Lisa Raitt Says, The Harper Government Will Tolerate No More Strikes In Canada, Because They Are Bad For The Economy

Lisa Raitt and Stephen Harper are sending Canadians back to a time when labor rights did not exist

Yet another Conservative MP plagued by scandal. Seems to love the camera way too much. Seeks to make headlines instead of good policy.

Here we go again Canadians our labor minister. Lisa Raitt is about to save Canadians from a strike, because the Conservative Party of Canada feels that  a strike by the flight attendants at Air Canada is bad for our economy.  I think that this proves that the right to strike is no longer an option in Canada.  The point of a strike is that it is supposed to hurt in order to bring pressure to bear on the owners of companies, or management to negotiate in good faith.

Lisa Raitt said that the Conservatives were going to stop the attendants from striking immediately even though they were in a legal position to do so with what is little more than a low down under-handed trick. Her government going to send the matter to the Canada Industrial Relations Board for review, so that it could avert an immediate strike that the attendants are in a legal position to have, until her government can return to parliament and force back to work legislation.  What is the point of our labor laws if the government can step in and use the law to break a legal strike.  Where is the good faith bargaining in this type of over the top government actions.  Lisa Raitt could not help but keep saying that the Air Canada flight attendants plans to strike was hurting her and her party and right to strike of not her and the Conservatives were going to see that this did not happen. For me she seemed to removing any pretense of impartiality by the government.  The government will deem nothing an essential service it will instead use the power of its majority status to force back to work legislation any time a service deemed essential to their economic recovery plan tries to go on strike.

I wonder how these flight attendants are feeling now that the shoe is how we say is on the other foot.  Everyone was so happy to be getting their mail when this Lis Raitt forced the workers at Canada Post back to work, with back to work legislation.  Canadians including some of them were so happy and thought that thew government of Canada made the right decision when it imposed its unjust settlement on the workers at Canada Post. At the time they could not see past getting their mail to the problem that this type of legislation brings about.  The question was asked at the time by some of us is discomfort by citizens and the government enough of a reason for the government to enact laws stifling democracy and the right to strike by the Canadian worker, before a strike is even called?   I think that everyone in Air Canada now understands that the answer to this question must always be a resounding no.  Our government has said now through these actions by Lisa Raitt that it intends to use legislation to suspend the legal right of Canadians to strike anytime this Conservative government feels that a strike would harm Canada’s economic recovery plan.

Canadians which one of you will be next to lose your right to strike under this despotic government.  this government is crazed with power and seeks to remove one of the mos essential of rights to the worker of Canada; the right of Canadians to seek a fair wage for the work that they do, no matter who their employer happens to be.  Everytime a group of workers goes on strike there is a potential of the Canadian public being inconvenienced and money being lost by the company, that is what makes for a fair and honest negotiations.  If the government is going to step in each and everything there is a hint of a strike and the management realizes that for one reason or another that the government is going to step in with back to work legislation where is the incentive for the company and management to negotiate in good faith with its workers?

I say again to everyone in Canada that works for a company with a union to stand up and fight back.  The government is in bed with management and your right to fair collective bargaining is being stripped from you, by a power grabbing dictator by the name of Stephen Harper using the power of one of his under bosses the Right Honourable Lisa Raitt,  Minister of Labour. It would seem that her feathers are ruffled because the workers had the gall to refuse the offer that its union agreed to and that the worker would dare refuse 80% of what they were looking for and insisted on more. Smiling Lisa Raitt told the interviewer that she would again be punishing the workers and if necessary forcing them back to work instead of forcing management into binding arbitration for example.  This is the problem with justifying the  taking away of the rights of a group of people to satisfy the needs of another to maintain a service like the postal delivery it becomes to easy to do and eventually it seem like it is right to all of us even others in unions or who work for other crown corporations, but we all know when it is our turn to lose the same right just how wrong it is as the Air Canada flight attendants are experiencing right this minute.

Canadians are we still in denial as to what this stong, stable, majority Conservative government, led by Stephen Harper means to do in the labour sector.  I saw the arrogance in Lisa Raitt’s face as she smiled and almost joked about taking away the right to strike from Canadian workers.  Lisa Raitt has declared war on the workers of Canada. Lisa Raitt is drunk with the power of her office. Lisa Raitt is a dinosaur trapped in the wrong era. Lisa Raitt is single-handedly returning Canada to a time when fair wages, pensions, employee benefits, severance packages and the right to strike did not exist. The question is, how long will Canadians stand for this type of dictatorship? How long before we Canadians say no more and put this country into a nation wide general strike and show them that we will not stand for this type of arrogant, heavy-handed type of governance? I think that the only way that the not so Honorable Lisa Raitt, will get it is if everyone who can go on strike does so at the same time, in all jobs unionized, or not and shows this government what we think of their economy before everything else approach to governing.  I think it is time to strike for the freedom to negotiate working conditions; strike for democracy and strike for a right to be heard by our government.

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