Canada What Will It Take To Open Up Your Eyes?

We as Canadians came together for the first time in a long time and did what for a long time was unthinkable.  We crossed political, religious, financial lines, gender and sexual preference and honoured a very special man and fellow Canadian.  Will we now try to emulate some of the things that we found so wonderful in him, or will he sink into the past  and will we treat his memory the way we treat the memory of say a, Gandhi, Martin Luther King,  Desmond Tutu and the other humanitarians we honor, but refuse to act like?  The funeral was yesterday and lines of people have been lining up  for a week and saying that they now see and that their eyes are now open.  They have recognized this man’s efforts to create a better Canada, but it will be interesting to see how many people will be willing to adopt his ways of selflessness, or how long it will take for business to go back to normal and the divide to grow wider between the government and its people and Harper’s real Canadians and Harper’s other Canadians.  As I have said many times in many articles, we have a tendency as Canadians to make a fuss over something for a few hours, days, weeks and sometimes even months, and then we forget about it, it becomes water under the bridge and all is forgotten.  the politicians know this so they no longer fear reprisals for their bad deeds, they simply wait for us Canadians to get bored with it, before they start again with their bad behaviour.

What is it going to take to get Canadians to stand up to this non democratic, arrogant government that is in trashing everything that Canada used to stand for.  What will it take for the good people, that Harper refers to as the real Canadians to understand that they are about to lose all that they think that Harper represents very soon.  Harper will not stop at the poor to take the rights and freedoms from.  This is the same political party and leader that made the middle class extinct, by taking away their right to negotiate for better deals, by allowing companies and banks to steal their pensions and by selling the industries they work in to foreigners who after getting grants and tax breaks close up the Canadian side of things run back to whence they came and put thousands of Canadians out of work at a time.  This is the same government that out sourced whole industries at a time and is still doing it as I type, throwing thousands of people out of work.  Stephan Harper has a plan indeed and it is to suck all the power from the people and put in the hands of himself, but he needed financing from big business, banks and people with big money;  the greedy people and so began his courtship of you.

Stephen Harper has given you through his ministerial court every advantage in tax breaks, government funding, government contracts and the enactment of laws to see that you succeed in getting wealthier than you already are at the expense of the people who work for you, do business with you, or who need the services or products you require to live. For the moment Prime Minister Harper has only asked for your vote in return and your support in all he does good or bad to the two classes below you, and by that I mean those of us not able to buy a favor from the Conservative party.

I must give credit where it is due if I wanted to ensure that I remained in control of the government for as long as I could I guess I would have come to the same conclusion that no matter what you do for the little people they always want more and there are so many of them that you could never satisfy them all, so why try.  The truly powerful rich are not that great an amount and they need very little and are very easily handled and they could careless about the average Canadian as long as they show up for work, keep their mouths shut and allow him to run the country as he sees fit.  I would have done just like Mr. Harper and used the rich against the poor, the strong against the weak and the majority against the minority.    When the less fortunate were put back in their place I would move to handcuff the rich and powerful.  Cold, heartless, cruel, but a brilliant strategy and it worked and will keep right on working until all Canadians say no more, you must go. 

Stephen Harper is a control freak  and you keep reminding him that if  it were not for you he would not be in power and that without you he can not win an election.  I think what we see now in his governmental strategy, is a way  for him to gain control over  the banks, the big business and you the wealthiest people in Canada.  Look to Stockwell Day, Peter Mackay and any other partnership he has made with political leaders, religious leaders, business leaders, community leaders and you will know your fate.  What he can not gain control of  he turns on and gets rid of.  Stephen Harper sees us the voter, money, religion, social programming and people in general as a means to an end.  We are all merely tools he uses to maintain a grip on power and I believe nothing more. I think that he needs and wants what little power big business, banks,  the press and the rich still hold over the average Canadian, because it represents power that can stop him, because he does not control it totally yet. Stephen Harper is looking to replace you with a power base that does not require local money, or support, but instead has begun to rely on  a new world support, where global is more important than local and allied governments will help him control you the local, if you get in his way too much.

Harper is twisting and bending Canadian law so far out of shape that it is impossible to recognize.  All of you who once held the power that built this country have eaten from his hand so much that you are becoming unable to compete on our own and soon will be totally dependent on his hand outs to survive and he will own you.  Already you show signs that you are so dependent on him giving you the edge instead of you making it, that he has the power over you.  You buy your competitive edge instead of making a better product.  Instead of building respect and treating your employees fairly so that they respect the product and their employers you do not negotiate instead you look to Stephen Harper to force your employees back to work with new legislation.  With each new law he takes the power of self-respect from you and your employees, but you are still blind.

Why can’t Canadians see the change in their news coverage.  It is all controlled spoon fed dribble.  It is news from the extremist polls and very little from the middle where the truth usually lies.  Stories, important stories run a day like what is going on now in Egypt, Libya and now Somalia and Syria.  Coalition bombing runs are always covered in a positive light and the killing of civilians played down or not mentioned at all.  What of the state of the refugees all 450 of them being held in a Canadian correction center without trial or due course of justice? Why do not Canadians care?  These are women, children and innocent men being held for nothing more than seeking help, but why no follow-up coverage in the press. What will it take Canadians to start you asking these questions? What will it take to get you riled up enough about things like this to force the press and news agencies to cover these types stories and demand of them to ask the tough questions?

I think that for the first time in Canadian history, Canada has a Prime Minister that does not care about anything, or anybody.  I think that this is the first time that Canada has a Prime Minister in power that does not have a conscience.  I think that this is the first time that Canada has a Prime Minister that does not care about personal  wealth or the wealth of his citizens, because all of his interests are in having and acquiring more power.  Stephen Harper is never in this country he is always abroad.  Industry by industry is being taken over by foreign interests and Harper is making deals with countries that violate all that we stand for and saying publicly that it does not matter.  Saying that we can not allow a little thing like having the worst human rights record in the world stands in our way when it comes to trading with certain countries, while we bomb others and put down other regimes of the wrong religion for the same thing.

What of Burundi, Egypt, Iraq, Afghanistan? All unfinished business that we can no longer afford monetarily or politically and we can not let go.  Palestine, Israel, Gaza not a word, have these issues been resolved?  We keep leaving countries all screwed up, still in a bad way in every way we can imagine, but we claim victory.  We insist we are helping these people, but in our hearts I know we know we are not.  I listened to a group of otherwise intelligent people saying that they were happy that Canada had, moved from the peace maker position in policy to a warrior position and it frightened me.  There is absolutely nothing to be gained from war except death and destruction.

Did you ever hear that saying that says, “It is better to rule in Hell then be a servant in heaven”? Well I think this is the attitude of the Western Alliance as they along with Canada,  push for their New World Order.  For it to work the leaders of the Western Alliance must have each of their countries peoples obeying blindly and without question while each maintains some semblance of still governing democratically.   As the last federal election in Canada proved when Harper was given a majority government it is working for politicians, but as England is finding out it is not easy to pretend to live in a democracy, because the people begin to think that they have certain rights and power and will eventually seek to test these powers and rights and if denied them will start to fight for them.

Canadians it is time to wake up and see who we have become as a people, it is not a very pretty picture.  We can not keep on putting the blame at the feet of the politicians and the news media, because they are representative of our disconnection.  We have become  an every man for himself nation, that no longer sees any difference between right and wrong, justice or injustice. We see only my way or the highway and we should feel ashamed.  We as Canadians need to stand up and say to our government,”No more, we want our values, our peaceful reputation back.” 

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