We The People Of Canada Are The Solution To Crown Corporations Bad Treatment Of Our Less Fortunate Citizens

Canadians have the power to change things, but do they have the desire, or the will?

A lady named Cheryl wrote to me by way of commenting on my blog and expressed her deep dissatisfaction about the way Hydro Quebec and Bell Canada and it dawned on me that most people still are not making the connection between the government and these crown corporations. I know this because all of the anger in their comments are directed at the companies and nothing is said about the government that won them or the government that controls them.

It is your and my tax dollars that are being taken and used for building more dams and funding projects to aid in the selling of our hydro-electric power to our neighbors in the USA.  I know that these projects are supposed to generate revenue for Canada and thereby help all Canadians, but if this is true why is it not possible to ensure that at least through the winter months that all Canadians have electricity and that all people have the capability of heating the home? Why does every dollar have to go back into more project? Why can’t some of it go to a fund to help people down on their luck get through the brutally hard times of winter?  I will tell you why and it is because success in industry is not measured by how many people are helped by what it produces, but by how much revenue for share holders, board members, presidents of companies and chief executives officers of these companies the product generates and it is no different in crown corporations.  Raises and bonuses and job promotions are not based or given by how many seniors were helped out by hydro over the winter,but by how many seniors were forced to pay up their bill.  We as Canadians continue to blame the electric companies, gas companies the phone companies and elect over and over again the politicians that were responsible for keeping things just the way they are.

Please spare me the lecture on how much it costs to generate electricity and how helpless we would be without it, I already know it is very expensive, but what I ask all the time is why is it so? Is supply and demand just another way to say greed?  Are we all addicts to the our lifestyles like a junky to his fix? Is this how the dealer and the pusher, (utility companies and the government) can take all that we have so that we can feel good?  Does it not matter that there are others that starve and freeze as long as we get our personal fix?  As long as we the Canadian citizen believe that it is good for the economy of Canada and good for our individual monetary gain there will be nobody to put and end to utility companies putting average Canadians down on their luck through the hell of coming up with all monies owed or losing the essential services that these companies provide.

There is no political will to fix the problem of these crown corporations that are abusing Canadians, because there is no will of the people to see the situation change. We the people have decided to believe the government when it says it can not afford to do anything, or it is not with in its jurisdiction to do anything.  We the average citizen has let the government off of the hook and are allowing these feeble excuses to allow the suffering to go on.  Why is it that we have the resources to send helicopters to Haiti, send troops, planes and all manner of military equipment all over the world to fight for the rights and freedoms of others, but we can not muster the political will to keep our less fortunate warm, housed and fed through our harsh winters?

Believe it or not the will to do the wrong things mentioned above is a conscious choice made by our politicians, with the approval of big business and us the average Canadian.  We the average Canadian reward these politicians by voting them into office knowing how they stand when it comes to the starving freezing and dying of the old, the weak, the less fortunate. In our quest to be successful we have changed from a nation of people that cares about all people to a nation of people who are capable of turning a blind eye to the suffering of our neighbor and this is sad indeed.

I think that the solution lies in the average everyday hard-working Canadian.  this Canadian must redefine what it is to be a success. This Canadian must check into the core values of the politicians it choses to run the country and vote accordingly.  We Canadians must hold crown corporations responsible for their evil ways by coming down hard on their masters who cry foul in public while rewarding them in private for treating us like garbage.  I wonder what would happen if we the Canadian taxpayers and voters voted out every industry minister and every energy minister who failed to make significant changes to the plight of those who suffer during the winter. I bet you would see a change in the political will and the priorities of the government.  a government can ony stay in power if you vote for them and their main purpose is to get elected to power and stay there. In that light their priorities are based on what you will allow them to do, or get away with.

It is a great thing that Canada can help less fortunate countries like Haiti and that we can afford to build revenue making projects selling oil, gas and electricity to our American neighbors, but the money from said projects should be used to help the needy of our country and not just line the pockets of our crown corporation heads.  When we shake our heads, or our electricity gets cut off, do not only blame the utility companies, blame the government on all levels, because they are the true bosses and we know what they can do just by looking how they stopped the postal strike.  When there is political will and companies and people get on-line all things are possible.  I do not agree with the method used to end the postal strike, but it does show that when the government thinks that there is cause it will step across the line and act whether they are right or wrong. I think saving the lives of Canadians is worth crossing the line, don’t you?

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