Where Have the Headline Stories Of Yesterday Gone

The answer to the question is this guy has for the most part makes the story to be about the lack of information he is willing to share and his attempt to hide information from the public.

Where are the headlines of yesterday gone like the Middle East Conflict, the conflicts in Africa, Afghanistan, Iraq, Egypt, etc.? What about the closer to home like the 450 men women and children Sri Lankan refugees that are in prison in Canada for arriving on a boat in numbers greater than 50. Why is it that these stories are all but dead in the Canadian news? It would seem that the news of Lindsay Lohan’s arrest, getting out on bail and doing community work is getting more attention than the problems of the world that have people on all sides of the issues dying.

Have all the past problems the world was facing been solved, have the victories for the freedoms of all these people been so complete and life returned to them in such a great state that there is nothing left to talk about or report? I mean we heard of the need for all of the regime changes, how we were going to install democratic governments and send girls to school where they could not go before, allow for voting where there were no elections before and we were going to make life great for all of these nations. Did we or did we not do this and where is the news coverage? Where is the follow-up?

The postal strike in Canada was averted by the government stepping in and forcing the postal workers back to work with legislation that gave them a worse deal than what was on the table. Everyone was upset and then the story died. Were there no plans to follow from the workers was that it no more story? What is happening in Canada with the news and the coverage? The Federal Labour Minister, Lisa Raitt moved right from ordering the workers at Canada post back to work with legislation to making it impossible for the employees at Air Canada to go on strike even though they were in a legal position to do so. There was a lot of coverage at the time but nothing since then what is it all about. Is it not important that the government of Canada has taken the position that it will stop any strike that it deems necessary to achieve its personal goal of strengthening our economy? The rights of Canadian workers to strike have been suspended indefinitely and there is not a peep or follow-up of these stories.

How many Western Alliance government sanctioned murder contracts has the Canadian government been a part of and knowingly participated in? Starting with Saddam Husain, Omar Gaddafi, just to name two and why has the reporting stopped have all of the rewards been withdrawn for the dead or alive bounties? My point is why the reporting of these things non-existent and the follow-up nil is. The world according to Canadian news is quiet nothing to report except isolated instances of unrest in isolated regions of the world. All of the deposed leaders and heads of state have been replaced, new governments installed and all is good in all of these countries.

If this is so why is the news coming in from the foreign press painting such a different picture? Why are they saying that in every country where the leader has been deposed with the help of the Western Alliance that democracy has not been established and nothing has changed for anyone except that the new regimes are friendlier towards the West than the old one? Is this what the Canadian press is afraid to report or follow-up on? Is the press afraid to follow the story about the Sri Lankan because the world condemns Canada’s totally disregard for international law in its behaviour and actions against the Tamil refugees and considers us in violation of said laws another reason for the Canadian press dropping, or refusing to follow-up on the story?

Is the press afraid that they could be the next to be targeted and ordered about if they make it known that they do not support this government’s lunatic ways? I would understand this reasoning, because everyone that has stood up to this government since it got itself elected has been made to suffer. Grants cut off, funding stopped, and arm’s length government agency heads fired and replaced by new people that are sympathetic to the government’s side of things has been the norm. The press sold its soul to this and just about every level of government in Canada a long time ago and now we the people of Canada are seeing what happens when the press is bought and paid for. No one has been safe, for example the head of the veteran’s affairs and finally the abolition of veteran’s affairs all together. From social programs to arm’s length corporations and agencies no one is safe if they decide to challenge anything the Harper government seeks to accomplish, but little is said save the glorious reports on how Mr. Harper and company are doing the right thing by Canada.

I have for years thought that there was no follow-up on any story from the Canadian press whether the story was foreign or domestic. The only story I remember being covered for months on end on every radio station, on all television stations and in every news paper for months at a time with daily follow ups was the story of Tiger Woods cheating on his wife.  This story took front page over every other story, like what he did really effected us or was worthy of such publicity.

 Lastly the people are still camping out protesting in the financial district of Montreal, but after the initial first couple of days there is nothing coming from the press. I guess peaceful demonstrations are not news worthy and without heads being smashed or clashes with the police the press is not interested in this story.  Maybe this is a part of the reason that people protesting or trying to draw attention to a cause feel that they need to clash with police, or break windows? Maybe this is the only way to get the presses attention and keep it? I do not know for real, but there was a time when the press covered a story because it needed to be out there in plain sight. A time when the press put forward the side of the little guy as well as the big guy and was truly the eyes, ears and voice of the people.  If we the average Canadian citizen feel out of the loop it is partially because we are not getting proper news coverage and very little follow-up of major stories.  It is a shame that the press is just another money-making tool of the 10% super rich and therefore no longer has the little guy in mind with the exception of us buying its papers, listening to its radio stations and watching the news / gossip hour, on one of its many television stations.

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