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Canada’s Parliamentary Secretaries To The Ministers Proving To Be As Arrogant And Smug As Their Bosses

There is a dangerous pattern developing and has been developing in the last five years of the Harper led government to be arrogant, condescending and plainly non transparent when it comes to the sharing of official information on how and why it is doing things. The pat answers that have become their speciality show their contempt for parliament, the laws of this country and the people of Canada. Continue reading

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Why Are Canadians Young And Old Using Violence To Solve Their Problems?

I think that it is an unreasonable assumption and an unreasonable demand that a government who rejects diplomacy and promotes violence when settling its problems would expect it’s population not to do the same. I contend that Canadians young and old are using violence to settle more and more of their disputes on a regular basis, because they are following the lead of their government. Continue reading

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Do You Have The Right To Your Own Private Space In A Relationship?

I think that we need to be honest in what we are looking for in a relationship and then go after the person who displays those qualities for which we are searching and stop hoping that the qualities we do not see will some how mysteriously appear later on in the relationship. Continue reading

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Winter In Canada Means Certain Death, Loss Of Limbs And Disfigurement For The Homeless, Elderly And Underprivileged

I have said it before that winter in Canada breaks my heart, because of the unnecessary suffering and death that is allowed to go on by every government on all levels in Canada. Canada is supposed to be so strong economically, but yet the suffering continues, why is that? Continue reading

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What Makes You A Racist In Canada / Is It A Crime To be One / How Do We End It?

My mother once told me, ” Son try to make a friend out of an enemy. If you do this your once enemy will forever be your friend. If you do him the same wrong, or worse he will forever be your enemy and the two of you will gain nothing.” Continue reading

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Occupying Wall Streets All Over The World / A Protest For Equality For All

This small grass-roots movement that had everyone laughing at it just a short time ago, has the potential to bring down governments who refuse to change all over this planet. The beautiful thing about an elected government is that we the people hold the power to its survival. Continue reading

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Who Are The Real Canadians? What Does that Statement Mean For You And Me

Canada is still one of the best place in the world to live work and raise your children, but this country is regressing at a rapid rate back to where it was not that great a place to live unless you were a White christian. Continue reading

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Lisa Raitt Says, The Harper Government Will Tolerate No More Strikes In Canada, Because They Are Bad For The Economy

I think it is time to strike for the freedom to negotiate working conditions; strike for democracy and strike for a right to be heard by our government. Continue reading

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Joe Oliver, Minister Of Natural Resources Takes Pot Shots At Protesting Stars

Remember when it was said during the soft wood lumber pay off to which Harper gave the USA $5 billion dollars with a promise to then president George W. bush to deliver to the USA 70% of Canada’s oil and gas? Harper said it was all not true and he had made the best deal for Canada in a realistic way. Well I say he was a liar to deny the deal and this is the proof. Continue reading

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We The People Of Canada Are The Solution To Crown Corporations Bad Treatment Of Our Less Fortunate Citizens

It is your and my tax dollars that are being taken and used for building more dams and funding projects to aid in the selling of our hydro-electric power to our neighbors in the USA. I know that these projects are supposed to generate revenue for Canada and thereby help all Canadians, but if this is true why is it not possible to ensure that at least through the winter months that all Canadians have electricity and that all people have the capability of heating the home? Continue reading

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