Occupying Wall Streets All Over The World / A Protest For Equality For All

I do not think this movement can be ignored

The question these days in Montreal is whether the “Occupying Wall Street Protest” that has spilt over and become a people of Canada protest  in many cities including Montreal is going to be effective?  It is only a small segment of a much larger world effort, by the citizens of the world to voice their discontent with the greed and unfair treatment of the very few super rich of the world, but everyone seems to be concerned with the question of  will this type of protest  accomplish anything, or change anything and I say it already has.  What started as a simple gesture of contempt for the greedy few and a show of dissatisfaction of the state of the world, has blossomed into a worldwide show of discontent and this has not happened about anything in a very long time.  If this protest does nothing else, it is already a success. Young old rich poor have come together in solidarity to stand before the governments, financial institutions, and the less then 10%  of the world’s population who control the wealth and hold the strings of power in the world to say we are not blind, deaf and dumb.We have  come together to say, ” We see your what you have done to the world and are not pleased with you; we hear the anguish and the suffering of those less fortunate than ourselves, suffering under your oppression; we rise up as one people in all corners of the world to denounce you publicly and demand not only justice for ourselves, but for all of the less fortunate all over the world.”  In Montreal’s financial district, the tents are up as the protesters are ready to dig in and face the elements and the authorities in this peaceful action of protest.

I wrote, hoped and prayed that this day would come to pass when the honest decent people of the world would rise up and say we know what your up to, we see what you’re doing and we will stand for it no more. This movement has the potential to be the snowflake that fell on the slope of a very steep mountain, joined together with a lot of other little snowflakes and formed a little snowball and started rolling down the slope. At first it is just a harmless not too powerful rolling mass, but as it gathers more snow and greater power it becomes dangerous to anything it finds blocking its path. I think that this is the potential power of this seemingly little harmless protest.

I found it interesting listening to the news coverage and reading the reports of this protest at how people kept trying to compare the rate of suffering in Canada to that of the suffering felt by the United States citizens as if some how  we are suffering a little bit less in Canada, that  the protest in Montreal’s financial district had no relevance.  Today what I saw made me proud to be a Canadian and to me exemplified what Canadian values are and that they are still alive. I have been asking the question,” How long will Canadians stand by and let this government ignore the suffering of its people and the people of the world without standing up and letting their dissatisfaction be heard?” The people of Canada have answered with their actions today that they will stand by and be silent no longer and will stand in solidarity with the rest of the world to fight until something changes.

Fall is here now and winter is fast approaching in Montreal and for those of us who for whatever reason can not be there in the street physically, or wherever your take over Wall Street Protest is being carried out there are other ways you can support the protest. You can donate money to help buy the things that will keep this protest alive. These people need to be fed, clothed and kept warm. They will need to drink both hot and cold drinks and they will need the help of those of us who write and have radio shows that are not run, or dependent on government monies to keep the story alive.

These people have taken time off of work and have left the comfort of their homes to sleep out in the elements to say we care and are tired of the abuse and greed of so few directed at the greater mass of humanity and I think that they are deserving of our support. I heard a young lady say today that this protest is not about one thing, but about a lot of things that are wrong in the world, that are vile, corrupt an inhumane, that is now plaguing this planet and how it all must stop.  Economies over the needs of the people, wars in every corner of the globe generated for the lust of power and wealth, sponsored by big business and backed by greedy governments and the cutting of all social programs all over the globe has reached intolerable heights and must be brought to an end.  The protest is about respecting humanity and getting the priorities of the world back on track and I applaud this groups efforts.

Governments took the extra step and pushed people too hard all over the world at once with this New World Order and now they are feeling the pressure and the  price of  a global togetherness of a different sort, than they wanted.  People are no longer seeing the glory of war for alleged peace that turns out to be a war to control the assets of another.  People are tired of the money for nothing other than to create, or buy weapons of war. People of the world want to get up and go to work in the morning, return home at night, be with their families and live in peace and harmony with all the other people and nations around them.

This small grass-roots movement that had everyone laughing at it just a short time ago, has the potential to bring down governments who refuse to change all over this planet.  The beautiful thing about an elected government is that we the people hold the power to its survival.  Governments all over the world have been flexing their political muscle and ignoring their citizens needs and voice, but the take over movement has started to roll down the slope and that little snowball is getting larger and it is headed in the direction of the governments of all democratic countries and soon it will be too big, too powerful to be deflected by rhetoric and foolish claims of innocence.  My faith in humanity has been restored. I see the young and old; the rich and poor; the educated and non educated all getting together to take back their power from the governments of the world and empowering themselves to effect the changes that they feel necessary to live in peace, dignity and hope.

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