Israel The Spoiled Child Attacking Passing Ships In International Waters Using The Protection Of Daddy’s Influence And Holding On To Mommy’s Apron Strings For Support

Do you see any weapons?

Israel appears to be no more than a spoiled child, over indulged by its parents and family, who are constantly giving in to its tantrums, its cruelty to others and its refusal to share with others.  No matter what this childish adolescent country does, or on whom Israel chooses to unleash its madness on in the world as it attempts  to create and hold a totally Zionist state in the Middle East, the countries responsible for its creation and the only reason that it is still in existence (The Western Alliance), keep making excuses and finding reasons for little Israel’s bad behaviour.

Everyone knows that the blockade on the Gaza Strip is wrong, non democratic, and inhumane, but it’s parents the Western Alliance will hear no ill of little Israel.  When little Israel takes  things from its neighbors like land, water and denies its neighbors medical supplies, food and essentials to survive, Israel’s family like France, England, the USA and Canada say, “I am sure that little Israel had good reason to do those things.”

The latest flotilla to be boarded and attacked by Israel proves that Israel has learned nothing by killing 9 innocent activist in international waters and the criticism that action brought from the rest of the world in just 2010, has fallen on deaf ears.  Israel’s promise to cease and desist such activities and lessen the strangle hold it has put in place around Gaza was that of an obese candy loving child who sits at a table full of all of its favorite candies and promises not to eat any.  This is what happens when the older nations of the world let their creations get away with literally murder, while coddling them and giving them weapons and military backing, like over indulgent parents.

Just before saying that Israel did no wrong when it boarded a ship in international waters and killed nine innocent activist in 2010 the world was full of outrage and two face self-righteous indignation at what Israel had done.  Their were promises that this would never happen again and that little Israel would be punished and properly dealt with, but this never came to pass and Israel’s activities in the Middle East, were quietly removed from the news.  What happened next was truly amazing and mostly overlooked by most people and glorified by the press.  The proud parents of little Israel, the Western Alliance began removing all of little Israel’s rivals from not only the school yard, but right out of the school.

Any country not a friend to little Israel, with a leader not friendly to little Israel and openly challenging little Israel’s right to do the things that it does, or not afraid to fight back, was being removed and replaced with governments and leaders more openly willing to be taken advantage of, by the little Israel and its parents.  The Western Alliance bombed and killed for days, weeks months continually in what it called its mission to save the people of these rogue nations, promote peace and democracy and preserve its way of life.  These terrorist, anyone who thought or thinks that they had, or have rights to sovereignty, food, water and freedom, or to go and come through the world as they pleased would be shown just how wrong they were. These same people who chose not to  accept Christianity, or Judaism as the only religion of the world, would be punished by the followers of the one true God; the God of Israel.  These people who had kings and tribal rulers instead of a democratically elected government would find their leaders removed by any means necessary even if it meant changing existing international law, international policies and ideologies to accomplish the mission. The Western Alliance determined that it was these things that needed to be changed if they were going to stop little Israel from being alienated by all of the other countries in the area. One after the other the leaders of sovereign countries were hunted down and murdered, or forced out of power and the hunt continues today with no other goal but to make this world a safer and better place for their child, the fruit of their loins, little Israel.

The latest boarding of the Israeli naval forces  of yet another ship in international waters proves that nothing has been learned from the last boarding.  They still are roughing up the activists without cause and are still claiming the right to starve, deny medical supplies and building supplies to an entire nation while their parents the Western Alliance either cheers them on, or bullies the rest of the world into accepting their creations flaws as rightful behaviour. Little Israel is no longer a child nation now and its constant bullying of others around it are getting harder for the Western Alliance to condone.  If only little Israel had been taught proper manners and respect for others and for life while it was still a young and impressionable nation, things might be different in the Middle East and the world today.

Maybe if in the beginning before creating the State of Israel out of guilt the people who were on the land should have been brought into the discussion and a serious thought could have been given to the cost in lives, the history of the region and the impact on the world and the Middle East that such a creation would cause when it displaced the inhabitants of  the land by   military force.  Maybe the choice of a homeland should not have been wrapped up and justified on a religious level with one God giving it to Israel and the God of Islam taking the back seat in the bus.  How could the creation of the state of Israel have looked any different to the people living there and in the surrounding area, then that of the returning of the infidel Christian crusaders, allowed to enter by the back door by Israeli leaders seeking military support and more land.  How could any other conclusion of the displaced people been reached when the State of Israel was created and forced on them without consultation, in the manner that it was done? Why did not the USA give them New Jersey, or France give them Paris?

Now it would appear the little Israel is ready to misbehave again forgetting the promises it made barely a year ago to loosen the strangle hold it had on the people of Gaza and to respect international law. Like any child Israel has taken its example of whom to be like from its parents, its creator,  benefactor and its protector the Western Alliance.  This means it sanctions hits on leaders it feels are a threat to its survival. It occupies land and denies to others the sovereignty it seeks to keep for itself. It uses and relies on military muscle instead of diplomatic skills.  It bends and thwarts international law to suit its own ends.  It becomes the enemy that it so fears, in ideology, practices and political policy.  The word terrorism becomes moot, because that is all there is left on both sides. All attempts at peace are but and act, because peace can not be brokered and maintained at gunpoint.

Israel has not fought a fair fight since it entered the region, but claims it won this and that on its own. Little Israel needs to step out from under its mommy’s skirt, let go of the apron string and stop doing bad things and then running and hiding from retaliation from the safety afforded it behind its daddy’s back and do something on its own.  The only thing that keeps little Israel in the game is that the Western Alliance thinks that in spite of all of its wrong doing that there is still some value in having a family member in the area in spite of the high cost monetarily and ethically.  I think that its actions in the Gaza blockade are taking its toll though and little Israel could find itself surrounded, alone and at the mercy of those it has abused and taken advantage of for all of these years.

The other side is far from perfect, but they are not the occupiers; they did not steal the land of others on their God’s say so and they are not boarding Canadian ships in international waters and roughing up the passengers.  This picture shows the extent of Israeli respect for its neighbors and Muslims. If we teach our children hate, do disrespectful, hurtful things with them as individuals, how can we expect the world to believe that we only wish to live in peace with our neighbors as a nation?

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4 Responses to Israel The Spoiled Child Attacking Passing Ships In International Waters Using The Protection Of Daddy’s Influence And Holding On To Mommy’s Apron Strings For Support

  1. Cherel says:

    You obviously have no grasp of the history of the Middle East or of the world since Islam became a religious/politcal system of tyranny.

    You criticize Israel only because she survives. If she were to be annihilated, as her Muslim neighbors have in mind, I highly doubt you would criticize them for destroying her.

    The “Palestinians” who are merely Arabs making false claims about their “ancient” connection to the land are the actual occupiers of land not their own. They are the ones trying to steal another’s land. And though they may not be on ships, they are constantly trying to find ways to kill the Israelies. They have built a culture of hate.

    The picture you posted tells one nothing. It is not documented or explained and could be photoshopped.

    You do have a right to your opinion. Sadly, it is misinformed.


    • archemdis says:

      Here we go again Cherel. No one knows history, but you and Israel. All other versions of recorded history are wrong and I guess you would say that Jewish people had no part in the African slave trade either? I criticize Israel because it kills innocent people and are no better then the terrorist that they claim are attacking them. The fact is to say that the Palestinians are,”merely Arabs” says alot about where you are coming from. I posted several pictures, but I bet your talking about a child kicking a woman and a woman trying to harm another woman. If you feel that there is nothing wrong with that picture I feel sorry for you. Talk about ancient claims, Jewish people claim that God gave them the land, how much more ancient can a claim get? Get a grip Cherel I do not feel the love. lol
      Israel is not perfect, in fact they are a big part of their own problem. You too are entitled to your own opinion as wrong and misinformed as it is. When trying to sound without prejudice try not to slur those you are talking about. Grow up not documented is getting to be such a tired excuse for excusing Israel’s continued bad behaviour.
      Have a great day Cherel


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    • archemdis says:

      I think that they and others behave like spoiled children and none are truly considering a peaceful way out. What begins in bad faith usually ends poorly. If the roles were reversed I am sure that Israel would not be turning the other cheek and offering up their country, religion and way of life.


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