Where Have All The Empires Gone? Gone To Graveyards Every One. When Will We Ever Learn?

The Ottoman Empire

We have come full circle, or regressed as people to the point where we are bringing back the past and forgetting all that we have learned. We fought the fight of senseless wars; wars fought over religion, greed and prejudice.  We have wrestled hard with the thinking that one race, one person, one nation had the right to rule the world and now once again we find ourselves back at the beginning, making all of the same mistakes, if possible on a more grandiose scale.

The Roman Empire

There was the Ottoman Empire, the Spanish Empire, the Roman Empire, the British Empire.  the French, the English, the Spanish, the Dutch, that all took by force what did not belong to them; and let us not forget the Norsemen, those vikings who lived to kill conquer, enslave and claim other peoples lands as their own, but they all failed in the end for the same reason.  Sooner or later you must go home if you are the invader, the occupier, because you can not afford to keep armies guarding in every country that you take over.

German Domination

If and when you leave, some one will get the idea that they want to be independent, it happens all the time.

The quest for more power is in every general, every governor and so they begin to seek their independence, one country after another and you the head of their empire find yourself at war in countries all over the world far from home. It begins to drain your economy and strain the quality of life for your native land and before you know it you can afford little else but the wars, the building of better weapons and doing all of the things that keep an army on the march.  At this point the wars become a sore spot for your citizens and they begin to complain about the things that they are now not able to have and the downward dip in the quality of life they used to enjoy before all of the wars.

Collapse of the Soviet Union

It is always the same, never different.  At first your people are so proud of being number one in the world, better than everyone else.  They enjoy the prosperity that comes from collecting taxes from all of these countries, that is until the cost of ensuring that these countries keep sending the taxes and the upkeep of keeping military there in foreign lands becomes more than the money from taxes bring in.  It is at this point that the Empire begins to crumble and the head of the empire begins to go broke and finds it has a choice let go of the countries it has fought so hard to occupy and control, or starve its own people and now the empire begins to fight its own people now starving, living below the poverty line to hold onto things that it has no right to and we begin to see civil unrest.

The nation in charge of the empire is now at war with itself and the nations under its thumb feel and sense that the enslaver is in trouble and intensifies its struggle to once again be free.

Japanese Occupation Map

Think of all of the wasted effort, the wasted time, energy and human life, just to be king of the hill for a moment in time.  To get what one can never hope to keep.  Germany tried it with the Nazis only to see the rest of the world unite to bring an end to their tyranny.  Russia tried it creating the USSR. This empire grew so big and spread itself so thin that its soilders were not able to eat or get paid and the USSR was force to become simply Russia again.  Japan tried it in the second world war and were stopped by a nuclear attack.  The USA dropped bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki resulting in their surrender and the untold deaths of millions in just three days and the count continues to climb.

USA troop deployment worldwide

The USA led western alliance is trying the same thing today turning people against people, religion against religion and nation against nation.  They are not the first alliance of nations that got together to try and dominate and rule the world.  The Nazis formed an alliance with both Japan and Italy, but they failed.  America with its big guns, fancy planes, big war ships  and propaganda machine is now trying to dominate the world with its allies and it is running into the same problems as all others that have tried it before them.  The Western Alliance can not afford the price of its warring actions.  The Western Alliance is bankrupting itself in this unwinnable, never-ending war that is not a war.

We the people of the west are tired of fighting the war that isn’t a war.  We the people of the west are tired of not having money for medical treatment, hospitals, seniors homes, pensions, education welfare and education, so that our leaders can satisfy their quest for more power. We the people of the west are tired of sending our children to die to help people who do not wish our help.  We the people of the west are tired of being lied to.

The world is falling apart and recreating itself.  Financial markets are failing all over the world.  The USA came within mere hours of defaulting on its loans, because of an idiotic group of government officials and their backers, so hell-bent on showing up the Black president that they allowed the country to lose its triple A credit rating. This is the country that wants to police and control the world.  The world will survive this insane attempt by the USA led Western Alliance as it has won out against all the other power crazed nations and coalitions, who have sought to dominate the world in times gone by.

I think Britain will be the first to get out of this insanity, as her people rise up and say, enough is enough. We want jobs, education, and our social programs back.  We want to live in peace and stop sending our children to die.  David Cameron, take care of us first.  We care about jobs and social programs we are tired of paying for a never-ending war.  The rest of  Europe will follow Britain. Their economies for the most part have already fallen and are being propped up artificially, a situation that can not go on much longer.  The USA and Canada are not far behind. What a joke the TSE has hit record lows and the PM says stay cool.  This empire and expansionist attempt by the USA and it allies is not at the beginning, what we are now seeing is the end result.  What a waste of energy, time and resources.

Are we doomed to keep making the same mistakes over and over again? It does not look good for the supposedly smartest creatures on the planet.  For all of our greatness, and ability to adapt we remain the same violent, greedy, selfish,  world destroying curse to the earth, that we have always been since the beginning of time, unable or unwilling to see the folly of our ways.

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