Double Standard, Turning Police On Protesting Youths Okay For British Government And Their Allies

Does this look familiar David Cameron? This is the type of action you support around the world

I am not good at learning new languages.  I come from a family that spoke only English for the most part and it has taken me most of my life to become competent in the French language, if not still very shy to speak it.  I thought that our government, that is any government in the land of Canada communicated with us officially either in both French and English, or either depending on what province you happen to be residing in, but this is not entirely true.  Our government communicates in a 3rd language to us and to the world and it has nothing to do with English or French or any other known language that anyone outside of the political arena is fluent in, or is sufficiently knowledgable enough in to understand totally.  This language of the politician, no matter what country they are from, or what language they speak is based on half-truths, unfounded accusations, political posturing, threats, frantic gestures and hidden meanings.   It is such a difficult language to grasp, because nothing is every said, or ends up meaning what was the politician really meant to convey.  This is why it was so bad for them when Lesage put out the non diplomatic versions of what was said behind the backs of so-called allies by so-called friendly nations, behind closed doors.  To have nations and other countries and their people know the truth about how they intended to act, or how they were really feeling about the war on terror, or Muslims, or the state of the world economy was unheard of and uncharted water and dangerous ground for politicians.  To have their secret ways and their secret conversations exposed to the world set them quaking in their collective boots.  Politicians would not be capable of telling the truth if they were standing in front of God the Almighty, because they all speak another language for everything and the truth is not a word in their language vocabulary; not even when the truth of a matter is already known by all.  

 For example when the Minister of Transport for Quebec in charge of all of the repairs to our now crumbling infrastructure said that if, Transport Quebec says that the roads and bridges are safe then Quebecers have nothing to fear, we the public know that he is speaking politician, because we know that a 25 ton slab of concrete just fell onto the road in the Viger Tunnel.


UK supported this type of action in Egypt and condemned actions to stop it

Politicians use phrases differently than the average citizen as well  and  that is perhaps why they are so misunderstood? (smile)  We do not have the money to provide medicine and decent housing for our seniors translates into, It is not a priority of this government right now.  When our leaders of the world stand up and say they are for citizens protesting against the injustices meted out on them by their governments; what they are really saying is that they are for protests by every citizen of the world except theirs.  When the government says that an army, or a police force should never be turned on the citizens of a nation they mean of course any other countries police forces and armies, not their own.

Every so often a lightening bolt will burn down an entire forest leaving only ashes visible to the naked eye, but underneath seeds of tress and plants are germinating and the fire has only taken away the old and has made room for the young to flourish and this I think happens with man and politics and all of the games that man plays.  When the people have had enough of the lies and senseless killing it will cleanse itself of the perpetrators of these evil like a fire in the forest.


UK considered this peaceful protesting in other countries, why the double standard?

Great Britain, London for example is getting a little taste of what is to live in a glass house and to throw stones.  This country along with the western alliance has been supporting the overthrowing of governments across the African continent and throughout the Middle East for the same reasons people have taken to the streets in its own country.  Now this nation is being forced to eat some crow as it begins to turn its police force on its own citizens and threatens to take even harsher methods to quell the angry mob of young people that have taken to the streets in peaceful protest now turned violent.

So what is it all about if our politicians and leaders are just as guilty as Kadafi leader of Libya, or the fallen president Mubarak of Egypt, what is all of the bombing and killing about?  Who exactly are we trying to help and what rights are we trying to secure for them? Is it possible that we wish to give the citizens of other countries greater rights and freedoms then can be expected by the citizens of our own country. Taking governments out of power by protesting and civil war should have never been encouraged by the western alliance, because civil disobedience when it is successful is catchy. 

I agree this is not the way to change things, but I did not support the riots in other countries with military force and help like the UK government

Winning the power in a country by military force is never a good thing, because the next guy with a grievance, a gun and a few followers is always waiting in the shadows to take power by force. It is said that the truest and purest democracy is anarchy and I think that is why there are so few democracies left in the world.  We have become confused in the west and have lost site of what is important.  Our leaders have begun to extinguish all that is not obedient to their collective way of thinking, but their practices and what they have asked their people to believe in and take part in by giving of their support has come back to bite them in the butt.  How long will it be before the likes of David Cameron, the Prime minister of Great Britain will be forced to become Kadafi and start bombing his and their own people.

Why can not any of these leaders see that riches and oil do not fill empty bellies and do not put smiles on little babies faces. Backing revolutions replacing one bad leader with another that happens to think the way that you do enslaves a population not liberate it.  People think and have the power to make up their own minds and have opinions and although they forget how to use these attributes sometimes, a push too hard and they start to remember and then comes the discord and the urge to be treated fairly and with respect and then you see what is happening in Africa, the Middle east and England and it is spreading across the globe. The fire which the western alliance has created has grown bigger than they thought possible and it has leapt across oceans and raced through continents burning and destroying all in its path like a forest fire out of control. 

All that is old, dry and stale will be vanquished.  The old ways of doing things will be lost to the fire which is youth and vitality.  There is a change coming about, because the world’s population is finally tired of being starved so that a few may glut. Of being taxed without seeing anything for it. Of being lied to, so that some may control the balance of power.  To live in squalor so that a privileged few can live on estates and in castles.  In short every so often the worlds poor and ignored decide it is time for a change and if those on top do not hear them, or chose to ignore them then we have a worldwide revolution and sometimes those at the top end up on the bottom.

Will David Cameron become what we are fighting against? How far will David Cameron go to put down this action and when will he get sanctions from the Alliance

We have built a house of glass from which we hurl bombs at other nations for treating their people much the same as we do and now they are starting to throw bombs back at us. We as western society are guilty of the committing the same crimes against our people as the biggest and meanest of the dictators and now our support of their enemies hs made our people understand that change is not always given by leaders sometimes citizens have to rise up and take it back from our leaders and that is the stone that is going to break down our glass house.  We for example are still crying over 9/11 and the 3000 deaths. Horrible senseless deaths, but something that happened once and killed a specific amount of people. We have been bombing Lybia for what now is months on end without let up, killing hundreds if not thousands of innocent civilians in the process.  we say we have not killed any civilians and they say we have and the truth lies somewhere in the middle , but through all of this arguing about who is responsible real innocent civilians are dying.

As people flock to ground zero to pay their respects to the fallen of 9/11 and view the memorial, maybe they should ask themselves has all of this senseless killing by all sides been worth it. Perhaps they should take the time to understand that this was just one day and that the USA led Western Alliance has people waking up to this horror every single day for months now. Who will cry for these innocents and who will fight to have a memorial built for their innocent dead, whose blood is on our hands?

Why is this behavior considered ok in say Libya, but not in the UK?

If one of the basic things we learn from the time we are children is that a lie never solves a problem it just allows us to buy some time and is really a wrong thing to engage in, then why is it different in politics?  If we say that once you get a reputation of being a liar that no one will believe you why do politicians who have been exposed for the liars that they are, expect their citizens and the rest of the world to believe in what they say, or trust what they say their intentions are on anything? yes politicians used to have a secret language we did not quite understand, but with every passing day we decode lies and deceptions and they are exposed for who and what they truly are. Politicians no matter where they come from a group of power-hungry, egotistical, cold-hearted people, who feel that they are smarter and just plain superior to you and I in every way.  Politicians think we are too stupid to know when we are being lied to and too docile to do anything about it anyway.  I think they need to look at England as well as Egypt, because some non politicians of the world have learned their language and are teaching it to other non politicians and we are all beginning to demand an accounting and we want the truth.

London riots: violence spreads

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  1. Straining I look, not one good politician, one will be happy, it will be the mortician, because politics is a mish mash of war, saying they want peace, men ending up dead, and sore. Luciferian, suit on men, great illusion, producing bondage, dead bodies, much confusion.


  2. The Brittan’s are not going to need a man like Hitler to destroy their country, their own people are going to do it if they do not wise up.


    • archemdis says:

      I know, but it is so sad that the world has come to this. I fear for the childen that have to clean up this mess, if there is anything left to clean up. Is there not one decent, honerable, politician left, or was there ever one at all?


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