When We Live By The Sword / Before And After 9/11


Remembering 9/11


I chose not to post this until after the 9/11 memorial day, because I do believe that there are some Americans who are truly out to honor their fallen dead and for those who lost family members and loved ones  on that day. I wish them my sympathies again and hope for all Americans that a time coming when all of the senseless violence on all sides comes to an end.




That having now been said, here we go again remembering 9/11 and the loss of innocent lives and the destruction of the twin towers and in the process vilifying all Muslims and dredging up the anti Muslim sentiment.  It was a tragic event in time I would agree, but it was not and is not the greatest tragedy or the only tragedy of its kind. The fact is that the United States has been doing the same thing to other countries for years and for the past year I doubt whether there has been one day where they have not bombed a city or town in the name of Western justice.  I would say that putting monikers like terrorists and terrorist acts depends on which set of eyes one is looking through and the justification for such violent acts depends on who is doing the judging.

Damage to Pentagon 9/11

I would guess that the idiots responsible for 9/11 thought that they were justified in what they considered USA interference and increasing threat to their way of life. They may have just decided to show the most powerful nation in the world that no one is outside the law and that not all people are afraid of them. They may have decided to show the American people what it feels like to lose your love ones in horrific numbers by acts of violence that you could not defend against, but I fear all that could have been learned was not.

We wish these people that we are destroying their world because we care about them?

America decided wipe out all things Muslim innocent, or guilty partially to ensure that nothing like this happened to them again, partially as an excuse to grab oil and other wealth as they ravaged the places they occupied, but mostly to irradiate a religion and a people that would not bend to their will, or that of their allies since time began.  America and the rest of the Judeao Christian world can ignore or rewrite history to suit themselves, but the truth is that it is these people who for one reason or another keep invading, intruding and occupying other peoples countries, removing governments and instigating civil disobedience and outright treason against a legitimate government.  It is not surprising to me that the United States government fears of  home-grown terrorism.  They have made traitors of their countries heroes, allowed them to immigrate to the United States and treated them poorly; now the government must be wondering how long will it be before they use what we have taught them is right to do to their native governments against us, to make America a better place for them. 

We use excuses like we are fighting for the women of these countries to have the right to go to school and we deny the same rights to our native people.  We say we are doing all of the violence to secure freedom of expression in all ways for the people of these cruel Islamic regimes, yet when they come to our countries we ask them to leave all of their ways at the door. Even worse we deny those same rights and freedoms to our own people.

Why did the wish to have a memorial day and tribute have to turn into a week-long parade of testimonials, showing of the disaster over and over and generally become a carnival show? Get your peanuts, popcorn and twin tower  t-shirts here, will be heard as the need to make a buck off of anything and everything washes away the last traces of this week being a tribute to those that died.  In my opinion this is  being used as a propaganda tool in an effort to keep this event in the news and a way to keep the fear level up for the United States government, so that it can continue to justify its anti Muslim, anti Islamic campaign. Television reporters and radio announcers keep saying that the citizens of New York still can’t put the tragic event out of their minds and I say how could they? The United States government has made sure that every New Yorker, the rest of Americans and the world would not, or could not forget it. 

Imagine this is what hit New York city on 9/11 instead of planes

Maybe there should be a Hiroshima and Nagasaki week to commemorate the USA’s killing of millions of innocent men women and children in just 3 days.  Yes 9/11 was tragic and senseless, but so was the USA dropping the bombs.  Maybe there should be a week-long media blitz every year to commemorate the millions of  innocent men, women and children civilians that the USA and their allies kill every year with their daily bombing runs and missile drops.  I know we consider this a small price for these people to pay for their freedom, but I do not think that the fatherless and motherless children feel that way and it is these children and their memories of the  Western Alliance’s bombing runs and missile drops that are the new recruits and one day leaders of the anti Christian, anti west movements, willing to give their lives as human bombs for the chance to avenge the deaths of their families.

What about the sick and dying heroes?

Now the USA claims that this ground zero memorial is an attempt to honor the dead killed on that day,  but to its first responders like the police, firemen and volunteers who are now suffering from cancer and other diseases related to inhaling all of the toxic substances in the air during and after the attack, they do very little or nothing.  Maybe instead of a ground zero ceremony and all of this hype, the money might have been more appropriately spent on the living suffering heroes of that day?  Maybe instead of using every dollar for the war effort the USA would be better served by using that money for disaster relief it its own country?  We have mistrust, hatred, bigotry and a dislike for anything Muslim never before seen in America as a constant reminder of 9/11.  We have places like Guantanamo Bay to remind us of 9/11.  We have a failing world economy to remind us of 9/11.  We have probing of the genital area searches and intrusive x-rays in airports, to remind us of 9/11, so why do we need to a ground zero to remind us of the price that was paid in blood and tears  for not only the USA, but for all of the world, but especially the Islamic, Muslim world?

The death toll of Hiroshima and Nagasaki is far higher than 3,00o people

Where America and her allies once tried to pretend they respected the sovereignty of other nations, they now trod over the lands of others, the religion of others, the customs of others, the laws of others and the cultures of others without even trying to pretend they are not doing what they are doing.    The USA and their allies seek to assimilate, instead of appreciate.  The USA and their allies seek war, instead of peace and to kill, instead of heal and then  ask why would some one want to kill us? Why did 9/11 have to happen and the answer is,” One reaps what they sow.”   “Live by the sword and you will die by the sword.”  “Do unto others as you would have done unto you.”

The truth is what it is the so-called terrorist no longer needs to attack the USA from within, or from without; it need only remain quiet and the silence will set the USA’s imagination racing and have its people and its leaders see a terrorist threat around every corner.  The terrorist have already won the USA and their allies way of life has been shattered and altered forever, their confidence shaken.  For all of the regimes being knocked down in Muslim countries and all of the lives being lost, by the constant warring of Islamic nations verses the Western Alliance, the USA and its allies still live in constant fear of being attacked. What more of a victory could the 9/11 terrorist have ever have hoped for? 

Hiroshima damage

America you lost 3 planes with passengers and crew, 2 buildings, and a badly damaged 3rd and 3000 people and you can not forget it. You are still mourning your dead after 10 years and are still destroying everything Muslim as a punishment for 9/11.  Why should the ancestors of those Japanese Islands that you decimated with your atom bombs forgive you; how long should it take to forget the millions of innocent civilian lives you took in revenge for the bombing of military targets in Pearl Harbor?  It has certainly not taken you long to forget what you have done or what you are doing now.

America this is what you left behind when you bombed and what you were spared on and after 9/11

Look around the world Israel finds itself being alienated where once it had allies, because of the regime changes the Western Alliance has been instrumental in achieving. The world has not become a better place, or a safer place, post 911 for all of the bombing, and the security measures.  There will never be peace until the west stops trying to create the whole world in its image.  The rest of the world likes its religions its customs and its mixture of cultures.  They find nothing brilliant about the greedy, opportunistic ways of the west and do not wish to become part of the rat race.  

Remembering  9/11 does little, learning  from it does more, making positive changes to ourselves would be great.


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10 Responses to When We Live By The Sword / Before And After 9/11

  1. Always willing to enlighten my furry friends.
    The ones in league with the devil do not teach loving truth that heals. That is why trolls are always trying to find ways to use the bible saying AHa, look, see, God says I can kill someone. It is in that verse. You have to remember the devil is also a student of the KJV too, and will pervert scripture teaching lies. That is why we have what we have in the world right now with war. Eliminate war which is terrorism, and Godly humans not persecuting anyone will pop up like beautiful plants giving good things to whoever. Have truth that which I teach, and have humans embrace it,and humans will have heaven in them not engaging in war ,and not persecuting anyone. Prosecution ,and persecution is a form of war.
    God teaches through nature, and in the heavens above. God is drawing us to him with all that is around us that man did not make, and his spirit that is like the wind.


  2. The ones choseing the good path are assaulted by humans choosing the bad path even as Satan will assault the city of God with steadfast hatred even after after contemplating what he has done having a chance to repent, but steadfastly refuses to repent like humans refuses to repent from having persecuting hatred against gays, zoosexuals,and even humans called Pedo’s. The ones that would kill children allow the devil in their soul knowing full well it is bad, but kill anyway. The non human animals kill but they have no idea killing is bad. Where I get the sense God is is knowing God is in all things man did not make, and knowing that without God making them nothing would be made,and seeing God in humans that show the Character of Jesus, and seeing humans that do not that are dead set against the ones who have Jesus in them even as Satan is dead set on committing suicide on the last day to try, and kill God himself any way he thinks he can. Organized religions are godless having the same spirit in them that persecuted the lowly Jesus. The lie in those religions is why we have what we have in the world with war,and terrorism. Those religions with eternal burning separating God from Jesus makes God a god of war, and Satan is a god of war. Teach the truth,and eliminate the war,and terrorism Changing the world. It is just there. God called me when I in my limited mind thought I was at my lowest,and God lifted me up. Dreams I had that I believe 100% were sent from God himself. A bad interpretation would lead to the same outcome humans have seen in that past with blood shed, and war with humans calling it good. What I have preached about is diametrically apposed to war in all of its forms. The legal system is also a form of war too, and the police department called the police force is also not of God. God draws humans with love, and does not use force. Satan in men uses force calling it good. love like what described in 1 Corinthians 13-4 KJV. That has no force in it, and hence no war in it. Religions do not teach this, and that is why we have religion persecuting zoosexuals waring against them ,and use the word bestiality to stir up hatred against those humans, and whoever else. I am against the hatred, and hence against religions supporting hatred calling it good. Hence I am not part of those religions.


    • archemdis says:

      I think I get it, look to what you see feel and let your inner self be your guide? How can I believe a part of a book such as 1 Corinthians 13-4 KJV if the people responsible for putting it together are those you call in league with the devil. I look to nature and all the true wonders of the world to reaffirm my faith. I believe God is love and peace. I believe that being Godly is doing onto others what you would have done onto you. Thanks for the talk you have helped me a lot. Have a great day my friend!!!


  3. The devil gives fear because that is what is in the devil to give, and the devil loves war. Perfect love casts out fear. God is love. Have God in whoever, and whoever will not give fear, and as a result no one will war. The misinformation from the religions gave us fear, and hence war ,and hence the doctrines of devils, and no truth at all. The atheists see this, but still thinks it is God they are being repelled buy, but it is Satan they are being repelled by. Humans think God is responsible for the bad Biblicaly, but the devil is behind the bad, That is why we have war. Teach the truth that God is love living in us who is Jesus to gain eternal life, and Have God in us = giving no fear = having no war.


    • archemdis says:

      I think you let humanity off too lightly. We all make decissions whether it is to follow the good path or the bad path, Christianity, or another religion and are responsible for the decisions that we make. If someone kills my children I am not going to buy the reasoning that the devil made them do it. If a person tries to take my house ,or my land I will not let him have it, because he says that God gave it to him. Where do you get this sense of what and who God is if you do not follow any organised religion? You sound like a Christian, you quote the bible, but then you say you are not part of any organiased religion and that they all lie? From what do you get your understanding of what God wants from you? If what we know of these things are what we interpet from what we read, hear and so on, how do you know that what you understand of these things is not just another bad interpitation? Have a great day my friend!


  4. Humans war because they morn, and they morn because they have not been taught the truth about God and what he came to do for us, save our soul. Because we missed that we think death is the end of the story, and want to lash out at whoever. That lashing out is not a thing Jesus would do, but that is what humans have done. The answer to correct the way humans react is to teach the truth, and not the colossal heap of lies spoken with a strait face by the established Organized Churches about God, hell, Jesus, Holy spirit, and even not even teaching the truth about what heaven really is.


    • archemdis says:

      I think you are right about the unknown and the uncertainty and about humans fearing the end. The truth is not something that human beings enjoy hearing, seem capable of telling, but you are correct the answer is in the truth.


  5. The souls of whoever that died are in Gods presence ,Why morn about that? by remembering that event is what caused us to begin waring in Iraq, and Afghanistan. Had Jesus be in us that would not have happened at all, and in fact had Jesus who is God be in us teaching the truth about God from the beginning the sword swinging Peter would not be in us,and hence the devil would not be having his way in the souls of men having men war calling it good. Terrorism would be unknown, but humans want to continually deny God is Jesus to justify the, tit for tat, that goes a rata tat tat, and we all know Jesus, is not like that.


    • archemdis says:

      I think we mourn because we love and we will miss our love ones no matter whee they are going. I do think that some seek to avenge the deaths of their love ones by others although they are guilty of the same murdering ways. War is mans ways this I agree; I just wish it was not so.


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