed more important than their ability to do their job

Somethings you might want to consider that are similar in both the attempted destruction of Obama and the destruction of  Tiger.

  • The over whelming concern for their nationality, or ethnicity
  • What religious back round they come from and what religion they practiced
  • Questions about their ability to do their jobs based on the color of their skin
  • The right to be in the jobs that they were, because of the colour of their skin
  • Concern that the whites would be pushed out of power in their jobs, because of a desire for the rest of the non whites to get involved and follow their heroes

    No apology for accusations, or explanation for hero-worship again after his death from press, legal system, or industry.

Let me throw this in the mix for those of you who think that I am a crazy guy talking off the top of his hat, what about Micheal Jackson? While he lived was called a pedophile, taken to court, sued by parents who I thought knowingly put their children into harms way, if all this were true so that they could make a buck. He was forced out of the USA, because of unrelenting bad press and a legal system that just would not let go of what they could not prove. They pursued him out of the country taking every opportunity to vilify him,  that is until he died.  All of a sudden he was no longer a villain, but a national treasure once more.

 Is this the new way to honor a star in America now?  Terrorise them while they are living and reinstate them to glory once they are dead, as if somehow whatever we thought or did really did not happen?  No explanation, no apology was ever heard from a fan, the legal system, or the press about why, or what happened to change their minds about Micheal Jackson, but a hero he was once again.  All of you racing to by his music, going to watch in movie theaters the  last recorded rehearsals of a dead man you once hated, called a pedophile and attacked unmercifully and unrelentingly.  I reiterate once again, ” What a difference a person’s death makes.” and is this what will finally see Tiger Woods back on top where he belongs respected for his talents, instead of hated for his personal failures?

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