Should The Prime Minister Of Canada Be Trying To Destroy The Liberal Party Of Canada

There would seem to be no more angels on the Hill just devils no matter the party

When a Prime Minister wants to wipe out an opposition party to the extent that Mr. Harper has made it clear in words and action that he intends to do, is it good for Canada and does it give Canada and Canadians a focused, well-balanced, democratic government? Has this government led by Mr. Harper acted in the best interest of Canada and Canadians by introducing new laws and getting rid of old-established laws, or has it all been a reflection of his desire to make the Liberal extinct, or look bad that has been the motivation of this political party in making these sweeping changes and introducing all of these new laws? Keeping in mind that this Prime Minister has stated openly and without reservation that one of his goals was to wipe out the Liberal party of Canada and all that it stood for, does this mean that he would go as far as to wipe out all the good that they have done for Canada as well as the bad? Does Stephen Harper think that anything the Liberals have done while they were in office is all bad and needs to go?

What is going on reminds me of an angry Pharaoh removing all written word of a hero and his deeds and  forbidding any mention of  the once heroes name. The Pharaoh orders the striking out the hero’s name from statues and orders the defacing of the fallen hero’s  image as to be unrecognizable should the Pharaoh happen to glance in the direction of said statue, as punishment for the wrong doing.  The Pharaoh must have trusted and loved this hero a great deal, but whatever happened,  he now feels only hate for.  Now he is angry,  hurt,  threatened and feels betrayed  and he wants his memory wiped clean from the land, his heart and the hearts and minds of his people. It is as if Stephen Harper thinks that by repealing all of the laws that the Liberals enacted that somehow they will be wiped from politics, but us sane people know this action will not work.  Something like the Pharaoh of Egypt and Moses.

I think that the good ideas that the Conservative party of Canada have are getting misrepresented by this constant undermining and rewriting of anything that was ever done by the Liberals. I for one would like to think that even if I do not agree with the policies of a government that is running our country that its motivation for doing what it is doing is that it thinks that it is acting in the best interest of the country and therefore me as well and not just out seeking to destroy another political entity at my expense. Since coming into power the Conservative Government has scrapped the Kelowna Accord that the Liberal Party of Canada had negotiated with our First Nations People and said that they would be introducing their own answers to the problems of First Nations Peoples. Well the First nations People are still living in deplorable conditions none of the treaty deal or claims are being answered and there is still no guarantee that first nations children we be able to go to high school paid for by the government. So was scrapping the Kelowna Accord the right thing to do, or was it just the first step of Mr. Harper at playing the angry pharaoh and having the Liberal name removed from all official public documents?

Undoing the Kelowna agreement –

If it can be said that the national Long Registry Program never saved a life, can it not also be said that scrapping it will not save any lives either? When police say that looking at the registry tells them if the person inside has a firearm and that it better prepares them to deal with approaching the house and not being ambushed is this not worth the price of the registry? If it is then what is the real reason behind the Harper led Conservative Government’s desire, no instance that it be scrapped? Could it be just another attempt by the federal government to repeal any and all bills before the House of Commons, or already passed into law whether it makes sense to do so or not? No matter what side you are on in any of these debates I am sure like me that you would prefer the debate to center around what is best for Canada and therefore Canadians rather than just the Conservative party marking territory like an alpha dog scenting over that of all others.  How soon we forget the Mayerthorpe tragedy it had nothing to do with big city crime.

Mayerthorpe tragedy – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Why has this government chosen to increase its numbers in the Senate instead of using its majority in the House of Commons to abolish what it calls an unwanted unelected branch of the government as it promised to do? This government has also increased the size of its cabinet and not made its government smaller as it boasted it would do if elected, so what are we to make of all of the accusations it hurled the Liberal Party way? Was this just another strategy used by the Harper led Conservative Government to make the Liberal Party of Canada look bad and to turn the people’s hearts away from them? Was this all just a power grab by the Conservatives in order to be in a position to stab 99% of Canadians in the back and lend support to the 1% of Canadians that this government feels are real Canadians deserving of their help even if they do not need it?

Harper spokesman rejects criticism of Senate appointments – The ..

What I am getting at is that I want what is best for Canada because ultimately that is what is going to be best for all Canadians. I acknowledge that we all have different ideas on just what that means and how to go about achieving it. I also know that all Canadians need some pretty basic needs to live healthy productive lives and that all Canadians should have at least these. Lately this personal vendetta against the Liberal party by our Prime Minister has been taken to the level of hurting Canadians in an attempt to eradicate the Liberal Party from the political scene. I do not care what political party advances the needs of our First Nations People as long as their long wait for justice, fair play and a final settlement is reached with their treaty negotiations; a promise left undone for way too long. I do not care what political party finally treats and makes into law the rightful, just treatment of our seniors and veterans.

Global BC | Veterans  and public grapple with the aftermath of

What difference does it make to the citizens of Canada which political party gets them the access to the services that they so rightfully deserve and are more than deserving of, but are lacking at this time? I do not care what political party puts an end to child abuse and abuse of women as long as it is finally taken seriously and dealt with once and for all. I do not care which political party stops the long waits in emergency hospital wards, or the long waits for critical tests and surgeries as long as it gets done. All of these things should not be a Liberal Party concern, or a Conservative Party concern, but they should be the concern of any government in power that is interested in doing what is good for their country and their people. A government is only governing properly when the good of the country and the people is the government’s first priority above all others, even above that of ruining  their counter parts in the opposition side of the House of Commons for personal satisfaction.

I think that no government has the time to waste and the energy to waste trying to undo all that the previous government did, just to say that they did, or satisfy some personal grudge. Real people with real problems are suffering in Canada while Stephen Harper plays king of the hill. Money and effort are wasted that could be used to solve other problems more pressing then long gun owners having to pay extra to register their guns. I find it insulting that this government would think it more important to repeal the Long Gun Registry for example and all of the cost associated with striking down this law; in time, effort and money, but cannot find the political will, the money, or the time to make sure that every Canadian sleeps in a home, in a bed, gets educated and has enough to eat every day.

CAUT – Students under pressure as tuition fee increases outpace

I heard it said by all levels of governments that there is no right to occupy parks in the Canadian Constitution, or any provincial Charter of Rights when talking about evicting the protestors of Occupy Canada, well neither is there any constitutional right to bear and keep arms of any kind for any reason; they are both privileges. Instead of evicting these people maybe the government should start listening to these people and stop wasting time effort and resources trying to wipe a political party from the political face of Canada.

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  2. It is the opposite to what that comic portrays. ,and is false depiction of what Satan looks like being red with horns means the devil in men are behind that comic. The ones who do not judge themselves being the liberals are the ones with the light of God in them, and the one looking like an angel is Satan trying to act like an angel of light. That is an age old ploy that Satan does through humans over, and over again.

    We should not have war, and hence no veterans at all. They are however humans,and Jesus would do good to humans. Mans legal system is a downward spiral to destruction of body, and soul. Gods law of loving, giving, and being forgiving even as Jesus is the ultimate law, an eternal law. Allow Jesus in a little, and he will leaven the whole body.


    • archemdis says:

      Hello Jonathon, I think you know full well what was being implied by the cartoon and what I was trying to say. I agree we should not have war, but the reality is that we do and hence we have veterans and so we have an obligation to take care of them, in my way of thinking. All that you say about God is true yet I do not find Godliness in many. Even those who say they follow God’s will seek to do harm to others and close their hearts and minds to the suffering of others choosing to preach instead of act.


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