Jean Charest, the Conservative Leopard That Changed His Spots For Liberal Stripes, Or Did He?

Two peas in a conservative pod. The greatest scam in the history of Quebec and Canadian politics. When Conservative Party of Canada Leader, Jean Charest ( the leopard) changed his spots over night for Liberal Party of Quebec stripes and became a tiger.

It is becoming more impossible every day to take the Quebec government led by Jean Charest seriously.  Everyday he takes a politically loaded gun and sticks it to his head and pulls on the trigger, in what appears to be the longest game of Russian roulette in political history.  That this political oxymoron has managed to stay in power this long says nothing about his running of Quebec in a good way, but just attests to the fear the non separatists people of Quebec have of the Parti Québécois getting voted in and starting the lets separate Quebec from Canada  debate again. We also seem to be afraid that if some other political party should get into power that they will agree to the 51% is enough to separate solution, like Jack Layton said he would if he and the Alliance Party of Canada were running the federal government.  This would force the non separatist people of Quebec to endure yet another attempt by the Quebec sovereignists to initiate yet another call  to separate Quebec from Canada,  all over again.  Since Pierre Trudeau, the Liberal Party has remained the party to vote for if you wished Quebec to remain in Canada. I think that  for this reason only they have remained governing in Quebec, after the scandal that saw them removed from governing as a federal party and it is this fear of all other political parties that keeps this charlatan in office rather than his popularity as a leader of the people.

This one time federal government Conservative leader and now provincial Quebec Liberal Premiere has managed to alienate himself and the Liberal government of Quebec from just about every hard-working Quebecer, Which include trade unions and their members, students old enough to vote, teachers, nurses and doctors with his ineptness and give nothing to anybody Conservative approach to governing Quebec.  Premiere Jean Charest is an example of a leopard trying to change its spots; we all know that it is impossible, but we refuse to stop voting for him out of fear of the other political parties and their stand on the separation of Quebec from Canada and anglophone rights in Quebec. No matter how he disguises himself and no matter his assertions that he has become a tiger, he can not and will never stop being a leopard.  You can not go to sleep one night a staunch conservative in all you think feel and believe and wake up the next morning the head of the Liberal Party of Quebec unless you were a liar before you went to sleep, or began lying when you woke up.  One thing in this query is crystal clear and that is that you are a liar.

We in Quebec know too well Jean Charest’s thoughts and policies when it comes to his responsiblity to keep our roads and bridges safe.  Mr. Charest does not feel that he is letting Quebecers’ down and that an incident a day in Quebec where something falls on the underpass from the overpass is not that serious and statements like our roads are safe answers why 25 ton slabs of concrete are falling off of our tunnels.  Every major bridge in Montreal need to be repaired with some ready to fall down in a stiff wind and yet the Premiere, Jean Charest allows traffic to continue over the bridges.

We in Quebec also know how Jean Charest deals with flooding and natural disasters. Mr. Charest, criticises others non activity and seemingly callous behaviour to draw attention away from his own non action.  Oh yes he criticized Ottawa for not helping out sooner with the army and then for not leaving them long enough, but what did Mr. Charest actually do besides take the political mileage and photo opportunities and then abandon the flooded people of the Eastern Townships. Jean Charest has done nothing for these people except tell them that some of them might not be able to rebuild, promise money and not deliver one cent to date and take credit for what has been done by totally volunteer groups in the area as if he and his government had something to do with it.

Does all of this start to look familiar yet? Well it should because it is the same ideology and political policy that is coming out of Ottawa.  This ideology is a Conservative approach to governing.  There is a Liberal Party of Quebec in name only and has been so since they brought a Conservative leader to be their leader. How could the result have been any different, or was it that the party line for the so-called Liberals of Quebec had shifted so much that they were not really Liberals at all?

Quebec Hydro is supposed to be the province’s concern and therefore Premier Charest’s, but I do not see Mr. Charest moving to help the people being disconnected unfairly by Hydro Quebec.  Instead I see notes arriving with welfare recipients stubs saying please make a deal with hydro if you can not afford your bill and they will accommodate you.  We all know that means pay up in full for Hydro Quebec, we tolerate no excuses, your problems have nothing to do with us, we will cut you off.  I believe that this ability to ignore the freezing and starving of seniors, the homeless and the more fragile of society, for money votes is a political ideology and strategy of the Conservative Party since we elected Prime Minister Harper.

Education is another place Jean Charest has dropped the ball, or was this just another dot in the leopards pelt.   Was it Jean Charest’s plan to have students face more and more increases in tuition that they can ill afford so that they could become more and more angry with the Liberal Party of Quebec alienating the party from an important voting block and political building base?  Why else would a Premier of Quebec just keep saying that he will not back down because the increases are less than seen in the rest of the country. Well what difference does that make if the students can not afford the increase despite this revelation? Are they not still being put in a hardship trying to find the money. Will it not stop those trying to get an education from getting it?  On top of everything else lets just piss off the teachers and freeze their salaries indefinitely, this should motivate them to continue the good work that they do.  They are already at the bottom of the pay spectrum when considering that they are responsible for the doctors, lawyers businessmen and yes even politicians and other high-ranking salary makers finding success in their fields.

Health issues are also a provincial issue and we in Quebec already have seen the money slated for health care be diverted to some other priority of the Charest  government. Jean Charest is wasting money taking hospitals to court for having wrong signage, meaning French is not big enough, or bigger than English rather than spend the money-making more hospital beds available, buying new machines like cat scans, or getting more doctors nurses and support staff .  Where but in Quebec would it be normal to let patients wander through hospitals trying to find out where they are going as punishment for not reading or understanding French? We in Quebec wait for hours for treatment in emergency waiting rooms, while Charest makes an issue about traditional knives being worn in the National Assembly by Sikhs and makes laws making it illegal in Quebec for female Muslims to wear the  traditional head-dress in government institutions and places of business.  I don’t know, but I would rather see the government of Quebec trying to solve some of its real problems like people dying waiting for surgery, or dying in waiting rooms, in hallways of hospitals waiting to be seen, wouldn’t you?

My impression of Jean Charest is that  of a man  totally consumed with power and who has very little in the way of political loyalty, or any compassion for his constituents. I think that this man would do or say anything to keep his job as evidenced in the latest about-face and change of heart in how much power and what mandate to give the  judicial enquiry into the corruption riddled construction industry in Quebec.  This turn about by this Premier only changing his tune and allowing justice to take its course because of public pressure not his own feeling of sense of right and wrong, speaks to his wish to stay in power, but his failing commitment to law and order.  It is never the fault of Jean Charest, it is always the fault of somebody else.  Again I say we have no Liberal Party in Quebec, but rather a Conservative Party in Liberal Party clothing governing the province.  This is one of the reasons I feel that the Conservative Party did not have to waste the energy, money, or time trying to win votes in Quebec; they had them all ready through Jean Charest.

In closing I would like to say that under the leadership of Jean Charest the Liberal Party of Quebec has been turned into a farce that no longer is representative of anything vaguely liberal in anything that it does says, or believes in.  The Liberal Party of Quebec under Jean Charest is a cold calculated machine dedicated solely to staying in power and keeping the Parti Québécois out of office.  I still think it was the greatest political and strategic coup d’état for the Conservative Party of Canada to have a former leader of their federal party become the leader of the Quebec Liberal Party.  How could a man give up all that he thought and did politically over night and become someone else, in mind, heart and soul? If he was able to do that how do we know he did not just change back after he got elected with this type of conviction to his political beliefs?  Since taking the position as leader and getting elected Premiere Jean Charest has done nothing to show any change in his stiff, hardline, cold  conservative ways.  In fact it has seemed to me that at every turn he has tried to alienate the population of Quebec from himself and in doing so alienate the population of Quebec from the Liberal Party of Quebec and Canada.  I thought that someone in the Liberal Party would have caught onto this farce by now and at the very least called him on it and put and end to what in my opinion is the biggest con game in Canadian and Quebec political history, a Conservative by heart, mind and soul, running the Liberal Party of Quebec, but it did not happen. I wonder how long the joke will continue at the expense of Quebecers.

John James “Jean” Charest, PC, MNA ; born June 24, 1958) is a Canadian politician who has been the 29th Premier of Quebec since 2003. He was leader of the federal Progressive Conservative Party of Canada from 1993 to 1998 and has been leader of the Quebec Liberal Party since 1998.

Charest has joked that his political obituary has been written so many times that he has lost count.

Question and a little food for thought:

Has Jean Charest, Stephen Harper and the Conservative Party of Canada been laughing behind closed doors at Quebecers for all of these years and if so is it time for the joke to stop?

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