Immigrants Not Guilty For Loss Of French Language In Quebec, A Handful Of Anti English Sovereignist Are

With Canada shaking off the last vestiges of being a peaceful nation dedicated to the peaceful negotiated settling of disputes whether they be the internal problems of another country, or two countries at odds with each other our government has decided that the people to blame for its inadequacies are certain immigrants. To this end the federal government has turned a blind eye to the out right prejudice and racist actions and laws where immigration standards and policies are being forced on the people of its provinces, by their provincial governments.  The sad part is that the federal government is an active player in the hunting and illegal extradition of people in this country and has been since the Harper led Conservative government came into power just over 5 years ago.

I do not say that those who have committed crimes against humanity should not face the full extent of the law, but why would we ship someone to the United States for it? Why not the world court in the Haig? Why not to the country from which they are accused?  We know from experience that the United States makes up its laws to suit itself and does not listen to its own courts when it comes to such things, as evidenced in the Omar Kadhr case.  The federal government got away with shipping a Canadian male citizen to Syria to be tortured because he did not get the benefit of due process, promised never to do it again under a minority government status and now seeks to do it all the time now that they have a strong, stable Conservative government.

So Canada has become like all of the other nations and started to blame immigrants for all of their problems, be they economic, social or religious and in Quebec linguistic.   At one time we were one of the wise nations who realized our own mistakes, took responsibility for them and corrected them. The latest province to enter into the using of the immigrant as a whipping boy is Quebec.  They have decided to heap all of the provinces financial problems, loss of jobs and failing economy and language problems on immigrants, or more on point allowing too many of the wrong type of immigrants to enter Quebec.

Quebec would have us believe that it is not the constant attempt by a certain element in Quebec to rip the province from Canada that is hurting the economy and turning its population against the  sovereignist’s aspirations of being a nation totally french speaking nation.  Quebec in its justification of its plan to curtail the amount of certain types of immigrants would have us believe that it is not statements like, “If I have to destroy Quebec so that Canada  no longer wants it, then that is what I am willing to do, to make Quebec a nation.”, that have made Quebec to risky a place to do business.  Quebec would have us believe that it is not its ridiculous language police and other laws regarding the French language that discourages businesses from investing in Quebec.  Quebec refuses to take responsibility for its self-destruction and so has decided to make a scape goat out of certain immigrants.

What is hurting the Quebec economy, is the government of Quebec repeatedly shooting itself in the foot.  In a province that once was known as a great place to visit with a warm friendly population, has in the recent past been deemed one of the most racist and crime infested places in the world.  Quebec has made it next to impossible for an English-speaking only tourist to find their way around on the highways, by insisting on French only signage and we know already if you ask for the time of day in English on the bus in Montreal you could find yourself ejected from the bus, or worse arrested, but the powers that be do not see this as hurting our economy, but instead look to vilify the poor immigrants that need some assistance as if they were the blame for Quebec’s hard economic times and failing culture.

Quebec in attempting to limit the amount of certain types of immigrants denies the contributions of hard-working immigrants.  All immigrants did not come here rich, many of our immigrants came here poor with  very little other than a desire to do good and with a little help from this province did just that.  Quebec actively sought immigration as a way to force french on the new comers and increase the number families that used French as its first language.  It is these people that Quebec has no further use for, because these people did not buy into the dream of a sovereign Quebec, they instead gravitated towards a unified Canada.

French larger than English on signs even where this make safety an issue, forcing business to change their names to French, taking away peoples rights to choose where their children go to school and under what language they will be taught has not exactly helped this province to attract new investment and yet Quebec chooses to blame the immigrants for its woes.

Quebec is a province that can not bear to hear, or see its history enacted in public, because the pain of losing a war to the British, “The English” just hurts them too much.  When the Parti Québécois was in power they adopted a policy that all you needed to immigrate to Quebec was to come from a francophone country.  Poor, rich, educated, or illiterate it did not matter as long as you spoke french as a first language.  My God Quebec paid for people to have babies. A $1000 for the first child, $2000 for the second child and $3000 for the third.  Who but poor uneducated people would take up such an offer?  These people were left to raise their children on welfare, if they were not already on it. I would hazard a guess that these people and their offspring represented more of a hardship on the Quebec economy than the immigration flow.

The sad part of all of this is that when it came to immigration laws and immigrants being welcomed, Quebec used to be the best in Canada and the most tolerant of others.  The people of Quebec used to be considered champions of the less fortunate and the defenders of all refugees.  Even as it sought its independence Quebec stood fast in its beliefs that we must allow shelter to those seeking shelter from tyranny, but I am not so sure about this anymore.  The old ways applied to the First nations People when stealing this country are being used again and I believe if we are not very careful, Canada will soon become the next apartheid state.

Nothing will change for Quebec until the political situation in Quebec is resolved.  Quebec must realize that it is Quebec’s mistreatment of all that is not francophone that is partially responsible for Quebec’s hard economic times and this will not be changed by blaming its immigrants, or changing its immigration policy.  Quebec must decide once and for all to listen to the will of the majority of Quebecers and drop the issue of sovereignty and becoming a nation.  The instability that every election could see Quebec out of Canada is not conducive to getting people to invest in the province.

It is not an immigration problem that is causing Quebec to lose its French language, it is the way it is being shoved down the throats of  non french speaking Quebecers.  People want to be able to work and do business with more than other french speaking people and are tired of the french only issue taking priority over everything else.  Most people in Quebec are scared of separation and wish that the minority of separatists would just drop it.

The immigration policy that Quebec employed to get more french only speaking people in Quebec has back fired, because those same immigrants want to make a living and live in peace with their neighbors and are not interested in fighting a never-ending political war, that is only hurting Canada and weakening Quebec in every way.  A lot of immigrants come from countries that persecute people for being different and are not interested in doing it to another human being as Quebec is doing to its non french speaking population and so they choose to stand apart from those who would seek to punish those for language differences. Sometimes standing out means simply not giving in and speaking french although they can.

The pressure applied to immigrants and non francophone Quebecers will not get more people to speak french, it will get our backs against the wall and make us fight against this type of tyranny with all that we have.  What I don’t understand is why the  sovereignists have not grasped this by now and changed their tactics. My mom used to tell me that, “You catch a lot more flies with sugar than you do with vinegar.” Quebec Sovereignists would do well to try this approach.

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8 Responses to Immigrants Not Guilty For Loss Of French Language In Quebec, A Handful Of Anti English Sovereignist Are

  1. Gary lawson says:

    This dying 3rd world language being used in Canada, outside of queerbec is simply an obsene waste of money. It makes even less sence in western canada than Tibetian. Besides the first language in queerbec should be James Bay Cree!


    • archemdis says:

      You are kidding right Gary, being sarcastic right? When we start in with the queerbec business, it is not very becoming and makes everything we say of substance as ridiculous as the word queerbec. If you would like to try again without the childish adjectives, please be my guest. I think you would like to make a point, but got lost along the way.


  2. Brecht says:

    Quote: “Are you okay with genocide too?”

    Funny how words are used these days… Did you know that during the colonization of western Canada it was de facto prohibited for quebecers to settle there while at the same time “loyal english citizens” could do so while being subsidied by the british crown? Sounds more like a genocide to me – a covert one – but true nonetheless and far more agressive than some language policy… Anyway, the only true genocide was against native americans, you know it.

    Quote: “Your argument is shallow and of course history only starts after the French, English Europeans took the land from the people already here.”

    Well, you seem not to know that an average of 40% of all quebecers have native american ancestry? (Much more so than the rest of Canada, by the way) And I support giving native americans nations their independent countries if they choose so, no problem with that!

    Quote: “I am not surprised however that you would attack Amir Khadir and try to use him as an example of why you need to be careful in who gets to be a Quebecer.”

    What is that? I said (clearly) that I LIKE Amir Khadir… What is the problem with that? Am I a “racist” because I love an independentist immigrant? What is your point Archemdis?

    NOTA BENE: Can’t you understand that you can be an independentist without being anti-english? I guess the canadian media were “a bit too successful” in their propaganda campaign against any free thought that comes from Quebec…


    • Brecht says:

      Final note to Archemdis: I am myself the son of an american immigrant from Rhode Island USA. Not all english speakers are against Quebec independence, they just don’t do their “coming out” very often. I know that there are racist morons in the independence movement, but most are not… I beg you not to put us all in the same bag.


      • archemdis says:

        Thank you for finally saying what you mean. I do understand how you feel, but I am living it here in Quebec everyday and I think that a little less whip and a little more sugar would get French Quebecers a lot further is all. Sorry if I came across a lot hostile I uasually do not but this is a subject that boils the blood of both sides in Quebec. Allow me to say that I do not have anything but respect for the ones who want French to be spoken and culture to remain, I just want to be able to live as an equal. Go in peace and peace be with you.


    • archemdis says:

      No I do not but the answer you gave seems you are and are and are just looking for company. As for your Native American ancestry most Blacks born in North America have a mixed ancestry too and that is nothing for the Europeans to brag about, as it was not always consensual sex. Try saying what you mean instead of trying to justify yourself and blame others and you might get further in achieving understanding with others. By the way genocide is genocide and there is no such thing as not so bad genocide in my dictionary. Never said you were a racist, but if the shoe fits? You are entitled to your opinion as I am to mine, but I guess that is too much for you to handle this evening, so thanks for commenting and sharing your point of view; I hear you, I just do not agree with you.


  3. Brecht says:

    I think you grossly exagerate the situation in Quebec. Haven’t you read about the fact that in Quebec there is a SOVEREIGNIST PARTY led by a native IRANIAN? This guy – Amir Khadir – is the very real proof many immigrants today in Quebec ARE becoming independentists, because they have learned our own specific history.

    What’s the problem of trying to promote our common culture to immigrants? Especially when they are just beginning to understand our open-minded view of the world? (NOTE: Quebec is not only of french ancestry, but also with strong Scottish, Irish and native american roots by the way) This is not about “repressing” anyone’s right to choose, its just showing to the world that -YES – there IS a french speaking place in North America that is WILLING to accept you!

    Blaming immigrants? Never… Blaming ignorance? Always.

    (Please note that the Party Quebecois is not the sole party in Quebec promoting independence)


    • archemdis says:

      Grow up and cut it out. French were not the first people here and they did lose the war. If the French have retained their language and their culture3 it was because it was not forced away from them like they are now trying to do with the English. It is okay to promote your language and culture but to do it to the exclusi9on of all others is considered genocide. Are you okay with genocide too? Why one sign smaller than the other? Why language police? Why only French language on our highway signage, even where safety is concerned? If the is a ignorance to be found in this province it is the mentality of the SOVEREIGNIST who trample on the rights and freedoms of others while whining for those in the rest of Canada. I am not surprised however that you would attack Amir Khadir and try to use him as an example of why you need to be careful in who gets to be a Quebecer. Your argument is shallow and of course history only starts after the French, English Europeans took the land from the people already here. Funny how you feel that you and the French have a right to your language and culture and even a country, buit you never once say anything about the people you stole this country from or how your ancestors forced them off their land forced them to lose their language and their culture. I do not think that I exaggerate at all, but you are entitled to your opinion and I mine. Your attitude is why we immigrants and what is left of us English Quebecers will stop the bid for independence every time. Just to show that no matter how many signs get turned to French only, or no matter how many English schools get closed down it only strengthens our resolve to live on and survive separatist tyranny. Good day to you Brecht.


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