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Goodbye Occupy Protests Of The World And Goodbye To Democracy And Our Right To Protest

A crowd of people stood watching in silence not really showing any emotion and I thought to myself how sad. I wondered were there any post office workers among them, or maybe some Air Canada employees in the crowd? Striking is just another form of protesting people and if you stood there thinking how right the government was shutting this protest down it is with the same reasoning and lack of respect for democracy that they shut down your strike, your protest as well. Continue reading

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Occupy Montreal Missed The Point Of The World Protest It Joined, Or Chose To Ignore It

The other “Occupy Protests” were more than just government sanctioned sit ins. the people of all the other protests understood that the homeless and all of the other people shunned and looked down on by the 1% of the world’s population could be them in the near future if things did not change and were them in the eyes of the 1% right now. Continue reading

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Provincial Ministers Threatened? City Mayors Frightened? Construction Cost Soaring? What Corruption?

Scandal is not a new problem for Quebec or the federal government, corruption in the construction industry and scandals involving all levels of government in just about every town, city, province and at all levels of government awarding contracts to obviously crooked enterprises, taking bribes and turning a blind eye to shoddy work and substandard work until some one dies has been the norm for Canada. Continue reading

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What Does Being A Democratic Country Mean In The New World Order?

As I look at what is going on in the so-called governments of the “Democratic Countries”, of the world at home and outside of their countries, I see democratic governments by virtue of the vote only and even this is a sham. What the candidates say means nothing and they for years have taken away the power of the people a little at a time to the point where they openly tell the population to leave the governing to them and that we do not know the intricacies of governing a country. Continue reading

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Jean Charest, the Conservative Leopard That Changed His Spots For Liberal Stripes, Or Did He?

Premiere Jean Charest is an example of a leopard trying to change its spots; we all know that it is impossible, but we refuse to stop voting for him out of fear of the other political parties and their stand on the separation of Quebec from Canada and anglophone rights in Quebec. No matter how he disguises himself and no matter his assertions that he has become a tiger, he can not and will never stop being a leopard. Continue reading

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I Did Not Forget Rememberance Day / I Am Thankful Everyday

Our government has treated our veterans in a shameless way. So this year in a personal protest I bought my poppy and said a prayer for the fallen and the living veterans of Canada and the many veterans all over the world and their families. I prayed for an end to all of these senseless wars and the killing and suffering that wars bring. I prayed for peace and the end of war so that there would be no need for veterans and widows of war and the crippling effects of war. I prayed for the day that there would be no longer a need for Veterans Affairs, in my house, alone. Continue reading

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Should The Prime Minister Of Canada Be Trying To Destroy The Liberal Party Of Canada

I think that the good ideas that the Conservative party of Canada have are getting misrepresented by this constant undermining and rewriting of anything that was ever done by the Liberals. I for one would like to think that even if I do not agree with the policies of a government that is running our country that its motivation for doing what it is doing is that it thinks that it is acting in the best interest of the country and therefore me as well and not just out seeking to destroy another political entity at my expense. Continue reading

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Israel The Spoiled Child Attacking Passing Ships In International Waters Using The Protection Of Daddy’s Influence And Holding On To Mommy’s Apron Strings For Support

Israel’s promise to cease and desist such activities and lessen the strangle hold it has put in place around Gaza was that of an obese candy loving child who sits at a table full of all of its favorite candies and promises not to eat any. Continue reading

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Where Have the Headline Stories Of Yesterday Gone

Is the press afraid that they could be the next to be targeted and ordered about if they make it known that they do not support this government’s lunatic ways? I would understand this reasoning, because everyone that has stood up to this government since it got itself elected has been made to suffer. Continue reading

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No Pardons, No Rehabilitation, No Job Training = Higher Crime Rate Not Crime Prevention

If you make it hard for me to get and education and thereby make it impossible for me to find work and feed my family, cloth them and provide them shelter I will find all of these things in the only way that is left to me and if this means taking it from you and your children this is what will happen Continue reading

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