Canadians Countrymen Lend Me Your Ears

Emperor - Harper - Nero-plays-fiddle-piano-while-Rome-Canada-burns

Also took a military business jet to a lobster party

Canadians, countrymen lend me your ears.  Why do you seek to slay Prime Minister Stephen Harper with nasty words and call him a liar, when he is not?  Is it because his ministers,  your MPs are abusing their posts, flying around in military helicopters from fishing villages wasting tax payer money, that makes you so angry? I say to you that this is nothing new and this type of behavior was seen in a far more grandiose way with the spending for the G8 and the G20 and you voted them back in with a majority government.

We are in great shape financially, We are in good shape financially. I am worried about the state of our finances

Is it because the markets are dropping despite the words of Finance minister Flaherty assuring us that  Canada is still one of the countries in the G8 with a stable economy, that has you worried sick and feeling a whole less secure .  Are you beginning to loathe the Harper government because,with the dollar continuing to drop and in spite of every bank and financial institution saying that we are in a crisis, the Harper government continues to tell us we need to hold the course.  Well I say this to Canadians, “We knew what kind of people the Harper government were,  before we reelected the Conservatives and gave them a majority government. We were mad at the Liberals for something over 5 years old and had no faith in the New Democrats, so we forgot that 2 wrongs do not a right make.  We sought to punish one political party by over looking the faults and the non democratic ways of another and we are now saddled with a big-headed Harper led government hell-bent on making Canada another American state in ideology and practices if not actually swearing allegiance to it literally.”

Could it possibly be that you can’t find a family doctor, or you or some one you love needs an operation and has to wait for years to get it that is bothering you now? Maybe it did not bother you before,

Quebec has had a doctor shortage for years and it is not the only province and people are dying in the halls of emergency wings, but still the Harper government does squat

because you or your loved ones were healthy and the services being cut or delayed did not seem all that bad when the suffering was happening to some one else instead of you?  The sad part is that the Harper government did not lie about this matter either.  They stood right their on stage with doctors, nurses, hospital administrators during the last election and basked in the adulations and congratulations and praise for the fine job they were doing for hospitals, by all of them. I ask again Canadians and countrymen why do you seek to vilify Harper, he has told you no lies and is taking you where you voted to go under his totalitarian leadership?

Maybe some one you know, or even you have come to the realization that the pension you have been paying into at work is not there and you are mad now.  I do not understand why, this has been happening for a long time with your government’s approval.  Your government sees this as a way to keep business alive without having to put out money they need to wage war, but you knew all of this before you reelected Prime Minister Harper and his political party to a 4 year majority government.

Canada sure likes to rake in the dough off our children with high interest rates.

None of the above, well did you recently lose your job and are finding it impossible to find a new one that is getting you so riled up, or maybe after spending thousands of dollars for your education, you can only find work in MacDonald’s and are having a hard time paying back those student loans with ideology? I say to you that the Canadian voter knew all of this before we elected him into office again and that his plans were to stay the course and Canadians did it anyway, so why the attitude now?

Maybe it is because you are a senior citizen and can not find a place to live in that you can afford, or can not afford to feed yourself properly, or heat your home in the winter, or afford your medications that has you so mad at the Prime Minister? Perhaps it is just the idea that the bottom is falling out and you never thought it would happen, or affect you that has you condemning Stephen Harper and his government?  Maybe you see that holding the course even when it is a bad or dangerous one, is not always the wisest of things to do? Whatever the reason is, do not be angry and call him liar, for he is not; Harper told you exactly what he had in mind and you voted him into power anyway.

Maybe you are tired of paying repair bills for damages to your car because of bad roads, or the constant fear that the bridge or overpass that you are traveling on could cave in or if you are under it fall on you? Perhaps you are tired of being told not to worry and that you do not need to see the reports on certain matters? I say to you that you knew all that because Stephen Harper is doing what he said he would do and that is stay the course and be as transparent as he had been up to the time of the election when we chose to say it was no big thing that a government fell because it was found to be in contempt of parliament, which boils down to, in contempt of you and me.

Educating people is good for the economy, while constant war drains it

What you are feeling is probably foolish and mad at yourself for refusing to see that world domination is not protecting oneself from terrorism, but putting yourself on the front line of attack by others seeking justice for our constant interference with issues of their national sovereignty.  You have probably lost a loved one, or a child fighting for the rights of others abroad that are denied to you and others as Canadians at home.  You might even be becoming tired of being American and wish to return to a Canada that takes care of its people before it goes sticking its nose uninvited into the affairs of others.  You could be thinking right about now,” if we were not spending money on jets, helicopters, and backing endless wars, would we be able to better afford all of the things above and more?

Canadians countrymen do not seek to call this man a liar because it is not true. Seek instead to take the blinders off, so that you will not make the same mistake again and allow this poor excuse for a human being to govern again. Realize that all that he is, with all of the power that he has, he only has it because we gave it to him and he needs our vote to keep it.   It is our fault for voting him and his political party into office, or not fighting hard enough to keep him and his political party out of office.  We must as Canadians band together and look beyond the needs of our family, beyond the needs of us personally and understand that if we do not do something to stop this dictator who in my opinion is every bit as dangerous and a threat to all around him as a Omar Kadafi and every bit as pig-headed, if not worse, we will continue to live in fear of everything, from not having enough to eat to being attacked by terrorists.  Imagine this, five years ago we considered ourselves to have no enemies and therefore no worries about being attacked by terrorist, our economy was booming and we had no deficit, in fact we had a surplus. Now look at where we are and what we are doing and tell me what the Harper government has done for you lately.

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