Golfing For The Love Of Children In The Batshaw Golf Tournament At The Bonniebrook Golf Club

I saw this done live at the Batshaw Golf Tournament at the Bonniebrook Golf Club this year

I would like to say right off that no one at this tournament asked or paid me to write this article, in fact they are not aware that I am doing so.  I just thought that these marvelous people were in need of acknowledgment and even more so our support for the wonderful job they do each year to help our children through raising money for the programs needed if they are to succeed.  Every dollar counts and I would urge any of you reading this to give generously to this group of people.  I know by donating to this group’s efforts the money will go where it is supposed to and not to raises in salaries, but to the programming to benefit the children who are in such desperate need of saving. Thanking you in advance for your generosity.

I have decided to write about something positive, something uplifting and a cause dear to my heart.  I love to golf and when I do I play tournaments.  I play them because I can do something I love, support a good cause and give back to my community at the same time.  I do not play for political fundraisers, because that would not be for a good cause, but I do play golf for things like the children’s hospitals and children’s causes. It is here that my story begins with the wonderful, down to earth people of Batshaw and the wonderful tournament that they put on every year to help support programming for their children, our children, children in need of a little guidance and help and a whole lot of love.  I was one of those children and if you have read my bio then you know what I am talking about.

I would like to give a shout out to two wonderful ladies named Patsy and  Merv. They are two of the many organizers and volunteers that it takes to make this tournament a reality and not just a dream, but these two ladies have went so far out-of-the-way to befriend the members of my foursome and make us feel very special.  These ladies are one of the many reasons why I can guarantee that if you come out to play this tournament you will not feel like just another player, or that you are just  a dollar sign,  but instead you will be made to feel like you belong to their unique and special family; a family of people dedicated to the betterment of children’s lives.  Bravo ladies you are true ambassadors of your cause! Keep up the great work.

I found these wonderful people who put on the Batshaw tournament  because I love golf and a friend named Andy asked me and my  foursome to come and enjoy a day of golf for a good cause at  Club Bonniebrook.  Club Bonniebrook is a 18-hole facility located in SCOREGolf‘s Quebec Laurentides. The highest rated golf course at this facility scored 5.0000 and I jumped at the chance to play there. I have kept coming back every year because everyone there was so pro kids and a delight to be around.  All of the talk was about the children and the programs and I could feel the love, concern and total commitment to all children, but especially to those children in their charge.  There was not one negative word said about their children, not one regret about going to work everyday and trying to help these children; just talk about what a privilege it was to work and interact with these kids.

This is no big corporate funded tournament, although I think it should be, because what in the world could be of more importance to us than our children, our future.  This fundraising tournament does not give away cars, expensive  art work, or trips around the world as prizes, just trophies, plaques, gift cards, bottles of wine and dinners.  Their donations come from  local businesses, given in support  of the great work that these fine people are doing with our youth. I think it is so great of them to do so, but this  is not enough. I think Batshaw needs our help from all levels of the private sector; rich and poor alike, businesses; both big and small and from the government on all levels and are deserving of it, because the children Batshaw serves and helps do not come from just one community, but from most of the communities of greater Montreal and surrounding areas.

Accepting women's longest drive award

From the time my foursome signed in on the first day we were welcomed into the Batshaw family with open arms and a big warm Batshaw smile. Organisers and players alike treated us like real people, not like a way to get money, but like friends who they were truly happy to see.  This tournament is not about winning something expensive, this tournament is about love and the need to do something for troubled youth. This tournament is about getting involved. This tournament is about backing up what you talk about with action at a very basic, down to earth, street level kind of way.  This is about a group of people who did not wait for big sponsorship, or company paid budget and decided to do what they felt was right. The organizers took the money out of their own pockets and put on this tournament to help raise money for the programming that these children need and I think they are deserving of help, because we can not afford to lose this kind of commitment to children because of the almighty dollar.

I must confess that the food is also great and it has made it easy top keep going back. They do sell raffle tickets and if you are lucky you may be the winner of   one of the most beautiful stained glass pieces of art work that I have ever seen.  Only one is donated every year by one of the workers at Batshaw and it is hand-made.  There was no hard sell at this tournament; nobody whispering in our ear, or trying to hit us up for a donation. All we  heard was a how do you do,  an enjoy the game and a thanks for coming and supporting our efforts to raise money for the children of Batshaw programming.  If you love golf and love children this is an event and a cause worthy of  your support. Become a sponsor and donate to their cause, our cause, our children’s future.

I have had the privilege of talking and playing with this young man and his father this year. Chad is "The Happy Gilmore Guy"

I would be remiss if I did not say that the staff and the Bonniebrook Golf Course are just great. The course is challenging, but fun to play.  It is a well-kept course and pleasing to the eye.  If you love golf you will enjoy this course. I did play with a father and son this year, by the name of Allan and Chad who no one in my foursome had ever played with before. Now the father works there and he was such a great guy and easy to talk to, play with and just a delight to be around, but the son Chad was one of the most accurate long drive hitters I have ever seen.  Chad’s over all game was almost as good as his drive, but it was one shot that he did that made my day; Chad did the “Happy Gilmore Drive” and landed it about 250 yards in the center of the fairway. It is this type of have a good time, winning isn’t everything type of tournament that I enjoy and when the cause is a great one, that makes the day even greater.

Mixed foursome champions

In closing I would like to encourage everyone who reads this to help sponsor this tournament, it is held in September every year and it is a great day of golf and the cause is children.  Perhaps you would consider donating to the tournament either for prizes, or just to help in the payment of the event.  It is the little tournaments and charitable events that do so much to help out that are often overlooked, because they do not have star power, or political ties. It is this type of grass-roots charitable events that do not get the attention, or praise that they deserve, because they can not afford to waste money on expensive advertizing campaigns and want to put all of the money they raise directly into the children, or the cause rather than into overhead. Finally it is this type of love that may save your child, or grandchild from slipping through the cracks. Let us put our hands together and raise our voices and give thanks to the organizers and supporters of this wonderful cause.  When we are done cheering and clapping let us dig deep into our pockets and wallets and put our money where our mouths are and donate.  The child’s life you save could be your own.

The person I am in contact with for the tournament is Patsy Sheehan at, I would ask you to confine your e-mails to the golf tournament and how to help sponsor the tournament, or donate directly to the programming needed to help the children,  as she is a very busy lady doing things to help our children.

Once again thank you for helping me, to help them, in the many challenges these people face every day trying to save our children’s future.

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  2. I still struggle to get my first 150 metre hit in . Still struggle with 7 iron but it was fun.


    • archemdis says:

      Hello Hifzan,
      Yes golf is a trying game, but I love it. Have you taken a lesson? I have never taken a lesson and niether has the young man I am talking about, but he watches and practices a lot. Have a great day! Nice to hear from you.


    • Yes, I have an instructor, an ex- pro Indian-Malaysia golfer, he easily can hit more than 250 yard using 3-driver. Not surprise from ex-pro and daily player.

      But from his lesson, to hit a good driver or wood, we need to master grip, swing, and can hit a straight iron. He like to teach more toward accuracy rather than distance. So that why I still struggle with iron. You should take a lesson too and this game required a lot of practice.

      P/S: Sometime playing golf take a lot of time, and my wife nagging me for taking a lot of time playing golf, so need scheduled carefully. Hahaha.


      • archemdis says:

        I know what you mean the term for what your wife is feeling is called “being a golf widow” lol. In that we are the same. Practice and form will help your game. Remember no one ever gets to have it all in golf, we just get better. Off to work I go have a great day!


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