Why Are Canadians Young And Old Using Violence To Solve Their Problems?

Acts of violence is how the Canadian government solves its problems. Is it a surprise that Canadians of all ages think that acts of violence are okay to use when solving theirs?

Why are our children settling everything with violence we ask? Why is it that people take to going into jobs that they have been fired from and killing people we ask?  Why are kids suddenly starting to bully other children at an alarmingly high rate these days we ask?  Why do the people of the world think that it is okay to settle things with violence and bullying? The answer to these questions and more can be found in governments rhetoric, government warring on other nations to settle the another nations political problems; the governments putting down of protests against its policies with police and military violence and what has become the sanctioned murders of heads of states by democratic countries of the world, to affect and secure regime changes in foreign countries to best suit the political ideology of the democratic society.

Turn on your television and you will see that a good deal of what is found on television is violent, or justifies violence, or abusive, bullying in one form, or another and actually makes it humorous in the process.  Kid’s video games are anything but friendly and the biggest sellers are the ones that can depict the most gore and violence the most often and the clearest in their graphics and for all of this I put the blame squarely on the shoulders of the government.  Instead of regulating these video companies, they make their government policies it would seem following in the fantasy world of these games, where nobody really dies and the infrastructure of the land magically reappears the next time you play the game.  With their warring ways, their quest for bigger and more deadly bang for their buck from their weapons of mass destruction and their pretense that no one innocent is getting hurt by their actions it is hard to tell the game from the reality until the bodies of our fallen start returning home and somebody starts to ask why?

 We have our patriotic rhetoric action movies like Rambo with Sylvester Stallone and our movie star heroes like Chuck Norris, Stephen Segal, who are all killing the bad guys who always seem to be picking on the USA.  One of these guys killing hundreds of people in the space of a movie and getting away with their lives in tact.  Look at the people they are killing they look like the same people that the USA is having a problem with out in the real world. Is it possible that this is an example of how a government’s actions are picked up and then glorified by segments of its population and later spoon fed to the rest of us for big profits as patriotic behavior and a just way to settle grievances? I think it is and we are seeing it unfold in real life in our schools with children murdering other children and their teachers, fired employees going into work and killing their bosses and one time co-workers.

 Musicals do not stand a chance of making big money these days you answer the question why and what has changed in society, in us so much that there is no room for the arts in movies other than the martial arts?  The answer to me is clear and you can look to your government, because they are responsible for your change.  The government  took the arts out of the school curriculum a long time ago making them not as important in a child’s education as their other studies. It has since cut funding of the arts in every way possible and every chance it gets.  Canada in particular has a history of not being supportive of its young actors, musicians, or athletes while they are trying to make a name for themselves, which forces them to go overseas, or to the USA to get recognition, support and hopefully find success.  The Canadian government will then claim the rising star as their own and try to say that this person was and is a product of their support of the arts, or sports.  In this way the government of Canada has systematically has killed the drive and the desire of all but the most financially able young person to go into the arts, or sports at an early age. The term starving artist are not just empty words in Canada, the term represents a reality if you are looking for help from the federal or provincial governments.

I often wonder why the tone of movie making changed, why  it is that if there is no sex, no gore, no killing, rape and violence in general the movie, or television show it flops? Is it because, being creatures of habit we are susceptible to conditioning and now after generations of being bombarded with the ideology that war is good,  that violence is the way to solve the worlds problems and that the only communication skill that you need to succeed in life is how to fire a gun, use a knife, or be good with your hands and feet that we have come to accept these things as fact?  Is it that we have been conditioned to be mean enough not to mind shedding blood, or see blood being shed  for the glory and the alleged safety of our country, our family and friends and our honour.  This is the gang mentality of the streets; get respect through fear and intimidation and hold onto it by any means necessary.  If this is what we believe as a nation then why are we sending our children to jail for it, making their sentences longer and putting them in with adults? What in your mind and in the governments mind makes it okay to sanction murders of heads of state and literally hire killers and offer millions of dollars for information, or the proof of death of another human being and then send people to jail for doing the same thing?  Please write to me and explain how wrong I am and tell me why it is okay, or good for our children to be bombarded by hate, gore and violence and how it has no negative effects on them.

I remember when my brother and sister and myself being in elementary school and allowed to watch wrestling on television and no one saw anything wrong with it.  Well one day going to lunch my sister decided to beat up one of my male friends. He knew better than to hit her, but this was not the issue the brutality and the methods she used to defeat him were. My little sister in grade 4 perhaps slapped this guy in the face, flipped him over her side in a take down and when he was down proceeded to leap up in the air and land on my friend with both knees in the same manner she had seen the wrestlers do.  The boy suffered no serious injuries, but it was not for her lack of effort.  As far back as I can remember it was taught to me that it is okay to settle differences of any kind by a fair fight, but if the object of fighting is to win what is a fair fight?  When we glorify the bombing of a country with no capability of defending itself against us is this what we as a nation is talking about and being an example of?  Is this where our children get taking out a weapon to settle things?

I have listened to members of our own government say publicly that the old way of diplomacy is dead in Canada.  Enough of the talking and peace keeper role and Canada no longer sees this as a viable way to work through the world problems, but rather desires to be seen as a nation with a big bat, or gun and with a large gang to back it up.  I say that our children and therefore our society do not stand a chance at peace, because there is nothing peaceful in our ideology, strategy, or governmental policies to effect peaceful solutions of an international, or domestic level and this is directly impacting the thought processes and actions of Canadian citizens young and old.  In short it has become okay in the minds of the average Canadian citizen to use violence on another person when feeling threatened, hurt, or wants what the other person has.  What is not okay to the citizens of this country, or any other country is when the other person uses violence against them for any reason, even when  it is in self-defense or retaliation.  I think the change must start in the way the government thinks and acts and passes on to its population.  Ask this question of the Canadian population, “Do you agree with the governments acts of violence against its people like what happened at the G-8 and G-20 summits and abroad like its participation in the bombing of Libya? I believe that the majority of Canadians would respond, “The government is doing it so, it must be okay, or legal, right?”

Well I am a Canadian that does not think that it is right, or legal, anymore than the bully is right in the school yard, or  the guy who has a problem with a boss, or co-worker is when he enters the job site and begins shooting.  I do not think that protesters have a right to throw things at police, or angry foreigners have the right to blow up buildings, trains, or anything else in another country, or  in their own as a way of drawing attention to their cause. I do not think that a government of any country has the right to drop bombs on another country to get its way, no matter what the reason is.  This may sound wrong to you at first, but think about it and answer this question, “What has violence ever solved?”  Has it solved any of the world’s foreign, or domestic problems? The answer is no, just look at the violence in the world today and tell me that things are getting better.  Our children and our population are following the governments lead and using violence to settle disputes instead of words. I think that it is an unreasonable assumption and an unreasonable demand that a government who rejects diplomacy and promotes violence when settling its problems throughout the world and at home would expect it’s population not to do the same.  I contend that Canadians young and old are using violence to settle more and more of their disputes on a regular basis, because they are following the lead of their government.

(According to retired Colonel Brian MacDonald, a senior defence analyst with the Conference of Defence Associations, post-Cold War peacekeeping is fundamentally different. He cited the current UN-approved and NATO-led enforcement of a no-fly zone over Libya as an example of modern peacekeeping.

“You need a strong mandate so that the Forces you put in are not simply hostages. Bluntly, contemporary peacekeeping requires you to go in and kill people,” Col. Macdonald observed. “We are involved in a modern peacekeeping mission in Libya right now, the responsibility is to protect.”  )  Taken from an article from the link below.

Canada’s changing role in Afghanistan is an opportunity to renew

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