Is Canada Under Steven Harper Becoming A Capitalistic, Opportunistic Nation?

Bev Oda prime example of what Stephen Harper and his government consider to be open, honest and transparent and he intends to hold the course.

I would like to take a break and give the Harper government a break, but every time I turn on my television one of the members of the Conservative Cabinet are embarrassing me and all Canadians, with their going nowhere quick rhetoric.  Let us take a look at some recent events and see exactly what the Harper led strong, stable , majority, Conservative government has been up to.

Prime Minister Harper has been visiting South America and Central America, trying to drum up trade agreements with countries, all good we need to have an alternative choice, or choices except that the country that he is choosing to do business with and give contracts to is known to have a bad record when it comes to human rights. Prime Minister Harper said categorically that this little thing should and will not stop Canada from trading with Honduras, because money comes first.  Harper stated that this country has come far in its treatment of its people and despite United Nations reports saying the contrary about their treatment of its people, that he is confident with more money coming in that the conditions for the people of this oppressive regime will get better.  It is this cavalier way of being able to push aside and put  on the back burner  people rights and freedoms both at home and abroad for money and glory that irks me.

If  the Canadian government does not care about its people, or people in general the Mr. Harper needs to stop pretending to care.  If the Conservative Party of Canada wants to follow the USA and their methods and become a capitalistic society then it should state it publicly, so everyone can see Canada and Canadians for exactly what we are, or have become.  Honduras not only has a bad civil right record it has the worst record in the entire region.  So now we have come full circle in terms of human rights and we have regressed to the time when all that mattered was getting the almighty buck;we have been assimilated we are now the USA put on a good diplomatic face turn a blind eye to the suffering of people and get the money and give the money over to the war effort, the new Christian Crusade.

Ms. Bev Oda is still giving public displays of having a conscience and a heart as she does television spots with Oxfam and Care bragging about the money that Canada will match that everyday Canadians had to fork over if Canada was to do anything to help the people of East Africa.  I could not believe my ears or eyes that this opportunistic government would get on the tube and try to take credit for helping these people after cutting foreign aid to Africa and taking the money and giving it to South America.  there seems to be no bottom to the depths that this strong, stable, Conservative, majority government is willing to sink to pretend to do, what it should be doing.

Vic Toews, Mr. Security is in my opinion a nobody trying to end his career as a person of meaning.  Until Stephen Harper he has been a no one politically.  Vic Toews in my opinion is a racist pig, who is only fit to be in a party as right as this one led by Prime Minister Harper.  Their will be no fair treatment for anyone that is not white and not Christian or Jewish.  I think he is using his portfolio to get at the Muslim race as well as the Sri Lankins.  If ever there was a person in the Canadian government capable ordering the mass murders and the ethnic cleansing  seen in the past by certain governments throughout the world I think Vic Toews would be the guy.  He is a supremest in my opinion and hopes through his ministries scope that he can keep Canada for his bosses real Canadians and keep the boat people out and all who are like the boat people of Sri Lanka.

I listened to Prime Minister Harper give his normal inform you of nothing Canada speech and interview and was not impressed.  We are secure and safe sort of was his message to Canadians after all of this border security, loss of rights and freedoms for which we were promised safety for our loss.  I know I have said this before but it seems like world peace, humanitarian causes and the ending of social injustice is not on the  Harper led conservative government priorities now that it has a majority government.

Markets are dropping the country is in crisis and still we are going to hold the course says the P. M. Ford is the latest to close up shop and put people out of work after years of special treatment and tax exemptions from the Canadian government.  President Barack Obama calls for Americans to buy American while pretending to want free trade and expecting us to honor one-sided free trade agreements and we say how can we help you to put us in the hole like you are. I mean the government needs to promote the same thing for Canadians, buy  Canadian and scrap these stupid accords that only benefit the USA.

I think that everyone but the strong, stable majority Conservative government knows that the infrastructure in this country sucks big time.  People being crushed under the debris falling of underpasses and overpasses, bridges all over the country ready to collapse due to zero maintenance over 30 plus years, because there is no maintenance crew even assigned to do it on a regular basis, but this government chooses to hide reports on such matters from its population. I guess like everything else they consider this no one elses business but their own.

From every first nation band we are hearing the discontent of how they are being treated and how the  promises made to them by this government are not being kept.  The people’s cries of anguish are turning to cries of anger and yet the Harper led strong, stable majority government, insists that all is going well and on this issue they will again hold the course.

With more young people than ever not being able to get a higher education like going to university, because of the ever-increasing cost of tuition and the burden of having to pay back student loans, the Harper government does little if anything to help the less fortunate younger people get a higher education.  I think that this is a throw back not an advancement in the educational system when a child that wants to learn is impeded solely because they have no money. I think that it is bad for the youngsters, Canada’s economy and reeks of just plain unfairness.

So here we are being drawn back in time to a not so very nice place in our history; a time when we had the rich and  the poor and the poor were just workers for the rich and thought too stupid to make decisions.  The poor need not be educated and if they ate or got ahead it was at the will of the rich.  The Harper government is taking us back to a time and place where racial, religious and cultural  intolerance was acceptable.  This was also a time of corruption in government and secrecy was the norm.  The Harper Government seems to flourish in the muck and mire of dirty politics and has dragged the good name and world opinion fo Canadians and Canada into the cess pool along with them.

I will ask it over and over again what will it take for us as Canadians to stand up to this tyrant and demand that he and his government not trade with any country that mistreat their people? What will it take for Canadians to demand that this Harper government see that every Canadian young person can afford to go to university and be the best that they can be? What will it take for Canadians to say enough Mr. Harper we are tired of all of you lies and secrecy? What will it take for Canadians to stand up and be counted and to start demanding of this Harper led strong, majority, stable Conservative government to put the state of its people and the people of the world, ahead of war and money, power and glory by taking footsteps forward in time to where we are once again a Canada where all Canadians can feel safe, respected and proud to be Canadians?

 Has anyone out there heard what is up with the Sri Lankans rotting in our jails, or for that matter does anyone out their give a damn?  The matter seems to have dropped for us generous, open society as most things do after ten minutes.

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27 Responses to Is Canada Under Steven Harper Becoming A Capitalistic, Opportunistic Nation?

  1. I love Canada and me and my partner hope to move there some day, but oh gods… Harper is an embarrassment. I just wish you guys there luck in getting rid of that… thing… before he ruins a great place. If he wants to have a capitalistic circle jerk then there is a place for that, it’s called the United States.

    • archemdis says:

      I will agree with you on this Harper is an idot and a jerk. He and his government are arrogant and laugh in the face of democracy. Stephen harper is all that is bad in a leader, because the man is incapable of getting beond his ego and need to be all powerfull. It is not fair to take pot shots at the USA there is no gun to Harper’s head to take on only the less desirable traits of the USA while not emulating the best. You can only blame the juvenile delinquent next door for your childs bad behaviour for so long, before the facts have to be faced that your child is being bad of his own choice and is responsible for his own actions. Don’t wait too long to come here restictions are being voted on as we speak and changes to our immigration policy are forth coming.

  2. Actually I interested with your statement of young people who not able to go higher education.

    I see also this problem in my country where the young people who graduated cannot cope with interest of education loan that being implement. We also should notice that taxes are too high, some country implement as high as 50% of their income. I am not sure how a government can gazette such high taxes. While education is being neglected.

    Not all graduate can paid up all their loan, some of them are barely survive (after graduated). If education cost also being covered by student, then why we required such high taxes.

    Actually where are the money goes?

    • archemdis says:

      This is what I am talking about the whys. Why can we not afford to send our children to school, or feed the poor? What if we can not help our fellow man is money really good for. Money is just a tool how we use that tool falls squarely on the shoulders of humanity. Have a great night!’

  3. archemdis says:

    Why not send your comment to Jonathan and then he will be able to interact with you. This is what I mean about the world. If it suits our pupose, or what we want to do, we will violate the sanctity of others to make our point, or reach our objective no matter what the cost to others, or if it is right or wrong.

  4. The term Lord over has been ingrained into our psyche to be a negitive thing. I think “Lord over” should be changed to another term. Lets work on it^^ Humans use money as a form of self deception thinking increased wealth somehow makes them better.The devil in the soul of a man being deceived by their own deception. Devils feel like Jesus is lording it over them by merely existing. That is why fallen man even uses the term. That expression has got to Change.

    • archemdis says:

      If you wish that is an easy one. Have a great night !

      • archemdis says:

        I agree with what you are saying about where and how the change in how we use money needs to come. I would alkso like to thank you for sharing a with me about your great leader, I will be looking up the link. This is the kind of sharing of knoowledge that I enjoy. Have a great night!

      • archemdis says:

        Why not send your comment to Hifzan and then he will be able to interact with you. This is what I mean about the world. If it suits our pupose, or what we want to do, we will violate the sanctity of others to make our point, or reach our objective no matter what the cost to others, or if it is right or wrong.

      • I see no place to give hifzan shafiee a PM. It would be awkward to talk on hifzan shafiee page that is talking about combing ones hair, and hygiene when that is not what we are talking about on your Chanel. What do I do?

      • archemdis says:

        Hifzan does offer a gmail adress, have a great evening!

  5. Dear archemdis, Medicine is a drug. Even cough syrup as benign sounding as that name is has been used by humans as a drug. Have all of all ages have a good type of Chiropractic technique. Names on and FUCA, and when a it is near you Knee chest, and symptoms will be far less prevalent for a drug to block the symptoms. Lucifer was decked out in gems stones, and that is why we are enamored with them, and the non human animals don’t care at all. The same gos for money. The devil in bodies that die think they can by their way out of death when they can’t buy their way out of anything, and they think they get more, but the devil in man deceives himself because they are not getting more at all.They are getting the good gifts God already gave. Have all give like God gives, and no one will need money, and the devil will lose his grip with his intent to destroy under the guise of being benevolent giving us money. At first things are cheep,and slowly get more,and more expensive. It is Like a frog in water getting warmer imperceptibly, and allows himself to be cooked. The devil wants to cook us. The devil does not want us to look to Jesus, and the gifts he gave, and to not be like Jesus who gives all good things. The devil wants us to look to MONEY. That sweet smelling stuff the devil made through men.Then the thought comes to mind is this. All things work together for good according to those that are called according to his purpose. That means doing Gods will is paramount to all of it. God seeks peace with all men. When you save the soul of whoever you have saved the good part.

    • archemdis says:

      I agree with you when you say give all and no one would need money. Money is the tool humanity uses for one person to lord over another.

    • I do not agree that money is not important. Money is very important, but the way of sourcing the money and give back to society is more important. Money and gold are similar to double edge sword. If we use it wisely, then we gain it beneficial. If we use wrongly, we get trouble. We are not monk, and we also not Korah (Qarun in Quran).

      How to work, get money, use, donate, and spend it is more important. In our religion it called Muamalat (Islamic Financial). The problem with Western Bank is the implement usury(excess and interest) which forbidden in OT and Islam. We can a lot of floating money all around, when the bank going to bankrupt, the government will bail out to cover all these political -bank linked with our own money (from taxes). The rich become richer, the poor become poorer.

      • archemdis says:

        Welcome back Hifzan, money is only important because we make it so. I do not believe that there is one country, people, or religion that does not abuse it. What I see is people trying to get money amassed at any cost to the planet, other people with a total disregard for life. They are not donating it to do charitable works they are hoarding it and using it to raise themselves and their families above all others around them, to gain power, social position, but alas not a one seeks only to help those less fortunate then themselves. Why if money was being used for the good of man does so many children in all lands go to bed hungry, Muslim, Jew and Christian? Pointing a finger will not do. We must rise above this and deal with greed. Have a great night my friend.

      • I should agree with you. People will abuse their power, that the nature of human being but we also cannot ignore that money is one way of living. How to balance between these two things, Abuse and money. I would like to bring some teaching of our religion regarding this matter.

        1) Selection of leader – must be the one who are familiar with law of our religion, one who are kind, trust, honesty and sincerity. That is first priority.
        2) Every family are required to train their kid from in womb to become a leader, so when a time to select a leader we have a lot of people who have knowledge, manner, trust, honesty and sincerity.
        3) Creating good environment – Away and avoid from a place that promote bad thing as drug, bully, alcohol, cigarette, usury, gambling, sex, porn and etc. How to achieve this state being describe details in hadith. Make our self near to a mosque, university, school, sport center, where the good and knowledge people are are gather.

        Once thing have complied, then we go to a problem. Creating a social environment and a good leader is more important in Islam to gain it benefit of good thing.

        In term of money, it also similar, it needs to start from individual, family, neighborhood and state. Every individual need to avoid the money that come from bad root as clubs, drug trafficking, prostitution, gambling and etc. A government shall not to encourage or promoting whatever that bring moral disease as clubs, pornography, drug, and prostitution- and actually should stop all of it. Government should think about social development rather than money development.

        I would to bring one great leader of Islam, Umar II (Umar Abdul Aziz), ( ). How he implements the law of Sharia and become one of success caliph during Islamic reign. Even he rules the empire for about 2 years and 5 month only (short time), the result is extraordinary. Still his stories are being talk and refer as one of greatest Islamic ruler.

  6. Kyle says:

    I hope this blog author is not bias and wrongfully bans me by assuming I support greed when I clearly said the difference between being a capitalist and monopolies forming which bar being creative and being in a state of happiness.

    Just going into a monopoly store is very draining compared to going into a smaller grocery store.

    • archemdis says:

      I bar no one for having a different view from my own; I just do not get yours. The greed that drives a capitalistic society is what is wrong with it. The inability to see beyond the dollar, or compassion that allows for the hunger in famine struck countries, the thirst in drought stricken countries and the death of countless millions in countries inflicted by disease because they can not afford the our medicines, is what I see wrong with it. When I see the people of a country ignored as it children are brought up in motels without proper food, education and living 6 to a room because of the almighty dollar, I know that capitalism does not work. We can kick the word monopoly and capitalism around and try to make that the argument, but it will not stop real people from dying. I am guessing that you feel that the poor are just victims of circumstance. What is happening in the world comes down to greed by all and not by a few top controlling consortiums, but by mine and your dreams to be just like them and our acceptance of their methods.

  7. Kyle says:

    Did I mention it’s good to explore alternative living to eventually not depend on money? But we CANNOT and SHOULD NOT allow it to be forced down our throats.

    The USA and most of the world has a lot of issues left to deal with before anybody is ready for alternative living styles without rights being stripped.

    • archemdis says:

      The only thing we need to explore is the lack of compassion in our hearts for our felow man. We are not talking about making a living here we are talking about beating the Jones at all costs. We3 are talking about turning a blind eye to the destruction of the world and the poor of the world so you and I can drive a car

  8. Kyle says:

    Seriously: Capitalism has nothing and I mean NOTHING to do with evil.
    The only evil thing which nobody addresses is MONPOPILIES and I do not mean the board game either as Monopolies are a strain on creative growth and discovery which is the main reason why North America no longer has any R and D facilities left and it’s all going to communist………I mean socialists parties. (polliticial correctness at it’s finest) 😛

    Monopolies have ruined the world because they DO NOT allow room for young enthusiastic people a chance to learn a skill and make money off of it. Monopolies encourage stagnation and stagnation is very bad for a business and THAT is what causes companies to have *money first customers last* approach.

    Even the government is a monopoly of it’s own which nobody is allowed to do things their way if it’s better and faster. Monopolies running services is like a giant weed that keeps coming back no matter how much you hack at it when it takes over your beautiful yard and vegetable garden. Not to mention the vegetables don’t like those weeds either.

    To conclude the above: I am SO SICK AND TIRED of people blaming Capitalism for the cause of greed and evil. You should be ashamed of yourselves for not looking at the man behind the curtain.


    It’s all up to you to bring back REAL business and growth where customers come first so we can research on our own homeland bringing back jobs and a floating economy so people won’t starve and kill each other.

    It’s good to explore alternative means of living but no one can FORCE it down our throats. We as in the USA will not stand for it or we will fall like the Roman Empire when it became corrupted.

    Good night and happy dreams of the stock market soaring to the skies.

    • archemdis says:

      I do not dream of the stock market, I have nightmares of dead people floating down rivers, because of greedy governments. I have nightmares of children with bloated stomachs from starvation. I have nightmares of children growing up disfigured because they can not afford a dollar and a little change to buy the medicine from richer countries where capitalism will not allow for the giving away of enough food, water, or drugs to make a difference. The only good dreams I have are about a time back in the day, when the barter system was in place and a doctor was not more valuable then the farmer and it was still an acceptable practice to help your fellow man. Just because people feel that something is okay does not make it so Kyle; cxaring for others should not have to be forced down your throat, but when it comes to the almighty dollar, otherwise decent people find the parting with it too much to save another persons life. Have a great day Kyle!

  9. Salvation is in you. A new incorruptible body will be given.

    • Kyle says:

      And so will the tooth fairy.

      • archemdis says:

        I will allow your comment, (if that is what that was?) to my guest this one time. In the future all people who comment on my site give their contact information; I would appreciate it if you answered them there with the argumentative one liners. Thank you.

  10. Jeremiah 17:5;King James Bible
    Thus saith the LORD; Cursed be the man that trusteth in man, and maketh flesh his arm, and whose heart departeth from the LORD.
    With governments,and Kings the end has been unheavenly things like war calling it good,and persecution which is war,and legal system which is war. Bow to the arm of man, and bow to the devil in man. This also means there are are no godly men to be over men. The power Satan perceives as power corrupts men that die. Where is the truly godly man?

    • archemdis says:

      I ask myself where is the truly godly man everyday and come up with the same answer, there are none, there only sinners in need of salvation. We are what we are I supose and will live and die asking questions like this. Have a great night!i

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