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Canadians Countrymen Lend Me Your Ears

Canadians countrymen do not seek to call this man a liar because it is not true. Seek instead to take the blinders off, so that you will not make the same mistake again and allow this poor excuse for a human being to govern again. Realize that all that he is, with all of the power that he has, is your fault and mine for voting him and his political party in, or not fighting hard enough to keep him and political party out. Continue reading

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Golfing For The Love Of Children In The Batshaw Golf Tournament At The Bonniebrook Golf Club

This tournament is not about winning something expensive, this tournament is about love and the need to do something for troubled youth. This tournament is about getting involved. This tournament is about backing up what you talk about with action at a very basic, down to earth street level kind of way. Continue reading

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The Deportation Of Paola Ortiz From Canada / Harper Government Says The Abuse Of Paola Ortiz Not A Canadian Problem

How long is Canada going to allow this dictator and his cronies to hunt down otherwise innocent, decent people and deport them back to certain danger and death? What will Canada say to her children if she ends up dead? If this does not prove that this Prime Minister does not have a heart I do not know what does. Continue reading

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Is Canada Under Steven Harper Becoming A Capitalistic, Opportunistic Nation?

If the Conservative Party of Canada wants to follow the USA and their methods and become a capitalistic society then it should state it publicly, so everyone can see Canada and Canadians for exactly what we are, or have become. Continue reading

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Did God Create Man In His Image Or Did Man Create God In His?

I know for me none of these so-called churches represent my God, because they have recreated God in their image. My God is a God of love not war. My God wants us to feed the poor, heal the sick and do unto others as we would have others do unto us. Continue reading

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When We Live By The Sword / Before And After 9/11

We have mistrust, hatred, bigotry and a dislike for anything Muslim never before seen in America as a constant reminder of 9/11. We have places like Guantanamo Bay to remind us of 9/11. We have a failing world economy to remind us of 9/11. We have probing of the genital area searches and intrusive x-rays to remind us of 9/11, so why do we need to a ground zero to remind us of the price that was paid in blood and tears for not only the USA, but for all of the world, but especially the Islamic, Muslim world?
Continue reading

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Male Or Female, Consensual Or Not, Adults Having Sex With Minor Children Is Rape In Canada, Or Is It?

Oh we have safe the children this and save the children that, but what has actually been accomplished by the political will of a single Prime Minister to make the lives of children and women safer? Continue reading

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