Jack Layton / A Canadian Who Cared / Dead At 61

Jack Layton dead at 61 from cancer wow.  There can be no doubt that Jack Layton wanted what was good for Canada and all Canadians.   Jack Layton had the right idea to work with other  political parties whether they be in the opposition, or governing side of the house, but for that you need two sides willing to be truthful and honest putting Canada and Canadians first and that was just not available to him, as some people on the hill were looking only for power.  I think that a great man’s way of positive thinking was taken advantage of by manipulating politicians like Stephen Harper.  It will be hard for Olivia to carry on, but I truly hope that she carries on giving her support and help to the NDP as she gave it to her husband.  May God give her the strength to carry on; neither Canada nor the NDP can afford to lose them both at once.

If I had to pick a politician who best exemplified how one should act being a politician in a democratic government, I would have to say that it was Jack Layton and I have never voted for the NDP.  Jack Layton in my opinion did not always make the best deals, but he was always willing to listen and always willing to put forward suggestions and try to come to an understanding not based solely on his political ideology on what was good for Canadians and Canada and that I found admirable and as far as political leaders in Ottawa go he was the only statesman.  Unfortunately Jack Layton served his country in a time when Canada had a Prime Minister that was not interested in negotiating with the opposition and thought that his government and him should be followed blindly his wanting to be a middle man, a deal maker, for the  Canadian people did not sit well in the Conservative Party of Canada camp, or the other opposition camps and so I thought that he was often used by the other parties to pass some not so good things to get a good thing.

 Jack Layton was able to start the people of Canada to see that there was indeed a way to get good government and he was able to show Canadians that there was indeed a choice other than the old arrogant, non democratic way of governing that the old political leaders were using. I like most Canadians for a long time thought that Jack Layton was too good to be true; that he had good ideas, but he would never be able to pay for them; that he could never win a federal election.  I like most of Canadians were so worried about how he was going to pay for things that we did not vote for the only politician that said we had a right to them and that said that he was going to give them to us.  It was not Jack Layton’s fault that we could not or would not accept the offer of help it is our own and we missed a chance for change. I hope that my mind, eyes, ears  and heart are a little more open the next time.

I must admit that I misunderstood Jack Layton too and was unable to trust a politician who said that I am not interested in winning an election, I am only interested in doing some good for you as Canadians.  Jack Layton did not believe in the train of thought that says that all things that are in the best interest of Canadians are not always in the best interest Canada, which Steven Harper keeps driving home with his talk about the economy verses social programming argument, or the Liberals keep driving home with years  of  broken election promises. I think that Jack Layton was the only politician in Canada to say publicly and believe that all that is good for Canadians is good for Canada, because Canadians are Canada.

Jack Layton fought a great fight  to return a sense of morality, decency and democracy to the Government of Canada and we are less in his absence.  I will miss our conscience, our reminder to the arrogant on Parliament Hill that they are their to serve us the Canadian people not just get themselves elected with promises that they do not intend to keep.  I will miss the way he made me think of things that I did not want to think about, but hope I can remember what he wanted for Canadians and the options he made it clear we have.  Jack Layton was not perfect, he was a man and a politician, but his heart was definitely in the right place. I will miss his smile, his willingness to speak for those less fortunate for himself and his gift of standing up and fighting for what he believed. I think that Jack Layton did more for Canada in his time and place as an opposition leader than most leaders who actually led Canada as a government.

Lastly to Jack Layton’s wife and  family, friends and love ones and political allies my sympathies and best wishes as you go on with your lives without him. I hope that you continue what Jack Layton saw and wanted for Canada, because it is a good fight a just fight and something that you can be proud of.  You have been shown the way.  Continue to make a difference you now have the task of fighting the oppressive regime that is killing Canada and making sure that Canadians remember that there is always another choice than allowing something or somebody to hurt you. If nothing else Jack Layton the Statesman taught us that much.  What is good for Canadians has got to be good for Canada, because they are one in the same.  Good bye Jack Layton and God Bless You sir as you journey to your final resting place.

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  4. The body of Jack Layton is dust, but his spirit is with the Lord God almighty.


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