The Sounds And Sights Of Summer That I Love

I love to listen to summer sounds because they are so full of life.  I love the sounds of insects buzzing and birds chirping. I love the sounds the wind makes as it rustles the leaves on trees and I love the sound the water makes as it slaps against the shoreline.  I love the way all of these sounds and many more combine in a symphony of sounds that can only be heard in the days of summer.

This is why I go to parks and take videos of nature, because it is listening to these sounds and the watching of nature that puts me in a tranquil state and allows me to forget the pressures of everyday life, if only for an hour or two.  When I hear the sound of an owl hooting, bullfrog croaking, or a bee buzzing as it goes from plant to plant, I feel at peace and free.  Watching geese perform their mating dance on the water and the ducks feeding and preening always puts a smile on my face.

This world of the so-called lesser species  amazes me, because this is a world of its own, with its own checks and balances, but nothing in it  kills except for food and never just for  fun; nothing in it takes more space than it needs; nothing in it  needs to be policed and there is no crime.  Everything in this world seems to get along and coexist and the best thing is there is no government, just creatures living together in a world according to the laws of nature. These creatures do not pollute, destroy where they live and nothing is wasted.  The creatures in this world recycle everything without being forced to and they make nothing that is not recyclable. When it becomes necessary to defend territory, or the safety of their young, or themselves they very rarely kill one another.  They posture threateningly, or move off , only fighting when there is no other choice and even these fights rarely lead to death. These are just some of the sights and sounds of summer that I enjoy and the reasons why.

I also enjoy the sounds of running water, whether it be an artificial waterfalls, a dam, or a real waterfalls falling a thousand feet, the sound of rushing water has always made me feel in awe and just a little humble.

I  love to listen the sounds of  the rapids and watch them,  because of their raw, natural power.  I have taken videos of the water birds soaring just above the white water,  diving into foam and surfacing to fly away returning after a minute to do it all over again.  This scene has not bored me once.  (I have left a link to my youtube site at the bottom of the page. Once there you can see and hear the sights and sounds that I love about summer; be fore-warned I am no pro.)

 When I have least expected it I have had a ground-hog or a fox cross my path, only to quickly dart behind bushes never to be seen by me again, but that is ok by me, because it means that they are shy of humans as they should be and will probably enjoy a longer life because of it.  These land animals are truly a rare surprise to see and are such a joy to watch if you get lucky. I saw a fox in Angrignion Park a couple of times, but of course it did not hang around long enough for me to get a picture of it.  I did get one picture of a weasel sitting in a tree, but it was in  the winter and from the time it came out of the water through a hole in the ice, ran across the snow for 100 yards I was only able to get its picture as it rested on the branch of a tree.  I will show you my little friend even though this was taken in the winter. I have seen this weasel several times this summer but so far this little creature has managed to be just a little quicker than  me and has remained not filmed in the summertime.

I love to watch water birds in the wild, like herons, egrets, geese and ducks and I love taking videos and pictures of them, but I have never taken a photography lesson.  I am learning as I go about taking pictures and about the habits of these creatures.  Although beautiful these birds are hunters and have little to fear in a marsh other than humans.  I have watched them stock prey and kill and eat it and I can tell you that they are very good at what they do.  There is also a video of this in the youtube link.

I like everything about nature and that include things that are not so nice to the eye, like snails and slugs.  These little creatures are so under rated in the role they play in keeping the forest floor clean by recycling the garbage and debris. In one walking park I visited they were everywhere on trees in the paths, it was difficult not to step on them.

In their own way they were as beautiful as anything else in the park.  they had nice bright colors and they certainly were easy to get a picture of.  I have never given them much thought before and only looked upon snails as something to eat or as something that really took over my aquarium when I got careless and forgot to check the live plants I bought from stores before putting them in.   I have learned to give them their respect and have added them to my list of things and sounds I love about summertime.

Fungi and  moss are everywhere in the wild and along with mushrooms can be spotted on the sides of living trees, dead tree stumps and clinging to  rocks, in every shape, color and texture.  They make up everything from housing, food and a source of medication for animals insects and humans.

Dead trees that have fallen naturally and make to me what looks like the shape of prehistoric animals, or giant insects as the trunks lay propped against one another.  They give the illusion of timelessness to me and add to the sense of wonderment. These dead tress in their various states of rotting and decay are an important source of food and shelter and without them many of the insects and small animal life would not remain alive for very long in our forests and marshlands.

 Another thing I like to do is look up through the branches of closely standing trees and seeing the rays of sun as they push past the leaves and make a kind of rainbow path down to the ground. I never used to look up when walking in a park or wetland area and so I was missing the subtle beauty of the upper level of the forest, the canopy.  This view is exceptionally beautiful after a rain, because of the way the light that manages to get through plays off of the rain drops.

Have you ever seen the white water rafters navigating the rapids and listened to the cheering and screams of excitement as they get deeper into the rapids their rafts bobbing up and down in the surf as they get pulled down river in the current?  It gives me a great joy to see the youngsters with the oldsters enjoying a day on the water safely and in a non polluting way.

I love the sounds of baby birds crying out to their parents for food from their nesting spots either high in a tree on a branch or hidden in thorny bushes near to the ground or seemingly floating on the water built low in the reeds of a marsh.

Just knowing that these creatures built these homes for themselves with no arms, or hands, with no fingers to manipulate the intricate weaving, keeps me coming back to parks and sanctuaries just to marvel and take pictures.

Have you ever really looked at a spider web?  Up to a little while ago I thought of them as only something to destroy.  They kept getting in my hair as I went outside and no matter how often I destroyed the ones hanging over head on my doors the next morning I would see it back again.  I thought of them as the house of the 8 footed little creatures that bite and as long as they remained outside they could live.  Then one day walking in a park I saw how pretty the webs actually were, or how strong they were.  Heavy rain had fallen earlier and I was amazed at how the spider webs were still intact while a lot of other insect homes had been destroyed. I thought to myself maybe this is the way it should be for humans too. Every human with the capability of making his or her own house, providing their own food; maybe that was God‘s original plan, before man decided to alter God’s plan and alter the natural course of nature so that they could have what they wanted instead of what they needed and become as close to being a God as humans can get.

At night I like to sit and just listen to the night sounds of summer.  The crickets and on hot days the heat bugs singing out into the night are a favorite of mine.  No more birds are to be heard, because with exception of the raptors most birds are sleeping in their nests. I would say that to the average person enjoys the relative silence when compared to the noise of  the daytime that sundown ensures.  In contrast with the daylight hours when we can see what we are hearing most people prefer to think that all of  gods creature are asleep at the same time.  Most people find this thought comforting and it gives them a sense of safety and security.  With just a few soft noises on a back drop of calming silence we fall asleep, resting, regaining our energy and strength that will enable us to go out into our world and enjoy once again the noises, sights and wonderment that is summer.  Follow the youtube and watch the videos I took of the sights and sounds of  summer I like the best.

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  1. I love your blog site The Sounds And Sights Of Summer That I Love | Archemdis's Blog. Thanks a lot for that nice post! I will bookmark your weblog and check again here frequently.


  2. D.I.D. says:

    The other end of “good” is always the concept of “evil”. Because humans are (at least to our current knowledge, who knows?!) the only known species to have an intellectually powered notion of ethics, we are capable of both great good and great evil. Evil, or the definition thereof, is a necessary component of ethics. In the natural world there is no evil, because that concept simply doesn’t exist in the natural world: it is all based on biological equilibriums. Evil is very much a human invention, but the other side is that so is good.

    Evil is merely the price humanity pays for its concept of what is good.

    That said, I like nature and exploring the wilderness as well. The calming treks throughout the swampland of my childhood home probably are all that kept me from insanity.

    Best regards, as always Archie.


    • archemdis says:

      This is true my friend, I just point out that it is a price that is very high and I wonder if it is worth it, given the state of the world and what we have done with the power of choice. We are destroying the world and in my opinion doing more evil than good. We now seek to do something called the greater good, a concept that I am having a hard time getting a understanding of I guess because of all the similarities it has to evil.
      Best regards to you always and as always good talking to you. Have a great night.


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