Who Are The Real Canadians? What Does that Statement Mean For You And Me

They may blame me and you, but these people all share in the blame for our suffering and the poor state of the world.

This is where we are regressing to

I have two daughters ages 27 and 37 and four grand children ages 2 1/2 to 16 and a little bun in the oven, so I have an interest and great concern for what we are going to leave for them and the state of the world and Canada.  One of  my grandchildren is a mix of white and black and in my larger family the spectrum is from pure white to pure black.  There are people of Portuguese, West Indian, Nova Scotian, Scottish, Irish, British and American heritage. We have practicing Muslims, Christians both Catholic and Protestant as well as a few Atheists, so as you can see we get a little curious when the Prime Minister of Canada starts making speeches about real Canadians first and that his government is working hard to help real Canadians without explaining clearly who these real Canadians are, or what he means by the statement.

 I would agree in principle that Canada is one of the best countries to live in, work in and raise your kids in, but what exactly does this phrase mean?  I have come to the conclusion that there is my kind of people and theirs and the rules, laws and choices are different depending which side of the we you are on.  This is not an all Canadian problem, or American one, it is one that goes as far back as when Europeans first decided to leave their land.  The thought is one of conquest and race superiority.

Does living, working and raising ones family in one of the best countries in the world mean for example that in this great country  my grandchildren and little nieces and nephews will never face racial, religious, linguistic, or cultural prejudice from the government of Canada, or its employees, like I and my children have? I think not and one of the reasons for this is, that this government and all governments of this great country seem content to say that Canada is one of the best countries in the world to live in when it comes to any kind of prejudice and so see no need to do anything to change the way it discriminates against certain minorities. All levels of Canadian government state that  it is up to those who choose to immigrate here to become real Canadians and fit into Canadian society. This would be okay, but no one has ever defined what being a real Canadian means. This would have been okay I would imagine with our First Nations People too  if the European settlers had taken the same approach to blending in when they landed on these Canadian shores for the first time.  I am sure the First Nations people of Canada would have had a better go of it if the white European settlers had blended into the society that they wished to immigrate into, but alas this was not an attempt by the Europeans to immigrate, it was an attempt to conquer and conquer they did.  Canada goes on record in its civil, provincial and federal governments as taking the position that multiculturalism is not that important in Canadian life.  The governments of Canada takes the position that the “Canadian culture and way of life must be preserved at all costs and it begs the question of just what the Canadian way of life and the Canadian culture is in their minds?

No English on signs even where public safety could be an issue. Imagine not understanding French and trying to negotiate your way through this city safely.

Let us get it on the table, out in the open shall we. When the government says the Canadian way of life does it mean the European culture? The White, French, English languages, religions and cultures? Is this the free from prejudice Canada that all of us are so proud of? When wearing a certain kind of head-gear, or face scarf sends the government   into a panic of losing the Canadian way of life, or culture and it fears this loss so deeply that it passes laws to prevent it citizens from wearing said clothing, does this signal something is wrong?  When we make the writing smaller on public signs in one language are we not insulting, belittling and displaying our contempt and hatred of a certain type of Canadian? When the speaking of a language sends a province into such a panic that it states openly its fear of losing the province’s identity so deeply that said province feels compelled to create laws and imposes them on its people, punishing them for speaking any language but that preferred by the government of said province, forces students to go to certain schools and employs language police to spy on its citizens,signal us that something is terribly wrong?  Is this what we mean by Canada is the greatest country to live in, work in and raise your children in?

Government claims that these refugees represent an eventual loss of our Canadian heritage if allowed to keep coming here in the numbers that they do and by the way that they do.

It would seem that leaders of the west have gotten together and decided to go back in time when bigotry and racism was thought of as an okay way to keep the balance, or the status quo.  When there was one supreme race who shared a similar if not identical religion, the languages of Europe and indeed the culture and flavor of Europe, is this what the Canadian government is afraid to lose?  All I ask is to have it stated clearly that this is what our leaders mean by keeping our Canadian culture? Tell the rest of us that this is what has the Harper led Conservative government so afraid.  The fear surfaces with every boat  load of a certain type of non Canadian refugee that lands on our shores.  The changing of our immigration laws to prevent and deter these no European type of refugees says it all and if that is not enough their imprisonment for over a year without due course of law should tell you something about this great country of ours and what is considered a real Canadian and what is meant by Canadian culture.

This was not a good time. Whydoes the government want its return?

This is the type of reasoning and attitude and then change of laws that  created the nasty business of residential schooling to which Canada apologized to it First Nations Peoples about and promised to never let happen again.  This is the type of thinking that led to the internment of Japanese Canadians during the war and the anti chinese laws and deportation of said people from Canada.  This is th kind of thinking that sees French Quebecers pitted against English in Quebec.  This is possible because all levels of government in Canada feel that it is okay to be a little prejudice as long as you do not go to far. This is the kind of thinking that made it possible for the enslavement of the African race. Is this really the reasoning, the ideology that this great nation of ours wants to be led back to?

I used to look at movies like District 13 and say they were really reaching, until I heard the Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel, talk as though to even entertain the thought of multiculturalism was to weaken ones position as a race in the world and that eventually your initial race will become extinct. When Tony Blair echoed the sentiment followed by prime minister of France, Francois Fillion I knew we were stepping backwards into a dangerous moment in time and what a nasty set back it must have been when America elected an Afro-American president of the United States Of America.  I understand why we never learn by our mistakes now and it is because the people in charge are not trying to be better human beings and promote equality for all they are really trying to do the same bad old things better, as if poor people are truly stupid and all other races are savages just a little better than animals an as easily manipulated.

The Catholic Irish had an additional problem. Irish penal laws restricted Irish Roman Catholics in the practice of their faith, land ownership, and voting. The economic reality of the early 1820s, combined with religious bigotry, pushed many Irish into considering alternatives. This happening right now but not to the Irish

In conclusion I would say that Canada is still one of the best places in the world to live work and raise your children, but this country is regressing along with most of the so-called free world at a rapid rate back to where it was not that great a place to live unless you were a White and a Christian.  None of this “New World Order” business is new, in fact it as old as recorded history goes back.  It has held all sorts of names and justifications over the years, but it still boils down to racism, greed and a feeling of superiority of one type of person over another.  The feeling that only one type of religion is good and one type of color has the right, or ability to run the world and that the lesser races need to be brought on-line for their own good. The christian crusades, all of the mighty empires of the past, the Nazis all had this same ideology and they all failed and so will this new attempt at this very old game to dominate and control the world.  Yes Canada is a better place for me than most still to raise my family, but that does not make it a moral place, or a place of justice for all.  What it does mean is that I will not be killed in my bed today for being different, or writing about my discontent and I guess that is worth something, even if that is all that it means.

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11 Responses to Who Are The Real Canadians? What Does that Statement Mean For You And Me

  1. Arhat Aryashakya says:

    I have the right to keep the comments off, in my blog. So what? In the whole world, as far as Internet goes, every blogger has the right to turn comments on, or off. Now, the blog that I own, is religious, as you have seen. With comments off. This is my option, my choice, my decision.


    • archemdis says:

      I see why you agree with Harper and I know now what you stand for. You quote other people, but have no real thoughts of your own. You are something dark and creepy that tries to scare people in the night. You write of religion that you read about, but understand nothing of. You and yours alone have rights and everyone else does not. I am done with you child, you are not human and as such you hold no further interest for me in trying to understand human problems and perhaps solve a few. Crawl back into the sewer from which crawled out of to spew your garbage and close the lid over your head. If ever a refugee claim should have been denied, you are that case. Harper was just a little too late in your case and for that I am sorry. I have never seen his point before, but you must be the infection he was talking about. You Arhat Aryashakya are and would be a disgrace to all that is decent no matter what country you landed in. You are without honor and without compassion. I would wager that Brazil was well to rid itself of you, like a person ridding itself of an unclean demon and it was Canada’s loss that you took up residence here infecting this country with your filth. From now on your replies will go to the trash where they belong, unclean one and I will write an article all about you, warning all to steer clear of you, lest they be deceived, by an agent of the liar of all liars.


  2. Arhat Aryashakya says:

    You hate Canada. Your abusive language presents your hate. You hate Canada. In all your posts, you condemn Canada. What are you doing here? Why don’t you get out of Canada and go to China? There you will know what they would do to you if you would ever dare to say a word against Hu Jintao, to say the least! Get out, traitor of Canada! Go buy your one way ticket to hell on earth! And stay there, forever!


    • archemdis says:

      I have a greater history and link to this country then you ever will, but let me not go there. Why should I go to China, why not Brazil. Some professional, try to remember it is you who contacted me, not the other way around and no one has a gun to your closed minded head to keep on. lol You are a first, I have up to now, never been called a traitor to Canada, but I guess since you know me so well you can make that assumption like all the other assumptions you make. Have a great day funny person, I can no longer take you seriously, you are just too funny. Why don’t you report me to somebody, is that not what your Prime Minister would like you to do? Is that not what he expects of real Canadians? You have become like those who threatened you, in Brazil and in your own words that makes you a hater of democracy and all that it used to stand for, until people who benefitted from it like you, forgot that it should be extended to all people. Have a nice day and may God grant you peace and may you find love where now there is hate and may you one day be able to share this new wonderful feeling with others.


      • Arhat Aryashakya says:

        I accepted a public invitation that you, yourself, publicly present in this blog of yours: “Leave a comment”. Then, I posted my comment about: “Who Are The Real Canadians? What Does that Statement Mean For You And Me” which is the subject of the article in question. Now, if you do not accept freedom of thought in your blog, then you better close this intolerant blog of yours.


      • archemdis says:

        I accepted your comments. I answered them and posted them. In fact I visited your blog and found it closed to comments. I do not think that you are a professional anything and grow weary of this childish diatribe we are falling into, but I guess is the kind of thing that one opens themselves up to when they are open to public comment and I except my fate. You reserve the right to comment on others, but keep your blog closed to the public criticism. Get out of the Canada, close your blog, go to hell, is it okay with you if I just do what I want? lol Be well Arhat Aryashakya, you were interesting at first glance, but after your initial statement your argument lacked any substance and now it is just nonsense. I will close now with you because I have no interest in trading insults with you. It is childish on both of our parts, so goodbye and feel free to come again. My door is always open to you and all people who have an opinion. Good night
        Ps. Maybe I will do a piece on our conversation. lol


  3. Arhat Aryashakya says:

    Stephen Harper is absolutely right. Real Canadians are all those who accept Canada, when they enter Canada as newborn babies, as refugees or immigrants. I have been in many countries [I was an international airline stewardess before becoming a professional journalist] but I never saw in any country where I have been, a people without a culture, as the Canadian. As soon as I arrived in Canada, I took a taxi and asked the driver to take me to a typical Canadian food restaurant, since I had never eaten typical Canadian food before. She looked at me and said that there were no typical Canadian food restaurants in town [Niagara Falls]. And it was really frightening for me, when I went to Toronto one day, to be suddenly surrounded only by Chineses, crowds of Chineses, on the side-walk, speaking Chinese all the time! I jumped into the taxi I had hired and told the driver: please, take me back to Canada [meaning English speaking Niagara Falls]. Stephen Harper should demand laws from the Congress, in order to create a proper discipline that – within the full tradition of human rights already legally imposed here in Canada – first put all immigrants and refugees, as soon as they enter the country, to renounce their cultures of origin – by way of legal oaths – if they want to stay here, and second, to swear absolute loyalty to Canada laws, to Canada government, to Canada authorities. At the same time, impose on them that the national language of each and every immigrant or refugee accepted in Canada, is English only. And therefore, each and every foreigner must be vowed to the Canadian culture – which in fact they do their best to destroy here in Canada – and integrate himself/herself to it. Simultaneously, Stephen Harper should immediately take measures in order to end, once and forever, all the foreign ghettos that invaders – disguised as immigrants – impose in Canada, each and every one of them coming from a thousand and one different cultures specialised in violations of all human rights within their frontiers, as for instance: Chinatowns, Little Indias, and whatever littles, the main tradition of these ‘littles’ being to get as much Canadian money as possible – to spend in their countries of origin! In Canada, freedom of religion is protected by law. At the same time, what are the origins of Canada? They are Europeans, and Americans, in 99% of the cases, till the full creation of this great nation. Therefore this culture must be respected, and even if this fact does not fit within the destructive frame of any ethnia in particular, this is the way things are here. Take it or leave it. [This reader is a professional journalist, who was forced to save her life by becoming a refugee in Canada because she wrote against the President of Brazil, her South-American country of origin]. I want Canada Canadian!


    • archemdis says:

      Where do I begin, wow? You mean Stephen Harper is absolutely right in your opinion? The first to go would be you Arhat Aryashakya, in Harper’s idea of real Canadians, your name alone disqualifies you from being a real Canadian, no matter what you are willing to swear and to who you are willing to swear it to. Perhaps you should learn a little about the country’s history that you claim to be a part of, there were other people here before what you consider the real Canadians. The lady in the cab was partially correct we do not have a national food, because we have what is called freedom of choice in Canada, one of the many reasons people wish to immigrate here, seek asylum here and just plain want to live here. We are a nation built with the help of immigrants and up to now real Canadians were open minded, tolerant and respectful of others differences.
      Think of what defines a country for you and I think you will agree that it is a little sad. You thought that food should define us and so you went looking for a Canadian restaurant and you could not see the forest for the trees. People speaking Chinese bothered you, I guess you never visited Quebec the home of Canada’s second official language. What would you do about them ship them back to Europe and give the land back to the First Nations Peoples the only true Canadians of this land?
      You missed the boat as they say Arhat Aryashakya, Harper does not want you in his group of real Canadians and neither do I. You bring a prejudice and sense of bigotry to the table, rarely expressed so openly and so proudly. We have resisted your type of boring only one food, one religion, and one color madness and real Canadians, know it for what it is and that is racism. That you are a professional journalist only strengthens my not being impressed by what your field of work has become. You are as far as I am concerned a bigot and should preface everything you say with in my opinion as not to give all Canadians a bad name. By the way have you found a real Canadian restaurant yet, that serves real Canadian food? Take your version of what a real Canadian is, or leave it I choose to leave it, because it is not right and you have no idea what a real Canadian is. If all Canadians believed like you and Prime Minister Harper do, this conversation would be moot, because you would not be here, because the last I knew Brazil is on the Canadian friendly country list and therefore Canada would not have recognized you as being in danger just a rotten egg. Why do you think that you had the right to break your allegiance to your native country and to your leader at the time? What gave you Arhat Aryashakya that right and in your scheme of patriotism did that not make you the same as those none Canadians in Harper’s world? I do not think Harper was in power when you fled here, think about that and how lucky you are that all Canadians do not see being a real Canadian as being from Europe or originating from the USA.
      Thanks for reading my article, but as you may have noticed I disagree with you strongly. You wish for Canada all that is wrong in other nations and has so many persecuted oppressed people like yourself fleeing where you come from to here to escape oppression and seeking freedom to be who they are, freedom of expression, freedom to worship their religion, freedom to speak their native tongue without fear of reprisal. That tolerance, that freedom is what being a real Canadian is all about, not the food that we serve and call our own. Good luck to you and thank you for commenting.


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