Safe Streets And Communities Act / Bill C- 10

Justice Minister Rob Nicholson, pictured in August, said Canadians had given his government "a strong mandate to move forward" on an omnibus crime bill announced today in Brampton.

I myself have wished and hoped for tougher sentencing on certain criminal elements in our society, like child rapists and brutal killers, but I would never have expected the  creation of the totally wrong, “Safe Streets And Communities Act”, better known as the bill C – 10.  Bill C – 10 is another Harper led ram all the bills that would not pass in the last sitting of parliament down the throats of Canadians and all of the other parliamentarians without using the democratic processes.  What  brass of the Harper led Conservative government actually forcing down our throats the very same crime bill that was responsible for him being forced from office in a non confidence vote stemming from  a decision that found him in contempt of parliament.  this is not only arrogant of this government, but is a down right insult to Canadians and the members of the opposition parties.  This majority government has used its majority to once again subvert justice and democracy; to once again deny debate on a bill and avoid public debate on reasonable changes to it.

I found it interesting that when the bill deals with making sure that immigrants that come here on temporary work visas are not used for illegal purposes, or duped, or forced into a life of crime, they chose the option of allowing immigration officials to say yes, or no to work visas based on what job the immigrating person is seeking.  The Harper government chose to use the example of the erotic dancer, because we all know that criminal elements are involved in this type of entertainment and girls and guys are often told that they are going to be dancers, but once they get here are often forced into a life of prostitution and get hooked on drugs, so I will stick with their example and ask this question, ” Why not go after the gangsters and punish them?  Why does the innocent person just looking to make money in Canada doing a job that is not illegal in Canada I might add,  have to be denied entry by a minister of the government, or his henchmen?  This is a power grab pure and simple and has nothing to do with the safety of vulnerable immigrants, or migrating workers.

Why not make it illegal to strip in night clubs for  men and women and punish the criminal looking to exploit the innocent? If it is so bad and so corrupt a practice that venerable young men and women are being abused, then why allow it to remain a way for the criminal element to entice our vulnerable Canadian children, that can and are targets of these criminals as well, to exist at all?”  It would seem to me that the government is taking the approach of spanking the child for something it might be thinking of doing and calling it a preventative measure.  However you look at it an innocent person is punished so that they can be protected from our inability to curb the actions of our criminal element.

When this government thought that the boat people were being exploited for money they decided to protect these boat people by throwing them all in jail. Men, women and children alike were put in jail about a year ago without due process of law and in jail is where they all remain today without due process of law.  I wonder where the ship is that carried them here is and where the people who profited off of all of this are right now, because I have not heard of anyone, but innocent refugees going to jail. I think that the Harper government along with most provincial and civic governments are scared to directly attack the real criminal element, or organized crime like the mafia and the other major players responsible for people trafficking, drug trafficking, prostitution, illegal gambling and a whole bunch of other crimes like murder  and so seek to punish them by punishing the innocent and try to make themselves look like they are doing something rather than really doing it.

 You see this in Quebec with the construction industry and all of the secrecy surrounding the enquiries.  Secrecy is what these criminals like expose them and they run for a dark place to hide like roaches.  I think that the Harper led Conservative Government has another agenda and it has nothing to do with the safety of our communities, but has to do with keeping out a certain type of people  from entering Canada.  We know that Prime Minister Harper made a known felon one his top advisors and saw nothing wrong with the decision when he made it and saw nothing wrong with the decision to do so when this guys record was made public.  What does this say about how involved the government is with crime and criminals?

When pushed on the floor of the House of Commons during debate what the Conservatives were going to do about the reasons that these types of crimes exist like eliminating poverty, helping the mentally ill, or educating our children, the government responded by saying that although they were aware of all of these things and agree that they are all important to get resolved if the streets and communities are to indeed be made safer they had to stick with the mandate that Canadians gave to them and pass Bill C – 10 and deal with the causes of crime at a later date.  I grew up in the streets and I know that when people are hungry and all do not have equal opportunities for advancement in education and what it takes to become better citizens you will see crime and a lot of it.  You must fix the core problems they can not be ignored.

When young children are encouraged to go to school and become better the crime rate in an area drops.  When children go to bed full the crime rate in an under privileged area drops. When affordable or low-income housing is available in an underprivileged area is built and the poor get to sleep inside clean places, the crime in the area drops.  When a father can find work to support his family in an underprivileged area, the crime rate drops.  There are more people committing crimes because they feel they have no other choice and they refuse to sleep on the street, or go hungry, or do without medicine and it is cheaper to get a gun in Canada, then it is to go to university.  I know what bad teachers are and where they are because I had them. A lot of them are right down there in the poor neighborhoods discouraging students from seeking higher education and sleeping with them instead of teaching them things they will need to get ahead in the world.

Mr. Rob Nicholson, if you do not fix the core problems the poor will try to get what the rich have one way, or the other.  Right now with this approach Mr. Harper has declared war on the poor, the homeless and the mentally ill.  It is a war that can not be won, because we are entering this world at a far greater rate then the rich.  We did not get here on our own, the rich made us  to do their grunt work and kept us here, because the world and their egos can not function without us, but we grow tired of the abuse, the neglect and the broken promises.  You can train your police to treat us like the enemy; you can lock hundreds even thousands of us up every year for trying to survive and keep us there forever and you will not be rid of us, because you breed us, by keeping us down. Every baby that grows up to be a man, or  women without a father, or mother, because you incarcerated their parents for trying to survive, grows up with the story of you, the people who enslave us intentionally and mistreat us when we protest.

 We will infect everything that you hold dear to your heart.  Our children will play with your children in school, on the streets and in parks.  As young people our children and your young people will meet in clubs when they get older, as drug dealer and nerd, pimp and too adventurous young girl and revenge for your mistreatment of the underprivileged, of children’s mothers and fathers will be extracted in full. Your children will become the abused, the druggies, the whores, the people your laws will be forced to lock up, but it does not have to be this way if you start to show that you care and try to be just a little less greedy and a lot more compassionate.  The rich have been attracted to us like moths to the flame since man-made a difference in people and lifestyles and decided that 90% of the population should serve and 10% should wield all of the power and wealth and only they should enjoy the things that come with all of that, like education, food, housing and such.

I, a person from the streets offer you a solution and all it requires is that the rich 10% of the population be fair. I know that this is a hard concept when you feel you have all of the power and all of the winning cards, but I beg you for the future of your own children and the future of your country to reconsider. People with a just cause fight harder and longer and there is no greater cause then the need to feed clothe and put a roof over your children’s heads.  This need will make cowards brave, people dedicated to peace pick up a gun and send your precious bill, B -10 straight to the trash where most of it belongs.  When a country neglects 90% of its people that country makes the environment for the crime it seeks to eliminate with laws and punishment.  The cries for equality, freedom and a life worth living can not be silenced with a law, or a jail sentence, but they can be silenced with help and equal rights for all.

In closing I would like to ask one last question to all Canadians. In American jails the rape of men and women is common place and has become part of the justice system as far as I am concerned.  They do shows about it like, “Scared Straight”.  The message is, if not want to be raped by a bull queer, become a prostitute for a jail house pimp, or be forced to pay tribute to a jail house gang,  do not go to jail.  Other countries have made it next to impossible to rape fellow inmates and the price is very high for raping a fellow inmate, while the American government in my opinion uses this as a deterrent for not going to jail, my question is,” Will this now become a method used in Canada, by the Harper government as well?”  It has not worked in the USA, but then neither has building more jails and incarcerating hundreds of thousands of people forever, but the Harper government has sought to go this route with this idiotic approach to crime prevention found in the Safe Streets And Communities Act, or bill C – 10.

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