Occupy Montreal Missed The Point Of The World Protest It Joined, Or Chose To Ignore It

Montreal's protest was never a true part of the bigger world protest. Montreal protesters, always seem to be saying, " we are not like them we are different".

Since I first visited the “Occupy Montreal Protest” certain things struck me odd about it and I said so:

  • The organizers seemed to be more worried about doing what the Mayor said was okay then getting their message out.
  • They kept informing the Mayor and the authorities of their every move and intention.
  • They seemed to me like folks wanting to be part of the big protest, but had very defined and limited ways that they were willing to prove their commitment to their cause.
  • They absolutely wanted to have no conflict with any agent of the government, were not willing to get a ticket for anything, inconvenience anyone, or spend one second in jail.

From the first I thought that the people of  this “protest”, thought that they were better than some, who they considered to be below them, not like them. Those they figured were not like them and had no place in their protest.  Thos people who might bring the police down on them for no other reason then that they were on the protest grounds.  These people who the Mayor and the police blame for just about everything wrong in the city and who the Mayor rightfully sees as a testament to his failure as being the leader of this city and its most fragile of citizens.   The very people that proved Occupy Montreal’s point and could be the final destination of us all, if the governments of the world, big business and the 1% of the richest people in the world continued the way they were treating the 99% of us.  In truth the 99% of those protesters with their statement that undesirables like the street people and homeless were moving into the protest and creating problems for them made them the same as the 1%.  It made me wonder what the protest in Montreal was all about and I guess am writing this post because I did not like the conclusions that I came to.

The other “Occupy Protests” were more than just government sanctioned sit ins.  the people of all the other protests understood that the homeless and all of the other people shunned and looked down on by the 1% of the world’s population could be them in the near future if things did not change and were them in the eyes of the 1% right now.   It made me think that Montreal’s protesters were really trying to say, ” We the 98% want to be included with the 1% and make 99% and do not want to be included with the 1% of the population that can not afford to take care of themselves at all, or who have been made most fragile by the way things are being handled by the current 1% of the richest entities in the world”.  It would seem that the Montreal protesters only wanted their share and could careless about those less fortunate than themselves. How can you fight for equality when you think that you are better than fellow citizens already living the results of the 1%’s opression, greed and just don’t care attitude?

I think that these protesters should go back to the suburbs get a good meal and a good night sleep.  When they wake up in the morning they should get back to class and their jobs and get back to the task of trying to become one of the 1% people.  Cutting class and missing work for this type of thing will not see them succeed in becoming one of the 1%. From the very beginning they wanted to be different from the rest of the  more  aggressive protests happening all over the world, that became their mission instead of change.  The mentally challenged people wondering about getting themselves into trouble, homeless people and people begging to get something to eat, are direct results of what governments of the world see as their priorities and what they feel are not important, but obviously this point was missed in the Montreal protest. As I said earlier if all that the protesters in Montreal were interested in was them getting their piece of the pie and becoming one of the 1% they need to get back to class, or work and work harder than ever before, because protesting will not get them what they want.

  I mean, recall the statement by, Eric Bouthillette reported in the National Post News 3 weeks ago:

MONTREAL — As a leaderless and barrier-free movement, Occupy Montreal is open to the city’s homeless, some of whom suffer from mental troubles.  This has challenged volunteers at the encampment, who must often contend with aggressive or anti-social behaviour from passing itinerants. “Sometimes they can get out of control,” said Eric Bouthillette, an occupier who volunteers as a “mediator,” who intervenes when things get ugly. First, he tries diplomacy. If that doesn’t work, he calls the cops. For the whole story follow the link below.

Occupy Montreal protesters fight for peaceful camp to avoid expulsion

I am not saying that these people needed to be ready to clash with police, but when we take on certain things we must be willing to sacrifice something and outside from camping out in tents, missing school and work I am not quite sure what Montreal’s protesters were willing to sacrifice to see change, or what they wanted to see changed.  It would seem that they got caught up in the moment and in the spirit of things and got into something that they were hoping would end just as much as the Mayor.  Unlike other “Occupy Protests”   around the world, this one took its orders from the very people it was protesting about. The other protests around the world will be getting shut down too, but they are not quitting and blaming the less fortunate then themselves for their imminent demise. The other protests around the world are fighting with all that they have to stay alive and if that means civil disobedience than they are willing to go there too.

 “No more space, no kitchen, no noise, no permanent structures other than tents and now get out”, says the Mayor.  ” Okay Mr. Mayor, we were thinking of packing up and going home anyway. We are being made to look bad by the homeless and the mentally challenged and we do not want any problems with the law.  Thanks for letting us occupy the park for as long as you did.  We would have stayed longer, but with winter coming on and with the no heat and the no permanent structure rules we are afraid we can not remain much longer.  Thanks for making it easier for us to leave”, says the “Occupy Montreal Protest”.

 There is no such thing as a government sanctioned protest against itself and I fear that this is what the protesters in Montreal wanted and were convinced that they were taking a part in.  I think that being all that the government would allow became the focus of the protest and what made it moot.  All of the protest energy went into not making waves.  They were more afraid of the police causing them harm then doing anything to protest rather than sit around philosophising and hoping for their eviction notices, which they now have received and that was too bad.  The mayor used them and manipulated them at every turn.  He allowed their fear of confrontation to make them powerless, helpless and ineffective.  In the end their total dedication to remain in good standing with the city made their protest irrelevant.  I think that going out to get a bigger slice of the pie for oneself and oneself only was not what the rest of the world was and is fighting for and it is a shame that this is what Montreal’s protest was about.  The homeless and the mentally challenged and the reasons for why they are out in the streets and not getting help from governments throughout the world were part of your protest, or should have been; too bad you missed it “Occupy Montreal”.

Go home Montreal protesters you can not survive a winter in the park without conviction for what you are fighting for.  There are others out protesting hoping for a better life for all and not just to become part of the 1%.  It is you who are taking away precious resources that could be used in a cause and by people with a little more heart and determination.  People willing to sacrifice a little more of themselves for others than you seem to be capable of.  People not just looking to have a bigger slice of the pie for their own personal enhancement and a love  in / sit in, in the park.

Montreal's protest was reduced to camping out in the park with the mayor's permission as long as the protesters did not make any waves.

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6 Responses to Occupy Montreal Missed The Point Of The World Protest It Joined, Or Chose To Ignore It

  1. Brad says:

    Couldn’t disagree more. Your opinion, like all opinions is fair. But to say the heart and soul of the protest was sub-par…. I gotta disagree. I’m happy for all who played a role towards, what I say won’t change a dam thing. But anytime we as a whole stand for something with international particpation is amazing. It’s just sad to me. I really don’t see huge changes in our near future. All this mess, riots in some cities, etc. Do you honestly believe it’s worked or still working? Either way… Good luck to us all. 🙂


    • archemdis says:

      Well Brad I feel the same as you feel about one thing, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. This is my 3rd post on Occupy Montreal and I do believe I praised them in much the same way as you are doing now and for the same reasons in the first 2 posts, but I believe that when things change that they should be talked about as well. I did not like that they the protesters were so afraid of confrontation with the mayor or the police that they let themselves be led around by the nose and used by the 2 until they were doing absolutely nothing, but sitting around catching a cold. Then the Montreal protest decided to blame the homeless and use the tactics of the city and police when dealing with them and I found that offensive and again I said so. I never once said that I agreed with the violence of the other protests, or the pepper spaying of protesters by police either.

      Tell me something Brad, When the police move in and pepper spray protesters, put dogs on them arrest them why is it that we understand their right to do what they are doing, but when a crowd of protesters becomes angry at being denied their rights, or being harassed and pushed by the police and or government, everyone just runs to line up like sheep and says I understand the police even though I support the protest? Should we all just continue to be abused by the 1%, because everything that we have tried up to now has failed, or because that is the way it has always been?

      If this is true then why on earth are we in other countries bombing and saying that just because a country has always had a king, or been led by clan chiefs is no reason why the people of these nations should not get to choose democracy? I would be interested in hearing from you about what you think needs to be done to make the world a better place for all. I think that you are right and we in Montreal played a bit role in a bigger protest and we never stopped acting. I think that the message our protest ended up sending was at best a jumbled, mixed up mess. Brad did you go to the protest in Montreal, or any of the other protests in any of the other cities?

      Never stop questioning and take nothing for granted. I am as capable of making an error in judgement as the next person. I hope you always come to decisions based on what you feel inside rather than what someone else wrote, or tells you is the right way to go. Have a great day Brad and thank you for taking the time to read this post and then comment.


  2. Plead the cause of the poor,and the fatherless. we will have money while on earth being of value to us, and if we can give of what is of value to us we will have the giving spirit of God in us giving us an eternal gift.
    You are right protesting will not get humans what they seek on earth. The one percent is seeking a limited vain thing on earth. when they die they will lose it. There will givers in my fathers house. Hoarders like the one percent will not be in my Fathers house. The one percent is effectively keeping themselves out of my fathers house.
    Isaiah 1;17Learn to do well; seek judgment, relieve the oppressed, judge the fatherless, plead for the widow.
    Jeremiah 5:28 KJV
    King James Version
    They are waxen fat , they shine : yea, they overpass the deeds of the wicked: they judge not the cause, the cause of the fatherless, yet they prosper ; and the right of the needy do they not judge .

    Psalm 82:3;3Defend the poor and fatherless: do justice to the afflicted and needy.

    4Deliver the poor and needy: rid them out of the hand of the wicked.


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