The Deportation Of Paola Ortiz From Canada / Harper Government Says The Abuse Of Paola Ortiz Not A Canadian Problem

The deportation of Paola Ortiz

As our Prime Minister and his government talk about finding war criminals to deport with its putting the names of those it seeks to find and deport on the internet, they forgot to mention their goal of separating mothers from their children.  When they said that they would be standing up for women’s rights they forgot to say that they did not think that running away from a proven wife beater who was high in a foreign police was cause to seek emergency asylum in Canada.  Is this what the Harper government considers justice and fair play.  Paola Ortiz is remarried has a child here and has caused no trouble, or broken any of our laws, save come here and ask for refugee status based on her husbands abuse of her and a fear for her life and Canadians through the actions of Prime Minister Harper, have told her too bad seek a remedy in your own country.  Did  Prime Minister Harper mean stick by women, or stick it to women?

I guess the feeling of the stable majority Conservative government, is that getting abused by a husband is really no big deal and that she should have remained there getting her butt kicked for the  next 5 to 10 years, because that is what it takes to immigrate here through the normal channels?

Is this the terrorist face that Vic Toews and the Prime Minister are seeking to save us from?

I would ask what this is doing to secure our borders to separate Paola Ortiz from her two children and her new husband in this manner. It is amazing that Harper did not choke on his words as he was talking to the United Nations about children and international aid. I do however having watched him speak understand why he had to keep looking at his notes and seemed very uncomfortable saying what he was saying.  The reason is that he believes in none of it and this is shown in every law that he and his government put forward concerning women and children.

How long is Canada going to allow this dictator and his cronies to hunt down otherwise innocent, decent people and deport them back to certain danger and death?  What will Canada say to her children if Paola Ortiz ends up dead?  If this does not prove that this Prime Minister does not have a heart I do not know what does.

Let us not stop there with who is at fault for this stupid ruling by first the lords of the chaos and fear mongering responsible for the decision, Immigration Canada, that found her ineligible for refugee status in the first place based on criteria that they only know and of course refuse to tell us about.  The federal court has decided to uphold a bad bureaucratic decision  and on this issue Quebec decides to support the Harper government, by remaining silent. Quebec has once again has decided to support a verdict that can only be viewed by intelligent people as backwards and asinine and devoid of humanity. This type of decision is becoming the norm in Quebec, so I guess it is only normal that our provincial government would see no wrong in it and fight for Paola Ortiz.  It is kind of like our roads instead of fixing them we brag about them making Quebec distinct.  In Quebec courts these types of moronic decisions are acceptable.  Anywhere else in  the free world this decision would not have happened.  Anywhere that respects and protects women from abuse, this would and could not have happened, but in Quebec where it is possible to kill your children while they sleep, slap your wife around and get away with it anything is possible.   This decision by a Quebec to allow Paola Ortiz to be deported does not surprise me one bit.

I guess this is Quebec’s start at getting rid of its immigrants and punishing them for not voting to support The Bloc in the last election and their push to block certain types of people from immigrating to Quebec.  What was it really that has Quebec’s nose so out of joint that they would let a Quebecer be used as a political pawn for the federal government and deny Paola Ortiza a life with her children and husband? Better yet what has the federal government offered Quebec to turn its head while they deport one of its citizens , close its eyes to the injustice of the deportation, put their hands over their ears to block out the cries from her children and keep their mouth closed when they should be screaming no not to one of our citizens? Was she not French enough?  Were her children enrolled in English schools?  I do know this though that sending back that woman is wrong.  What could the judge be thinking and what and why is she really being sent back to a life of abuse. The reason given for her deportation is that they have police and laws to deal with domestic violence where Paola Ortiz comes from, but her husband is a police officer and at best the Mexican government barely meets criteria as a government of the people.   If Canada’s and by extension Canadians way of dealing with this sort of thing is to separate children from their mothers and send women back to be abused, then we as Canadians should be ashamed of ourselves.

Is this who we really are?

Is this it for us then; is this all just about a law that covers everyone the same? No exceptions to the rule? Is Canada seeking to block all immigration of people fearing for their lives.  Is our precious economy worth the death of even one person if we get it wrong.  First the boat people, then four supposed people suspected of having committed war crimes deported without going to court, now lets deport a battered woman, sheesh what next Mr. Harper, Mr. Toews. Do you really feel Canada is safer for her being deported, or do you feel that the ends justify the means and that making children motherless is a good thing?

Where is the press on this issue, the news coverage?  With CPAC looking more and more like a Conservative owned, run and paid for television, when it comes to its individual shows, with its moderators and hosts looking like campaign managers for the Conservative party, than news people, it is no surprise that the big-headed Conservative party have no fear of being held to account.

Where are the Canadian citizens? Where is the public outcry?  Why is it that I do not hear screams of protest to save this woman and her family from this unjust deportation?  This is a United States type action not a Canadian one I would hope.  We have sunk low as a people and become a nation of victims.  We the people are content to sit back and say they are the government, they have a majority, what can we do?  You could start by getting off of your lazy, uncaring butts and write your member of parliament when you do not like something they are doing on your behalf, block the phone lines on parliament hill and the national assembly, send emails to your MP’s voicing your discontent and if all else fails take to the street and protest; our government is supporting other peoples right to do so all over the world.

Canada deports mother of 2 for what?

In Quebec the government tried to stop on the selling of non taxed cigarettes on the First Nation Peoples land by fining Montrealers and threatening to take away their vehicles if they had the contraband inside and the province and city rose in protest.  Churches allowed protesters to sell cigarettes on their lawns and the government and the city backed down. Is this woman’s plight less that the right to smoke cheap cigarettes?  I remember when a church would have given her sanctuary, before letting this injustice take place.  There is no other way to say it , so I will just say that we are becoming a country of non caring racists who find it easier to jail hungry children that steal to eat; to jail young  uneducated children who grow up and commit crimes, rather than educate them; to jail innocent refugees, because they are different then us in religion, colour and social habits. We have become a nation of cowards, or ostriches with our collective heads buried in the sand.

 What will it take to change this? Will concentration camps do it? Will mass deportations be enough, or should we just start killing those who come her uninvited seeking help quietly?  We could probably kill millions before the rest of the world caught on.  We are not there yet, but the anti immigrant, anti anything different is how this all gets started.  The government being racist is one thing, but when the people of the country, provinces, cities, and  towns begin to buy into the Quebec for French only and Canada for real Canadians only, then there is no hope and we will become the Nazis of this era.

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2 Responses to The Deportation Of Paola Ortiz From Canada / Harper Government Says The Abuse Of Paola Ortiz Not A Canadian Problem

  1. vaquous2011 says:

    To archemdis:

    I have never been so incensed over an issue in a long time. I wrote a lengthy Letter to the Editors of as many newspapers I could find, I posted my disbelief on my FB page, I Tweeted and I spoke to friends and family on this issue.

    I think that people have lost their sense of compassion and I also think that Canadian values —and we used to have values as Canadians before they became diluted by Americana–our values have become misconstrued.

    The mainstream Media is interfering with our ability as a Nation to communicate our true beliefs on issues –so that Canadians don’t really know what other Canadians think. There is a disconnect between the older generation who have the history and the knowledge and wisdom and the younger generation who understand what modern changes are going on in the World.

    We need intergenerational events where we can learn from eachother. Right now the two generations are being pitted against eachother. There is no dialogue. So the Youth think that OLD PEOPLE are ignorant and old fashioned which is not the case for many—and the older generation seem to believe that the younger generation are Narcisistic and lazy.

    Protesting and standing up for what you believe in as Canadians and as human beings –needs to be cool again like in the 1960’s.

    The G8/G20 fiasco scared the Hell out of anyone who believed in Civil Liberties in this Country and it set a dangerous precedence in my estimation as to the rights of Canadians to assemble and express their malcontent on important issues.

    Is this Globalization? There is a shift going on in Canadian society and there are too many people at sleep at the wheel.

    Wake up!


    • archemdis says:

      Well you know where I stand.Thank you for your comment. God bless you. for you and I are a dying breed. Have a great night!


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