Is Having An Elected Government In Canada All It Takes To Make Canada A Democratic Country?

Is what is legal for a government to do also make it democratic? If you think this is a stupid question think about it some more and then answer these questions:

  •  What do you think is good government and good representation of the people in a democratic country?
  • Does a democratic government owe its citizens openness and transparency on all decisions it makes on its citizens behalf?
  • Does having a majority government give said government the right to create and virtually ram any law it chooses down the throats of Canadians without any real public debate, or proof that there is a need for said law?
  • Does the Canadian Charter Of Rights, trump a Provincial Charter Of Rights, when it comes to doing something about harmful, life threatening, or discriminatory laws of a province?

I think that the Canadian Government does not have the right to do any of the above mentioned non democratic things, and when protecting the people of the nation from  unscrupulous provincial, or civic leaders the laws of Canada must aways trump the laws of the provinces and municipalities.  All of the excuses that are being made about national security and us being to stupid to understand the intricacies of politics, the economy and generally what is good for us, is just rubbish.  The provinces telling the federal government it will not participate, or has the right to divide its citizens along racial, cultural, religious, or linguistic lines by passing laws that do all of these things is garbage and should be ratified in the Canadian Constitution.  How long are people to freeze in the winter, have money slated for education go to other things and have the monies designated for research and hospitals diverted to fighting  for the separation of the province from Canada for example? Too many lives are being lost while the federal government uses excuses not to act on important issues and saves itself money in the process. The federal government says to the people, “This is not my jurisdiction sorry” and the provinces say to the federal government,”Mind your own business this is not you concern” and nothing gets done for the people and the suffering and injustice go on.

 I for one feel left out of what the government says it is doing on my behalf and have so for many years and at all levels of government, by all political parties. I do feel that this federal government has taken the non democratic approach to governing to an all time sleazy low, followed closely by the provincial government of Quebec and the totally if it isn’t a bicycle concern, it does not exist, civic government of Montreal.

  • I believe that when a government takes into consideration what the people of the country, provinces and  cities are concerned about and acts and makes laws to govern accordingly then we the people are getting good representation.  When the people are not considered in the decisions of a country, province, or city then the people are poorly represented.  One politicians vision of what Canada should be, or what a province should stand for linguistically, or what is important for a city should not be forced down the throat of the population.  This is not democracy in my mind, this is an example of a dictatorship dressed up to look like a democracy, a democracy in name only.
  • I believe that we as citizens have the right to hold a government, no matter what level accountable for its actions. I also believe that we are systematically by virtue of undemocratic laws forced on us by majority governments, being stripped of the right to be informed.  When a government no matter the level or political stripe decides that it does not have to disclose how and why it does things; how much of our tax dollars are being used, or answer any of the many other questions that it citizens want to know about its governing principles then I believe that we are more of a dictatorship then a democracy and the government has stopped serving the people and is demanding that the people sere it.
  • I believe that holding a majority government does not mean that the government has the right to ram laws through without debate and keep the claim that it is acting democratically and in the peoples best interest.  This unfortunately in Canada is happening on all levels of government.  All level of governments are making laws that violate the constitution and they are doing it on purpose and by doing so, in my opinion making a mockery of the very basis if our laws.  They know that the process of getting a bad law turned over in the courts is a long and costly battle and so they ram through the law forcing the citizens to obey what they know to be illegal under our own Charter Of Rights And Freedoms.  this my friends and fellow citizens is not democracy it is a dictatorship; this is not the way a democratic society works.
  • I think that the Canadian Charter Of Rights And Freedoms should and must always trump the rights of the provinces, because by opting into confederation the provinces opted to be part of the country of Canada agreed to follow the laws of Canada and the rules and laws should be the same for all Canadians.  I find that it is stupid and asinine to find it okay for a child to be considered old enough to drink 18 in some provinces, but 21, in others, old enough to have consensual  sex in province of Quebec at 14, but 16 in others.  Is it okay to have this distinct society issue forcing only french signs on our roads, smaller signage for english on signs? the forcing of which language children will be taught in, or getting arrested for asking the time of a bus driver in english?  Should not our government of Canada being doing something other than recognizing the right of the province to trump the rights of Quebec Canadians rights under the Canadian Charter Of Rights And Freedoms? I think that when a government fails to act in the face of obvious racism, bigotry and is in direct violation of Canadian law then it must act and preserve the rights of Canadians.  Being Canadian must always trump being a Quebecer, or a Montrealer, or a Torontonian, anything else is unfair, leaves grey areas in the law and is down right confusing for the population.

I do not believe that a law is legal, or just, because one man, or a government decides it to be so.  We are bombing countries and removing heads of states this very moment for non democratic behavior.  We have and are now violating the sanctity of other countries national sovereignty, because we claim that the governments of said countries are not truly representing the citizens of their countries and are self-serving.  We do not care what their laws are and if they are following them, in fact we often refuse to give these laws any weight claiming them unfair and oh yes, non democratic by nature.  If we are to take this high moral ground, then Canada must lead by example.  The treatment of our own people by all levels of government and all political stripes has us looking very hypocritical.  It is time to wake up Canada. It is not only the Harper government, or the Parti Québécois that is guilty of these no democratic ways and actions, it is a disease of all politicians of every stripe and we the people are becoming infected with their greed and lust for power, or are being intimidated by it. It is an insult to democracy for Canada to maintain that it is a democratic country just because we elect our governments. Electing a government is one small part of being a democratic society. The rest of democracy comes into play by how we are governed.

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