Judge And Jury Agree, Ok To Kill Your Children If You Are Depressed In Quebec


No more birthdays for these murdered babies, but many to come for murdering dad

Wow, Quebec has made some pretty screwed up decisions when it comes to rape, child abuse and spousal abuse, but this decision to  say that this guy was too nuts to be criminally responsible for killing his two babies is just too ridiculous for words.  Where else would a Doctor, an educated man get 11 people and a judge to agree that the case was not about whether he killed his children, but what mattered was how bad he was feeling because his wife left him, but in Quebec .

This is not just tragic it is a travesty of justice

This guy, this doctor, this loving father, Guy Turcotte ,  was so depressed that he wanted to commit suicide, but thinking of his kids finding him dead decides he can’t have that, I will take them with me. Guy Turcotte, did not say, I will give the children to my wife, or to protective service, but Guy Turcotte said I will kill them; sounds like premeditated murder to me; appears to be a choice, a conscious decision.  Guy Turcotte drinks windshield fluid and then goes into his little boys room and begins to stab him to death. Guy Turcotte ‘s son pleads to his father to stop and Guy Turcotte is brought back to reality and admits that at this point he is aware that he is hurting his son, but does Guy Turcotte stop? No, Guy Turcotte makes another conscious decision, another choice to finish the job; sounds like premeditation to me.  His own words were,

 “I have a knife in my hands, I stabbed him and Olivier told me ‘No!’,” “He struggles and I realize I’m hurting him. I panicked and stabbed him some more.”

I worry for all of the children of divorce now, because I feel they are no longer safe

After stabbing his screaming son to death in his bed covered in blood does this loving father and doctor, Guy Turcotte, who is thinking solely of his children’s well-being stop and try to get help; not Guy Turcotte, he proceeds down the hall to his helpless little girls room and with all the love left in him, Guy Turcotte proceeds to brutally stab her to death for her own good; not panicked anymore and fully aware of the pain she will feel and what he is doing.  I am sorry to have to say this to the jury, but this is further evidence that me to think premeditated murder, and not temporary insanity. 

 I guess the most puzzling part for me though, is that Guy Turcotte is still alive and that other than drink some windshield washer Guy Turcotte made no other attempt to kill himself.  Guy Turcotte  does not stab himself with  the knife in his hands, the same knife he used to kill his little babies in their beds with. Why does Guy Turcotte not use that knife on himself?  This doctor claims he wanted to stab himself in the heart and went  looking for a knife to do just that; why was Guy Turcotte  looking for a knife when he already had a knife?  Why are the only people dead because of his attempted suicide his little kids? I would love to know when they searched the little girls room just how hidden the knife Guy Turcotte used to kill his little sleeping daughter really was. I can’t understand how he could not know where it was, if not still in his hands.  Most people in shock just drop he weapon and it falls right at their feet.

Was this a crime of punishment for the good doctor, directed at his ex-wife for leaving him?  After all if Guy Turcotte wanted to really commit suicide he was trained to do it and was fully aware of what it would take and how long it would take, so what in the end stopped him from meeting the same fate as his little ones? I would hazard to say that he never intended to die, but was totally consumed with punishing his ex-wife for leaving him.  The brutality in the method he used to end his children’s lives, does not show love.  This man was a trained doctor and knew exactly how much pain these children, his children would be in when he stabbed them to death. He did not use a pillow over their faces, or administer them an injection and let them die peacefully in their sleep, which he could have done, so that at least their deaths could have been painless. No I contend that a bitter, selfish man brutally took out his anger on his children, killing them in the most horrific, painful way he could think of and maybe even pretending that it was his ex-wife he was stabbing.  This is just my theory and it need not be yours.  We have only his word that the children were consoling him earlier that night and even if they were what a way to thank them.

I am no lawyer, but this case stinks; everything about this case stinks and that a judge in the province of Quebec would say that the jury should be proud of itself despite what the public reaction to their decision is, makes this case stink even more.

Superior Court Justice Marc David assured the people who found cardiologist Guy Turcotte criminally not responsible for having stabbed his children to death that they could be proud of their work, regardless of the public reaction.

Trial over Guy Turcotte gets sent to a mental facility with no time to serve in jail. Guy Turcotte is just going to be evaluated and a determination will be made as to the likelihood of his re offending. If the determination is made that Guy Turcotte will not likely re offend and that his mental situation has stabilised, than Guy Turcotte is to be set free. If this happens and the only consequence to Guy Turcotte killing his two helpless babies by brutally stabbing them to death,  is to be time spent in the psychiatric ward,  what message are we sending to depressed parents and where does that leave us? More importantly where does it leave the children of divorce? 

The court by allowing this mockery of justice, has said that the  murdered children of Guy Turcotte did not count in this case, because Daddy was too depressed to know what he was doing. Well there are thousands of depressed daddies and mommies  who are stressed out,  unhappy with their divorces, our court system and their lot in life and we have just told them that it is okay to kill their children to ease their pain. Quebec, through the actions of Superior Court Justice Marc David   has said, that it is okay under these circumstance to kill your children.  The 11 jurors and the defense counsel, psychiatrists and Superior Court Justice Marc David  have made it possible to use depression as a way to defend murdering ones children in their beds. The Quebec justice system has told the population that outside of getting checked out mentally you have nothing to fear from the law, if you decide to brutally murder your children in their sleep. 

I am straining my ears, but I do not hear any out crying from the capital.  Where is the protest from the tough on crime Tories.  I have not heard a word from any political party denouncing this decision and that is a scary thing.  I wish I could say that the decision surprises me, but it does not.  This type of thing happens all of the time, in Quebec.  When a group of  Haitians raped a woman years ago the judge said that it was just a cultural thing accepting the argument of the defense that this is how they do it in Haiti.  All of the child sexual abuse cases that go to trial and end up with lenient sentences being handed out to people who have been found guilty of  repeatedly abusing and  raping, women and children throughout their lives is just mind-boggling.  These serial abusers rapists and even murderers getting a couple of months to a couple of years in jail shows that these cases are not taken seriously by the judicial system. Judges, politicians and I guess certain citizens seem to think that these acts and the harm to the children they cause, is not an issue. It is like high-profile personalities are deemed to good to go to jail and that the devastation they cause when they commit these heinous crimes do not count for much.

Two babies will not grow up, will never go to school, never get to dance, never get to fall in love, or know marriage, because their father thought that it was best that they die in order to save them the shock of finding him dead from a suicide that he did not follow through with.  So he will get to live and if I am correct not do any serious time either in jail, or in a place for the criminally insane getting help.  For the first time I find myself speechless and as I write this I am weeping for the children. Not just for the children that were slain by their depressed father, but for all of the children that are now in real danger from a legal decision and process that demonstrated  that it just does not care about women, or children.  The Province of Quebec and Superior Court Justice Marc David  will have the distinction of setting the president in law for allowing, “The I killed my children because I was depressed defense” and allowing it to be successful, with the Superior Court Justice Marc David actually praising the jury for coming to the right conclusion. I see why people take the law into their own hands.  When the law allows the brutal killing of innocent children and allows the perpetrator of such a horrible crime to go essentially free without being punished, it just makes you want to right the wrong. 

 I am ashamed for all involved in this miscarriage of justice. I see you as a disgrace to your professions. You will be as guilty of murder as the depressed parent that kills the next child  and claims the temporary insanity defense because their spouse left them; a defense that you made possible,  as a result of your decision in the Guy Turcotte case decision. Shame on you all who thought that the lives of 2 innocent children taken by their father in such a brutal way had no bearing on his punishment. None of you could possibly have children, or a heart.  I do not know how you are sleeping at night, but I hope the pictures of those dead children haunt your every sleeping hour. I hope for a long time to come that the memory of these children haunt your every waking hour as well, so that you know no peace.  In my opinion you were wrong and have endangered every child whose parents are going through a divorce.  Well done Quebec, at the rate you are going you will be childless and there will be no women left for you to abuse if you ever were to achieve your independence. If you continue to make it easy for murderers to kill them and get away with it what chance of survival are you giving them and what kind of people will the survivors end up being?  A province, a country, a judicial system that would allow a murderer of 2 innocent babies sleeping in their beds to go free could never be considered responsible enough to govern themselves, could they?

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  1. Claire Longpré says:

    Dear friend(s),

    I wish I could express to all of you and that in a few websites reference to investigate for yourself the dangers of drugs prescribed to our fellow citizens. With my very own story….but I wish to leave you with these links:
    mindfreedom.org (a pertinent group of survivors of psychiatry not related to scientology and recognized by the UN. Patch Adams is a member)
    breggin.com (Dr Breggin is the conscience of psychiatry)…wrote ‘Toxic psychiatry’ among many other books.
    http://wgicanada.org/ (Dr William Glasser) Reality therapy. Wrote: ‘Warning: psychiatry can be dangerous to your mental health’.
    bipolarorwakingup on youtube… Sean Blackwell, an ex-Toronto resident now living in Brazil who helped a few in psychosis without medication.
    http://www.drugawareness.org/videos/drug-money (a site with informative videos)
    http://psychrights.org/index.htm (Jim James B. Gottstein, Esq., an ex-patient, now a lawyer in Alaska, defending the so-called mentally ill)
    My opinion:
    I discovered many years ago that the culprit for these killings are exactly the opposite of what people respond to…psychiatric meds. Meds kill the same amount of people on 9/11 daily only in USA. I am myself a survivor of psychiatry, a Quebecer, a mother of four sons, a sister of six brothers. I ended up in psychiatry after abruptly weaning from Prozac without medical supervision. I survived bio-psychiatric treatments, (been 10 years in this system) and I feel it suits society to have crazy ones. Those crazy ones are your sons and daughters, fathers and mothers, husbands and wives. It is a tragedy indeed!
    I wish everybody a healthy life with real caring and loving people.
    Education is the key, empathy and human love.
    Claire Longpré
    Thetford Mines, Québec

    The Aftermath of Antidepressants
    By Ann Tracy on May 6, 2000
    The Aftermath Of Prozac, Zoloft, Luvox, Fen-Phen, & Many Other Serotonergic Drugs
    By Dr. Ann Blake Tracy – Executive Director,
    International Coalition For Drug Awareness
    Dr. Ann Blake Tracy, a Ph.D. in Health Sciences with an emphasis in Psychology, has specialized for 10 years in adverse reactions to serotonergic medications. She is the executive director of the International Coalition for Drug Awareness (www.drugawareness.org) and author of the book PROZAC:PANACEA OR PANDORA? (800-280-0730)
    Often there is the terrible withdrawal associated with the SSRIs. Unless patients are warned to come very slowly off these drugs by shaving minuscule amounts off their pills each day, as opposed to cutting them in half or taking a pill every other day, they can go into terrible withdrawal which is generally delayed several months. This withdrawal includes bouts of overwhelming depression, terrible insomnia and fatigue, and can include life-threatening physical effects, psychosis, or violent outbursts.
    Note: Keep in mind that these drugs are all serotonergic agents and clones or “copy cat” drugs of Prozac – the first SSRI antidepressant introduced to the market in America. Basically what applies to one, applies to the others. For instance we have more data out on Prozac because it has been around longer, but as the mode of action is the same for all of these meds the effects will be the same for the other drugs on this list as it is for Prozac. If we are discussing one drug, similar effects would be expected from any other company’s version of the drug. In fact it would be more honest to give them the titles of Prozac #1, Prozac #2, Prozac #3, etc. rather than the brand names they have been given, from the second clone, Zoloft, to the latest Prozac clone, Celexa.
    My concern is that each new SSRI introduced seems to be a little stronger on serotonin reuptake and therefore potentially more dangerous. And the all too common practice of going from one SSRI to another blocks additional receptors and magnifies the harmful effects of these medications. It is crucial to learn that according to medical research the theory behind this group of drugs is invalid. Known as serotonin reuptake inhibitors. They are designed to block serotonin in the brain, thereby increasing brain levels of this neurotransmitter. Yet for three decades researchers have been intensely interested in serotonin because LSD and PCP produce their psychedelic effects by mimicking serotonin. Elevated serotonin is found in: psychosis or schizophrenia, mood disorders, organic brain disease, mental retardation, autism and Alzheimer’s. While low levels of the metabolism of serotonin (which also produces high serotonin), are found in those with: depression, anxiety, suicide, violence, arson, substance abuse, insomnia, violent nightmares, impulsive behaviour, reckless driving, exhibitionism, hostility, argumentative behaviour, etc. The drugs increase serotonin and decrease the metabolism of serotonin leading to any and all of the above results. This information is extremely crucial for patients and physicians to learn as soon as possible. We have a high rate of use of these drugs nationwide. Raising serotonin and lowering the metabolism of serotonin in such a large number of people can produce very serious, widespread and long term problems for all of society.
    So why are we now in the 90′s being told that increased serotonin is good for us?
    Is it because it is good for the pocketbooks of the manufacturers? One manufacturer is running full page newspaper and magazine ads and half hour TV infomercials to bring in over $7 million daily, while on the other hand they are settling Prozac suicide cases for huge amounts of money in exchange for silence from victim’s families on the details of those settlements. The silence in the court cases insures that the drug will be allowed to finish out its patent time, thus bringing in the highest possible profits for the company. They know that with $7 million coming in daily, they can afford to settle a large number of lawsuits and still come out “smelling like a rose” financially.
    Eli Lilly has been sued for Prozac related deaths in numerous state and federal courts with most of these cases being settled or dismissed – many were dismissed due to the unethical manipulation of the Wesbecker verdict
    (see time line for details).
    We have witnessed no decrease in suicide, but increases in murder/suicide, suicide, unwed pregnancies, domestic violence, manic-depression, MS, hypoglycemia, diabetes, bankruptcies, divorce, mothers (parents) killing children, road rage, school shootings, cancer, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and Fibromyalgia since these serotonergic drugs have become so popular and I relate it directly to the effects of these drugs.
    The death toll has continued to climb drastically since I wrote PROZAC: PANACEA OR PANDORA? Some of the cases you may be familiar with are:
    1. Mr. and Mrs. Phil Hartman (Zoloft), Prozac was found in the van of Mark Barton, the Atlanta day trader, who recently killed his family and others in a shooting spree before taking his own life;
    2. Neal Furrow, in LA Jewish school shooting was reported to have been court ordered to be on Prozac along with several other medications;
    3. The Salt Lake Family History Library shooting;
    4. School shootings in Littleton, Colorado (Luvox), Atlanta, Georgia, Springfield, Oregon (Prozac), and Caldwell, Idaho;
    5. Another boy in Pocatello, ID in 1998 who in seizure activity from Zoloft had a stand off at the school;
    6. 15 year old Chris Shanahan (Paxil) in Rigby, ID who out of the blue killed a woman;
    7. The shooting at the lottery in Connecticut last spring by Matthew Beck (Luvox) that left five dead in a murder/suicide;
    8. The New York City Subway bombing by Edward Leary (Prozac);
    9. Nick Mansies (Paxil) in New Jersey who was convicted of killing a little boy who was selling cookies door to door;
    10. In Orange County, CA Dana Sue Gray (Paxil) who co-workers described as a very caring nurse killed several elderly people;
    11. Officer Stephen Christian (Prozac) one of the finest officers on the Dallas Police force, who ran into a police substation shooting at fellow officers and was killed;
    12. 13 year old Chris Fetters (Prozac) in Iowa who killed her favourite aunt;
    13. David Rothman (Prozac) killed two co-workers and himself at the Dept. of Agriculture in Ingelwood, CA;
    14. Williams Evans (Zoloft) shot one co-worker at the Ohio Bureau of Employment Services before shooting himself in Columbus, OH;
    15. Winatchee, WA where 43 people were wrongfully imprisoned in a false accusation of sexual abuse “witch hunt” fury started by a child under the influence of Prozac and Paxil;
    16. Christopher Vasquez (Zoloft) killed Michael Morrow in Central Park;
    17. Megan Hogg (Prozac) duct taped the mouths and noses of her three little girls and took a handful of pills; Vera Espinoza (Prozac) in Randolph, VT shot her small son and daughter before shooting herself;
    18. An elderly man (Prozac) in Layton, UT axed his wife and daughter to death;
    19. Margaret Kastanis (Prozac) used a knife and hammer to kill her three children before stabbing herself to death;
    20. An elderly man (Paxil) in Dallas, TX strangled his wife before shooting himself twice in the chest;
    21. Larramie Huntzinger (Zoloft) blacked out and ran his car into three young girls killing two in Salt Lake City, UT;
    22. Mary Hinkelman (Prozac), a nurse in Baroda, MI shot her two small daughters and her sister before shooting herself;
    23. Lisa Fox (Prozac) shot her small son and her dog before shooting herself in Brighton, MI;
    24. Debi Louselle (Zoloft) shot daughter and then herself in Salt Lake City, UT;
    25. A father in Wyoming shot his wife, daughter and baby grand-daughter then himself after only days on Paxil;
    26. A mother (Prozac) in Pleasant Grove, UT killed her 17 year old son with a sledge hammer while he slept before she attempted suicide by drinking Drano;
    27. Larry Butz, a superintendent of schools in Ames, IA shot his wife, son and daughter before shooting himself – many cases pending in court are not mentioned.
    This is only a handful of MANY, MANY more cases – there would not be room for anything else if I continued listing the cases.
    A few additional famous victims: Princess Di (Prozac) and Dodi Fayed -via their driver Henri Paul (Prozac), Monica Lewinsky (Prozac, Zoloft, Effexor, Serzone and Phen-Fen), Chris Farley (Prozac), Pres. Clinton’s ex-partner Jim Mc Dougal (Prozac), Abby Hoffman (Prozac), Del Shannon (Prozac), Danielle Steele’s son (Prozac), INXS singer Michael Hutchence (Prozac), Sarah – Dutchess of York (Phen-Fen)

    Guy Turcotte was on some medication when he committed these atrocities…..

    Here is what Dr Baughman has to say about it:

    Psychiatry is NOT a Medical Practice
    by Fred Baughman, Jr., M.D., Child Neurologist

    Our emotions—be they elation, depression or anxiety—are a barometer of how we are doing at the game of life. If you reject what your feelings and emotions are telling you, these signals become muddled and lose their attachment to specific failures or successes. Psychiatrists often claim depression, anxiety, and other painful emotions are endogenous—arising from within and not traceable to life events. If they don’t take the time to hear a patient’s life history surely they will not discover the roots of these feelings.

    Intent on making disease pronouncements and on drugging their patients, psychiatrists never take time to understand their patients. Instead, they quickly apply the DSM ‘disease’ label, scribble a script and then go on to the next normal if troubled patient. But be certain of one thing—there are no diseases in psychiatry.

    Even in extreme emotional chaos, recovery may be made and a sense of well being achieved through a long road back, with every life’s hurdle needing to be met and surmounted. In any event the failures at life must, sooner or later be confronted and the hard work of life, with the assist of loved ones, family and friends, must be done, and must be done successfully—no shortcuts.

    This is why the illusion of psychiatric drugs as ‘treatment’ is such a dangerous illusion—it never requires that those life hurdles be successfully met. These drugs are chemical poisons that always damage the brain—our main organ of adaptation—and do so increasingly with dose and time. They are pain pills for the mind—targeting symptoms and emotional pain but never a defined physical abnormality or disease as in the practice of medicine. Does this really make sense—to damage our organ of adaptation and call it ‘treatment.’ This is why—unlike the actual practice of medicine—there are no psychopharmacologic cures.

    Psychiatry and/or psychology should stick to helping people face the struggles of life without lies about psychiatric diseases. They could then participate with loved ones, family and friends in real cures. Unfortunately, their allegiance is no longer to their patients but to Big Pharma, a reality they never divulge to patients.

    Meanwhile, the drugs over time with accumulating patient-years of exposure surely damage the body and brain to the point that such damage goes from occasionally evident to permanent and truly physically and neurologically disabling. The result is invariably a net poisoning, never a cure and always does net harm, often shortening the patient’s life.

    The number of Americans on government disability due to mental illness has been skyrocketing from 1.25 million in 1987 to over 4 million today. It is an iatrogenic, physician-psychiatrist induced epidemic that will only mount in the future. This utter, complete fraud based on the fiction of psychiatric diseases has to stop. There is no way to reform psychiatry which is no longer separable from the pharmaceutical industry. Psychiatry is not a legitimate part of the medical profession that deals with the healing and normalization of physical abnormalities. It must be banished from the house of medicine. Until it is banished, medicine and all medical school faculties remain co-conspirators in psychiatric/psychotropic poisoning for wholly illusory, invented diseases—for profit! Given that the ‘patients’ are normal to begin with—disease-free—and that the drugs they are consigned to are poisons there is no conclusion to reach but that net harm invariably results.

    The only reason psychiatry exists today is due to its illusions of diseases and illusions of cure and ‘treatment’ by extremely expensive, always-damaging drugs. Psychology and related professions should be re-invigorated, starting with the few of courage and honesty in their ranks who have not capitulated to psychiatry and the ‘chemical imbalance’ model.


    • archemdis says:

      I agree with you that something needs to be done, but we as a society cannot allow people withdrawing from legally prescribed medicines murder their children can we? I mean if this were to happen at the end of the day this becomes a tool to get away with murder. I hear you though and will be looking into the links. It is always refreshing to hear another opinion of why and how we see and do things. I thank you for your input and that is of a personal nature makes it all the more valuable. Have a great day!


  2. Judge, and Jury sound like a bunch of devils that want to go on a killing party not caring who they kill. I can see the commercial now; feeling down, depressed, and gloomy? life’s got you down’.
    Can’t find peace of mind? I have the perfect solution. Go On a shooting spree to feel better.

    That’s what it is. when you think about it.

    Humans are not glorifying God at all, and in fact they are making him sad . We need to make God glad, and then humans will make whoever glad at the same time


  3. Was Guy Turcotte on medication (antidepressants) when he committed these crimes?

    Child-killer Guy Turcotte should be released from Pinel Institute, psychiatrist says
    Catherine Solyom, The Gazette
    Published: Friday, January 13, 2012
    MONTREAL – Guy Turcotte presents a low risk to public safety and should be released without conditions, a psychiatrist testified Friday at the third day of hearings examining whether the former cardiologist who killed his children can be returned to society.
    Dominique Bourget, an expert witness for Turcotte, said she can find no major mental disorder to justify keeping him at the Pinel Institute, where he has been confined since a jury found him not criminally responsible for killing his two children Olivier, 5, and Anne Sophie, 3, in February 2009.
    She said Turcotte scored a six out of 20 on a diagnostic test in terms of his risk to society, mostly because of the extreme nature of his crime. He stabbed his children 46 times.

    Guy Turcotte holds his daughter, Anne-Sophie, who was 1 year old.
    Courtesy of the St. Jérôme Courthouse
    Email to a friend Printer friendly

    He is no longer depressed, suicidal or on medication, Bourget testified, basing her opinion on meetings with Turcotte as well as reports.
    A special mental health review board has been convened to weigh Turcotte’s fate. July’s verdict of not criminally responsible by reason of mental disorder allows Turcotte to be held indefinitely as long as he poses a danger, or be released with conditions or freed outright.
    Thursday, Turcotte himself took the stand and claimed he is no longer a risk and has gotten over many of the issues that fuelled his violent outburst. He plans upon his release to stay with family, seek therapy and eventually get back to work, he testified.
    He also hopes to have an intimate relationship again, but suggested he was not yet ready for that.
    Bourget’s testimony contrasts starkly with the opinions of three other expert witnesses who testified in November and who were charged with evaluating the risk Turcotte poses to public safety.
    Psychiatrist Pierre Rochette, Turcotte’s attending physician, and his colleagues found no discernible mental disorder in Turcotte, but recommended that he remain detained in the hospital because he said there was a “missing link” in the understanding of the tragic events of 2009 that make Turcotte’s future actions unpredictable.
    Doctors still can’t explain how a successful cardiologist like Turcotte could stab the children he loved to death. Until experts understand what caused him to snap, no one can predict whether it might happen again, Rochette said.
    Rochette, who interviewed Turcotte over eight hours since he was admitted in July, said he hasn’t been able to delve deeper into Turcotte’s mind to find the missing link, partly because the upcoming appeal of the verdict in his murder trial may be stopping Turcotte from straying from the “official version” and revealing hidden motivations.
    Anger and rage may be part of the missing link, he said.
    Bourget disagreed. There is no missing link, she said. Turcotte was mentally ill, suffering from an adaptation disorder coupled with severe depression which led him to snap when faced with extreme stress. But now that the stress is gone, so is the disorder, she said.
    As for whether he could snap again, under different stressors – lack of a profession, money, his children or the disdain of society at large – Bourget said it was no more likely to happen to Turcotte than to the members of the review panel under certain circumstances.
    Suzanne Courchesne, a lawyer representing the Pinel Institute, then presented Bourget with a number of comments made by Linda Gaudet, a criminologist credited with helping Turcotte overcome his suicidal tendencies at the Rivière des Prairies detention centre, where he was housed until receiving the verdict of criminally not responsible.
    She noted that Turcotte had a “potential to manipulate,” a “haughty” attitude and was “narcissistic,” a trait several professionals remarked upon, as a possible symptom of a personality disorder.
    Bourget saw none of these traits in Turcotte.
    Isabelle Gaston, the mother of the two slain children who has sat two rows in front of Turcotte’s family throughout the hearings, said she was troubled by the psychiatrist’s recommendations, made after seeing Turcotte for a total of an hour and a half since the verdict in July. “Two children were killed. The least we can do is take several hours to analyze him at different times to be certain of her conclusions,” she said speaking to reporters outside the Pinel Institute. “There’s no rush to let Guy Turcotte out.”
    Courchesne also confronted Bourget with the conclusions of Frederic Millot, head of the intra-family homicide clinic at Pinel, whom Turcotte refused to consult with upon the advice of his lawyers. In a chapter he wrote on filicide –the killing of one’s own children – Millot wrote that after sentencing, a parent feels some relief and denial, then depressive symptoms typically reappear along with renewed thoughts of suicide.
    “Wouldn’t it be more prudent to keep Mr. Turcotte in hospital for observation and treatment?” Courchesne asked.
    The hospital is better than prison, Bourget replied, “but we can’t keep everyone who may have suicidal thoughts at some point in hospital.”
    The hearings, before a panel of two psychiatrists, two lawyers and a social worker, were expected to wrap up Friday. But there will be two more days scheduled to hear two more psychiatrists called by Turcotte’s lawyers, and panel members would like to hear from Rochette again.
    Then they’ll have to come to a decision on Turcotte’s fate. After three days of hearings on Turcotte’s mental state before, during and after the brutal slayings of his two children, at least one of the panellists was still second-guessing the verdict.
    “We are being asked to set him free,” said Lucien Leblanc, one of the lawyers on the board – but we still don’t understand his motivations for killing the children.
    “What was his goal? What made him act? Depending on what motivated him other people could be in danger, for example if the motive was vengeance, there is someone in danger.”

    © The Montreal Gazette 2012



    • Judge,and Jury sound like a bunch op0f devils that want to go on a killing party. They are not glorifying God at all, and in fact they are making him sad . We need to maker God glad, and then humans will make whoever glad at the same time.


  4. The truth brigade on radio (Dr Peter Breggin)
    Worth listening to understand all the killings going on in societies.
    The host has a voice you need to get used to but Dr Breggin is eloquent.


    • archemdis says:

      Thank you for the suggestion and the video link Claire


    • The Devil is in that. No repentance at all.


      • archemdis says:

        This is true no repentance in this guy, Mr. Guy Turcotte. He has been hurt; he wants to be free; he wants his life back. He is not crazy now and he never was. What he did was evil, what he did was exactly what he planned to do in my opinion. He wanted to punish his wife and deny her happiness anyway he could for leaving him for another man and that is exactly what he did when the opportunity presented itself. He took away the most important and the most loved things in her life, that being her little boy and baby girl. This is a very dangerous man, a selfish man who thinks that he can get away with murder and if he gets out he will kill again the moment he does not get his way, or something negatively impacts his life. This man’s feet should never touch the ground unless it is on prison property and he should never be allowed to practice medicine anywhere again for the rest of his days. Everything that he has should be given over to his wife for her loss at the hand of this murderer. Nothing will ever be able to replace or make up for the loss of her children at the hands of this murderer and she will never again be whole, or not feel the loss, but she will need things to live and I feel that this is the least that he could do.


      • Mr. Guy Turcotte does not know what he plants is what i he will get.it is a simple Principle of nature. Give good get good Plant a good seed get good produce. Give a hug get a hug. Give bad get bad. We all have a dead end for the body. Give a body a dead end not repenting, and the soul will die with the body. Mr. Guy Turcotte does not see himself frying in Gods light. When he does he will think twice about harming anyone again.


      • archemdis says:

        This may be true, but for me in the here and now I like him right where he is. Good night Jonathan


  5. One thing the judge is not saying is that the one who killed had better repent or the one that killed will end up being dust in the light of God. Die, and be unrepentant, and that soul will be snatch by Satan to be in a dark prison of his making awaiting final judgment. To say it is OK to do such a heinous thing emboldens idiotic humans to do the same thing thinking there are no consequences to such a terrible thing as killing your children or anyone else. This is a case where the legal system does not teach anyone what is right, and what the eternal consequences are of their actions. It is true we should not condemn whoever for whoever is responsible for their actions before God, but to not tell humans to repent is being negligent.


    • archemdis says:

      Yes and it is so dangerous for the children, who are tossed back and forth from one angry, jealous parent to another. this masn for lack of a better word will get his, but all of those innocent children with no chioices when it comes to visitation and custody have now been put in real danger and it makes me sick with worry. I tremble with rage just thinking about it. Have a great day!


  6. D.I.D. says:

    In defense of the Province of Québec, this was a criminal matter and thus the defect is to be found in the Criminal Code of Canada.

    I don’t understand the all or nothing mentality when it comes to criminal justice. Liberals seem soft on everyone, wheras the Conservatives are hard on everyone. Why can’t we clean up the absurd loopholes such as the “insanity” plea and make the law somewhat easy and understanding to the minor offenders but heavy and tough on the murders, rapists, et cetera?


    • archemdis says:

      I agree with you and your train of thought, but unfortunately it will not matter to the children how these nuts get away with this type of thing. The wheels of justice and change grind too slowly. This nonsense has been going on too long especially in Quebec. I think that when you stand up in court and say I decided to kill my children than it is premeditated murder. I think when you say Oliver said no daddy, I panicked and stabbed him some more, you were fully aware of what you were doing. To go on with the killing and stab your daughter to death after panicking says you had a plan and followed through with it. This to me in my opinion does not a insanity plea make. The man says, I did not want them to wake up and see me dead, so I decided to take them with me. That is as prmeditated as it gets. What law says that this is somehow remotely a justification for a plea of temporary insanity? There may be grounds for some insaanity pleas, but this in my opinion is not one of them. Always a pleasure to hear from you! Have a great day!


  7. The love of many is waxing worse,and worse, growing colder,and colder. What madness is this? To give an excuse to kill your children is to me zero K kelvin cold. There is no cold colder than that. A judge allowing the parents to kill their children if they are emotional disturbed? That is as bad a Pontius Pilate: killing all the babies that vigilantes could find so Jesus would not be born. The madness is occurring because humans are not looking to, and not being like Jesus following the laws of man. This causes humans with blood without the spirit of God to go imperceptibly deeper down into a dark cavern doing what Satan wants, and not even knowing it. Humans have the audacity to arrest a human for having a nude picture of a child that is naked, and persecute Pedo’s. There is no comparison. The laws against the sexualities is showing how dark the laws against the sexualities really are by that Judge, and jury to allow a human to kill their own children. Giving them a free pass like on the monopoly game. No one is teaching any good thing. The laws of man are teaching nothing good at all, and that is why man sanctifies the killing – sacrificing of ones own children like a Molech worshiper. Humans need to repent, and turn from their wicked ways.


    • archemdis says:

      It just makes me so angry I could just reach out and tap somebody, but that never sovles anything either.


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